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Underwhelmed in Food Storage Resource Guide

Underwhelmed in Food Storage Resource Guide



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Published by holyhabanero

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Published by: holyhabanero on Mar 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Copyright Protected 2010, All Rights Reserved by Preparedness Pro Material is not to be duplicated ordisbursed in any manner without express written permission by the author.www.preparednesspro.com
 Preparedness Pro
UNDERwhelmed In Food Storage
Taught by Kellene Bishop
See our daily blog and class schedule at www.preparednesspro.com  Contact us via e-mail: Vicky@preparednesspro.com  or 801-788-4133
Introductions to obtain Easy, Enjoyable Food Storage
Food Storage does not need to be boring, arduous, expensive, or lacking inappetizing appeal. It does not require any special skills to use or cook. If you can cook yummy foods at home now, you can cook delicious,comforting foods in the midst of a crisis.Food is a central part of any family
their nutrition, their health, their wayof life, their security blanket, and their enjoyment.
of this has to besacrificed in the event of a crisis.By implementing a few key ideas and strategies relative to your foodstorage now, you can survive any crisis effortlessly in the future.
 Prepare in comfort or panic in chaos. It’s your choice.
There are 10 vital aspects to being prepared for an emergency or a minor everyday crisis. While mostpeople tend to focus on their food storage, it takes much more skill, physical and mental energy andstrength to address the majority of the
aspects when surviving an emergency than your food needsdo. And yet the majority of individuals think primarily of food when they think emergency preparedness.This is a shameful waste of your talents and resources on something that can be very affordable, easy andenjoyable. Prope
r food storage will strengthen your other aspects of emergency preparedness, so let’s
make that part simple for you so you can be better prepared in the other aspects of emergency preparedness.
10 Keys to Emergency Preparedness
Note: This is in order of importance:
Spiritual 6. Fuel2.
 Mental 7. Water 3.
Physical 8. Food 4.
 Medical 9. Financial5.
Clothing and Shelter 10. Communication
Copyright Protected 2010, All Rights Reserved by Preparedness Pro Material is not to be duplicated ordisbursed in any manner without express written permission by the author.www.preparednesspro.com
Top 10 Reasons Why People
Want to Bother With Food Storage
They don’t believe there is really a need
for it2.
It is too difficult or inconvenient to mentally deal with3.
They believe they can’t afford it
They believe they will be able to rely on someone else for their food5.
They feel too overwhelmed with the concept of 365 days of meal planning6.
They don’t have
space for it7.
They don’t know how they will survive without a microwave oven
They don’t know how to prepare food from “food storage items”
They think food storage is boring and unappetizing10.
They are too busy
Five Aspects of a Successful Food Pantry
1. Selection-
It’s important that you have in your pantry the EXACT kinds of foods that you and your 
family already eat. If lasagna is your favorite dish, then make sure you have all of the fixins for lasagna.What ever it is, you need to be prepared to not just to fill up their stomachs, but to satisfy their cravings aswell in order to abate your stress in preparing and serving and their stress in eating it. Being forced to eat
foreign, unsatisfying foods creates an unfathomable amount of stress. Don’t belie
ve me? Just think of the
last time you tried to feed your 4 year old something that they didn’t want. Now imagine your entire family
acting that way.
2- Nutrition-
While feeding your family what they like now is critical
it’s not always possible should
yourfood supplies become interrupted. Quality fruits, vegetables, sources of fiber and vitamins are already hard
to find, in spite of today’s advance techn
ologies. Thus anticipating the difficulty in finding them in achaotic event is even more realistic
. Yes your family will indeed become ill if you haven’t considered how
to nourish them with appropriate nutrition as opposed to just filling them up. This is why I recommend thatfolks familiarize themselves now with quality nutrition in their food. Wheat, sprouts, freeze-dried fruitsand vegetables, and a good source of quality vitamins are actually critical NOW for your family to use
letalone later when their bodies will be stressed by more physical and mental challenges. The good news isthat this kin
d of nutrition is economical to bring into the home. So don’t delay. Familiarize yourself with
working with wheat, sprouting, and using freeze-dried foods. And put vitamins that will actually beabsorbed into your body in your daily routine now.
3. Acquisition-
Acquiring your foods and other preparedness supplies should never require going into debt.However, many of us go into debt for less vital goods. Take the 30 day challenge and for an entire month
do not purchase ANYTHING that is non-essential. With the money you save, spend it on that which maytruly be lifesaving
your preparedness supplies. Acquisition can be very CHEAP actually if youincorporate the use of coupons and keeping an eye out for sales. I have buckets and buckets of necessaryitems that I have received for FREE because of the use of coupons. (See more below)
4. Preservation-
Once you bring products into your home, you need to make them last as long as possible.Purchasing freeze-dried products or products with a longer shelf life is a good way to start. But you canalso obtain regular grocery items and have them last a long time in you pantry as well.
Copyright Protected 2010, All Rights Reserved by Preparedness Pro Material is not to be duplicated ordisbursed in any manner without express written permission by the author.www.preparednesspro.com
Oxygen, light, heat, and moisture are your enemies when it comes to food preservation. Utilize methods toeliminate or at least dramatically reduce these offenders against your supplies.Canning, Foodsaver bags, buckets, oxygen absorbers, Mylar bags with ziplock tops, dehydrating, waxing,the use of mineral oil, and diatomaceous earth, should be preservation methods that you familiarizeyourself with.
5. Preparation-
Be sure to observe your food preparation methods and make sure that you have reliableoptions to use in the event of a long-term power outage or a fuel or food shortage. Prepare yourself nowwith gidgets and gadgets to prepare your food with such as solar ovens, pressure cookers, butane stoves,towels or a Wonder Box to retain heat in pots, non-electric hand beater, a hand crank for your Bosch mixer,
a small battery supply for your food processor, etc. You’d be surprised ho
w many kitchens are void of amanual can opener and a manual bottle cap opener. Take a good look around your environment and be sure
that you’ve planned for this contingent. Most importantly, use those tools now so that you are familiar with
10 Strategies for Enviable Food Storage
#1. Get your food storage for cheap or FREE!
 —it’s probably NOT what you think 
it is. It’s come a LONG ways!
Nutritious and delicious items such as produce,meats, etc.ii.
Get ALL of your food FREE or very cheap onwhat you already use! Sometimes you evenGET money just for taking something out of thestore.iii.
Helps in your financial preparednessv.
Warning: Couponing is now SO effective,
You can infuse an additional $800 a MONTH into your family budget (ormore!) simply by spending TWO hours a week!!vii.
I use a combination of newspapers ads in Sunday’s paper and the internet.
It gets your kids involved in money management, shopping for deals, and
emergency preparedness. It’s like treasure hunting for 
them (and you.)

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