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Published by: api-24269297 on Mar 23, 2010
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 Taking chaos
out of 
and ancy ct. Hiddn arninhav prhap bn th inl bitthin that’ ld thm t bliv thatthy cannt qit trt anci. Thprblm i thi i th ara whr thct cnltant hav cm in andpplmntd r what th ancy d
 A year ater publishing Magic & Logic, the report that looks to redefne sustainable businesspractices in the relationship between agencies, client marketing and client procurement,the IPA’s marketing director Janet Hull used a recent seminar organised jointly by PMM and Adstream to set the stall out or a “critical turning point” or agency creative services.
and d nt tll th clint. Th am itr  ancy ct. Prcrmnt artaht t ak r anci’ ct bai,and i y dn’t iv it thy crat thir wn byin rp, cmpar inrmatinand cm p with thir wn bnchmark.W hav t ac th rality  that.With prc mappin, prcrmntxpct anci t pply a dtaildbrakdwn  vry jb - th rt  dtail w miht hav dn in-h thlp  with intrnal manamnt btnt ncarily mthin r marktincntact wld ak  r.Takin wat t  th ytm nwtart at pitch ta. Prcrmnt arbcmin awar  hw watl thpitch prc i, nt jt r ancibt al at th clint nd whr thymiht b in p t ix anci.Thir pramatic apprach t pitchini t rdc th nmbr  pitch inth markt and al k t rdc thnmbr  ancy rlatinhip, whichaain thy  a bin mr icint.That’ why th rtr cncpt habcm mr prvalnt.Prcrmnt ppl wrk in pplychain manamnt; thy  ancia pplir t thir bin, and thy mdia wnr, phtraphr, andprint prdctin h a pplirt anci. Thy l thy nd t tndr th kin  th rlatinhip whav with r prdctin and mdiapplir and thy nd pr that thancy i ntiatin in th clint’ btintrt.I w can pr-mpt a cnvratinwith prcrmnt abt th i wknw ar lrkin and cm p withprinal rpn br thy vnak, thn w ar in t t a mchbttr rlatinhip.In m ca, adly a minrity,th impact  prcrmnt ha bnqit pitiv. Thy hav brht rir and diciplin t ancy ytm,
In prdcin Maic & Licw hav t t knw a lt  prcrmnt ppl and trid tt ndr th kin  hw prcrmntthink, hw thy wrk, and thrrwhat impact thy hav n anci andhw anci nd t wrk with thmbttr. Cltrally thy tart rm dirntcrnr. Anci l, act, and thnanaly, whra prcrmnt cmrm th thr dirctin: analyticalirt, thn act, thn l. Riht at thbinnin thr’ a divrnc and that’n  th i r anci t tt rip with  thy can thn bin timprv th rlatinhip.W bliv prcrmnt pplar drivn by thr rl: t d thinbttr, d thm chapr, and d thmqickr. That’ a divrnc aain rmmy xprinc in anci. W ay lt’d it bttr, which will mak it mrxpniv and it will tak lnr andthat wa th philphy w wld  tmak r ca t th clint. Prcrmntwant all thr n a cntin bai, andcntin imprvmnt i n  thir catchphra.It man that thir philphy ‘bttr’ man y t it riht irttim. That al d nt qit it withth itratin anci  thrh tprdc a bttr crativ prdct. Whnit cm t chapr, prcrmnt wantt knw what th ct rally ar andhw thy can rdc thm. Whn itcm t qickr, thy want t knwwhat lad tim thr ar and way trdc thm. Prcrmnt ar traindin r cncpt that in my xprincar qit alin in th ancy vcablary,bt ar nw crpin in bca thynd t: tranparncy, prc mappin,takin wat t  th ytm, andpply chain manamnt.Prcrmnt ppl xpcttranparncy in tw ara whn thylk at anci: hiddn arnin
| Jn 2007 |
 Agencies eel, act, and then analyse, whereas  procurement comes rom the other direction: analytical frst, then act,then eel.

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