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Ali Palestine and the Middle East a Chronicle of Passion and Politics 2003

Ali Palestine and the Middle East a Chronicle of Passion and Politics 2003

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Published by: greatbluemarlin2 on Mar 23, 2010
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One can ask without sounding petty: Does the world needanother book written about the Middle East? My personal libraryis a testimony that might argue against this book’s printing. Butfew books cover analytical as well as emotional components of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, preferring to stress one over theother. This collection of essays follows no such restrictions.I started writing about the Middle East when I was twelveyears old. Little did I know then that this would provide thesubtext for most of my intellectual endeavors for the rest of mylife. Growing up as a Palestinian-American, one is apt to viewthings with different filters than those without a hyphen in theirethnic designation. I only hope this group of articles and essaysoffers a viewpoint that will expand readers’ notions of MiddleEastern politics.This book deals mainly with the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.Several articles deal with the Iraq war, but the main thrust ishow the idea of Palestine has captivated millions of people overgenerations. The Palestinian narrative is only now becomingfamiliar to American audiences.But there is not just one narrative that can define or representPalestinians. This book therefore represents a personal journey.Although it might have begun when I was twelve, the writingstook their inspiration from the outset of the second Uprising(Intifada) against Israeli Occupation. In addition to the personalaccounts, several essays deal with the hard edge of realpolitik. Just as the flowers bloom and the birds sing because theymust, so too was I compelled to write. This collection is meant tobring understanding on many levels. Each essay stands or falls onits own. Hopefully you will feel the urge to continue your read-ings on the subject to learn about this crucial part of the world. Jaffer AliMay, 2003
Introductionxi1.The Making of a Palestinian12.Do They Really Hate Us?43.Arafat and the Rhetoric of Blame74.Run for Cover95.The Cult of Zionism116.Yaba, Why Do They Do That?147.Why the Occupation Will End168.Assumptions199.The Palestinian Struggle2210.Sari Nusseibeh and the Right of Return2511.An Open Letter to My PalestinianBrothers and Sisters2712.Discovering the Chasm3213.The Torment of Occupation3414.Why Is Israel So Scared?3715.The Moral Question: An Israeli Reckoning4016.The Perfect Storm4317.Sharons Pyrrhic Victory 4618.Let Them Bleed4819.Democracy in the Middle East5120.Why Does Israel Want a US War with Iraq? 54

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