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Published by ransu
Sportsyndicator Mediacard 2008 - Long version
Sportsyndicator Mediacard 2008 - Long version

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Published by: ransu on May 05, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sportsyndicator is a sports marketing network that represents more than 500 sports websitesworldwide. Our goal is to work as a hub for advertisers, so that they can easily place and runad campaigns on selected sports sites. Sportsyndicator’s main markets are in Europe and North America. The company headquarters are located in London.
With Sportsyndicator’s technology platform, advertisers can place banner, text, and videoadverts as well as press releases to hundreds of websites. Advertisers can also use variablebuying methods and follow statistics/results in a real time.
Sportsyndicator has created niche sub-networks “channels” so that advertisers can reach veryprecise (targeted) audiences.Sub-networks:
(mountain biking, downhill/freeride, road cycling, touring, BMX)
(kayaking, climbing, hiking)
(kiteboarding, wakeboarding, windsurfing)
(triathlon, multi-sport)
Scuba divingSailingDEMOGRAPHICS:
Sportsyndicator’s network of visitors can be divided to two main categories, making thenetwork even more targeted:
- Youth 15-30 years
(snowboarding, skateboarding, mountain biking, surfing)
- Active adult 30-50 years
(road cycling, golf, running, sailing, skiing)
 Any Sportsyndicator advertising campaign can be geo-targeted to the correct market area -campaigns can be either global, or targeted to specific continents and countries.
media card 2008
Premium CPM Campaigns (cost per thousand impressions)
This is the most common method for displaying (banner) advertising. CPM enables advertisers togain access into the best sites within the network as these top sites normally do not accept CPCor CPA display ad campaigns.-CPM campaigns can go live on many sites quickly (usually within 7 days) as most publishers liketo prioritize CPM deals-The recommended CPM campaign length is 1-3 months.- You can choose to run your campaigns on all sites (Run of Network) or you can hand pick just afew sites that are relevant to your market.
NetworkCPM (cost per thousand impressions)Minimumimpressions
Cycling £10/15
 /$20250.000Scuba Diving£10/15
Sportsyndicator’s Network enables advertisers to choose between different buying formatsdepending on their campaign goals.
Premium CPM Campaigns
 network of Alexa top ranked niche sports websites.
Sports Affiliate Network
first sports specific affiliate network.
 Video Network
 links action sports videos to your products.
 syndicate your press releases to hundreds of websites.
Display Ad Sizes and Formats:
When sending us creative (banners), try to create them on all sizes listed below, as that enablesyou to gain maximum exposure in a Network as different sites use different ad sizesSizes:120x600 - skyscraper
728x90 - billboard160x600 - wide skyscraper
150x150 - button300x250 - medium rectangle
120x90 - small button468x60 - banner Ad formats:Display (banner). We accept jpeg, gif, html and flash adverts.Maximum file size is 50Kb.
CPA - Sports Affiliate Network (for CPC, CPS and CPL campaigns)
Sportsyndicator’s Affiliate Network enables advertisers to do campaigns purely on aperformance basis. These CPA 
campaigns have the industries best reach- as currently around200 network sites run CPA campaigns.Please note, that largest websites do not necessarily accept CPA campaigns as theymainly want to run high paying CPM campaigns.
CPC (cost per click)
This buying format is suitable for on-going “long term” campaigns for companies that want toincrease traffic to their homepage. CPC campaigns can be either with banner or text ads.- Recommended campaign length 3-12 months-No risk as the advertiser only pays for clicks that push traffic to their site.Price:£0.25/0.37
 /$0.50 per click**Pricing is determined by a bidding system, so pricing might vary during the season*Ad formats:Display ads (Banner):- We accept jpeg and gif banners. Maximum file size is 25Kb.-If you want to run Flash banners or banners larger than 25Kb, we will charge an ad serving fee of£0.20/0.30
 /$0.40 per thousand impressions.Text ads:Our CPC Text Advertising (Google style) is a simple and effective way to do online campaignson a CPC (cost per click) basis.The difference between Sportsyndicator Text Ads and Google Adsense ads are:-Sportsyndicator Text Ads only go to our network sites and the advertiser gets a report on whichsites run your text ads (this eliminates click fraud).

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