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Hidden Truth

Hidden Truth



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Published by Dexter

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Published by: Dexter on May 05, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Every December, we see breathtakingnativity scenes displaying the familiarbut pleasant picture of the three wisemen and the shepherds gazing withadoration at the Christ child in themanger, with his loving parentsJoseph and Mary and a menagerieof domestic animals looking on.Yet did you know that in reality,the Bible never says that any ani-mals were present—or that the wise mensaw the shepherds or Jesus while He was in the manger?“And when they had come into the house, they saw theyoung Child with Mary His mother, and fell down andworshiped Him” (Matthew 2:11).In fact, it may have been over a year after the birth of Jesus before the wise men even arrived! This theory issupported well when we read that King Herod commandshis soldiers to kill all the infants in Bethlehem two yearsold and under (Matthew 2:16).Even more interesting, nowhere in the Bible does itsay there were three wise men. But have you ever seena Christmas card with four wise men or two?Much of the world, and even many Christians, have beenconfused by a series of myths that have managed to takefirm root in churches around the world … and pass aslegitimate Bible teachings. Some of these phony fablesare fairly harmless, but others present “doctrinesof devils” that can be devastating to one’s faith,concept of God, and eternal destiny (1 Timothy 4:1).The purpose of this magazine is to finally let the Biblespeak for itself—to defend the faith it was designedto convey.In the process, you will see truth rub away the rust andtarnish of popular but dangerous traditions—allowingthe true beauty of God’s Book to shine with its natural,glorious splendor.Utilizing an easy-to-understand question-and-answerformat and sprinkled with amazing facts, this uniqueresource will boldly peel away the layers of confusion,revealing the Bible’s beautiful hidden truth.
 A Central Bible Thought 
What chapter is right in the middleof the Bible? Psalm 118. (Theshortest chapter: Psalm 117;the longest chapter: Psalm 119!)It’s preceded by 594 chapters, and it’s followedby 594 chapters. If you add the number of precedingchapters to the number of following chapters, you get 1188… and Psalm 118:8 is the center verse, which says: “It is bet-ter to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.”King Henry VIII once received the title“Defender of the Faith” from the Pope.Upon hearing this, the court Jester bel-lowed, “Ho! Ho! Good Harry, let you andme defend one another; but take my wordfor it, let the faith alone to defend itself!”
“ Sin will keep you from the Bible, or the Bible will keep you from sin.” 
—Dwight L. Moody
Printed in the USA. © Amazing Facts • P.O. Box 1058 • Roseville, CA 95678 • www.amazingfacts.org
Is the Bible more than just a collection of fables and legends? Can itbe trusted for historical accuracy and spiritual guidance? Find out if thisbest-seller is truly divine revelation or just another ancient tabloid.The devil is called by many names—evil, cruel, liar, and murderer. But doesthe Bible teach that this prince of darkness is real, and if so, where did he comefrom? It’s everything you need to know about the devil but were afraid to ask!You’ve heard about Jesus’ revolutionary teachings, generous love, andcruel execution. But were His teachings more than sage advice and wasHis death more than another brutal murder? A real must-read!Nuclear Armageddon? Millions disappearing? It’s the most fantastic momentin earth’s history, yet many have been deceived about this coming climacticevent. Find out what the Bible really says about Jesus’ glorious return.Will bad people burn forever? Are disembodied souls spying on yourevery move? Get the straight scriptural truth about these very dangerousdeceptions regarding God’s character. You will never be the same!Are the 10 Commandments more than just 10 good recommendations?Does Jesus’ grace truly erase God’s law? Discover the Bible facts aboutthese and the most controversial and neglected law of God.Is heaven really cloud-hopping with a harp 24/7? What is it going to looklike? Take a virtual tour of what’s in store for the faithful, and find out whyGod says that treating your body wisely today can have eternal benefits.

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