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Your Enemy

Your Enemy



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Published by Grapes als Priya

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Published by: Grapes als Priya on Mar 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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P.O. Box 6157 Leesburg, Virginia 20178www.larouchepac.com
On the cover: George Soros; Cover design: Chris Jadatz; Photo: EIRNS/Stuart Lewis.
 © June 2008 LLPPA-2008-006
Paid for by the Lyndon LaRouche PAC, P.O. Box 6157, Leesburg, VA 20178.www.larouchepac.com and Not Authorized by Any Candidate or Candidate’s Committee
 Your Enemy,George Soros
George Soros: Hit-man for the BritishOligarchy
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George Soros: The Forced-Open Society
The Case of Malaysia
George Soros Buys the Nomination,Obama Borrows It
Lessons for Denver: FDR’s 1932 VictoryOver London’s Wall Street Fascists
he British nancial Oligarchy is desperately commit-ted to completely annihilating all orms o sovereignnation states rom our planet, most importantly the Unit-ed States, and George Soros is their chosen hit-man to ac-complish the task. Directly, on behal o the city o Lon-don, George Soros, with the aid o his puppet, DemocraticNational Committee Chairman Howard Dean, bankrolledlthy operations against Hillary Clinton’s presidential pri-mary campaign, to guarantee that no policies which re-fect a revival o Franklin Roosevelt’s commitment to thelower 80% o amily income brackets take hold in theWhite House ater November 008. Soros is no new com-er to the world o criminal activity. According to ormerassociates and published reports he was handed his start-up money by Baron Edmond de Rothschild’s right-handman, George Karlweiss, who also launched the career o ugitive narcotics-tracker Robert Vesco. Since then, So-ros has been involved in various vicious operations, underthe direction o the British Empire, such as nancial spec-ulative warare to destroy national currencies, pushingmurderous, “useless eater” euthanasia policies, and mas-sively nancing international campaigns or the legaliza-tion o drugs. But o course, the disgraceul character o George Soros is not solely attributable to himsel, butrather, it was partially generated by his handlers duringhis ormative adolescent years: the Nazis.
The Golem is born
The pathetic creature known as George Soros made awillul decision early in lie to become the character thathe is now: a Golem. A teenager during the Nazi Occupa-tion o his homeland, Hungary, Soros began his genocidallegacy by working or the killing machines that slaugh-tered 500,000 Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust.Young Soros was given a job looting the properties o Jewsunder the regime o SS Lt. Gen. Kurt Becher, head o theWaen SS section known euphemistically as The Eco-nomic Department o the SS Command.
ack during Presidential campaign year 004, my associates and I were calling atten-tion to an important book on the subject o The Conessions o an Economic Hit-Man. That man had a conscience. In the ollowing report, LPAC is eaturing a much big-ger story, on the subject o George Soros as a political-economic hit-man. The GeorgeSoros we present in this report, has no conscience about what he has done, or what hedoes. This is a report written, in large part, by Soros’ own mouth.George Soros is not a top-ranking nancier, he is like the maa thug, without a realconscience, like a thug sent to kill a riend o yours, but only a hit-man or the really bignancial interests, hired out to rob your riends, and you, o about everything, includingtheir nation, and your personal reedom.George Soros does not actually own Senator Barack Obama; some other people do;but, Soros is a key controller, and seemingly the virtual owner o both Democratic PartyChairman Howard “Scream” Dean, that Party, perhaps your political party, and, in act,your nation, which are both what political-economic hit-man George Soros is aiming todestroy.
 —Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. June 16, 2008
George Soros: Hit-man for The British Oligarchy
by Hector A. Rivas, Jr.

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