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Hire Help

Hire Help

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Published by mad__max8421

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Published by: mad__max8421 on Mar 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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HIRED HELPChapter 1"So, Miss Brooks, why are you applying for this job?"Jennifer looked down at her hands when she replied. "MisterHane... I think that I would be very good at this job."He stared at her, and Jennifer met his gaze for a moment. beforelooking away again. "Did you understand all of the requirements thatI have for this position?"Jennifer fidgeted with the sleeve on her blouse. "I think so.You are looking for a maid to work in your household. To cook andclean and that sort of thing."There was a short silence. "Is that it?"Jennifer swallowed hard. "W... what do you mean?"Mister Hane sighed. "If you had not figured that out from myletter, I think that we should end this interview now.""No! Please!" Jennifer said, raising her voice for the firsttime. "I really need this job! It's the only one with a decentenough salary...""So it's just the money you want."Jennifer's chin quivered as she spoke. "What else do you wantfrom me?" she said, looking him in the eye. "Does it have somethingto do with that little notecard you put in the envelope?" She sawhim nod slightly. "I really haven't been out on my own very long.If you could just explain it to me, maybe I could understand it."Mister Hane sat in thought. He slid his chair back away fromthe desk and stood up. "You've put me into an uncomfortablesituation," he said."Please, Richard," she said, using his first name, "give me achance."Richard Hane looked her over closely. She was a young woman,probably no more than twenty one years of age. She had medium lengthcurly brown hair that framed a soft, round face. Two green eyeslooked out from it, meeting his eyes briefly before darting away.She wore a pretty pink stitched white blouse with a light brownskirt. Her matching shoes had inch long square heels, and her feetwere twitching, nervously."If you are indeed serious about this...""I am!" she said."I should tell you that there is a reason for the high salarythat I am offering. I am looking for something more than just ahousekeeper. I am looking for someone to do more... personalservices.""What?" Jennifer said, confused. "What kind of personalservices?" After a few seconds, another thought crossed her mind."I'm not a hooker!" she said."I never accused you of that," he said, as he walked over toher. "If I allowed you to take the job, when could you start?""Right away!" she said.A slight smile came across his face. "What if I said that Iwould like you to start immediately. Right now."She looked up at him. "But my things are still at myapartment..." Richard did not say anything. "I... guess that Idon't really have much there, come to think about it. Except myclothes...""That will be taken care of." Richard gestured for her to getup. "I have a contract ready for you to sign.""A contract?" she said, as she stood up. A smile was forming onher face. "You're going to give me the job?"
"If you want it, after I explain a few things." He went over tohis desk and took out several papers from a drawer. "You can readthe contract first, of course, before signing anything."Jennifer started to read, then shook her head. "This isgibberish. It looks like a lawyer wrote it. Can you just explain itto me?""Certainly. Pages one and two describe the length and terms ofservice, and the compensation. In essence, the length of time is oneyear. The payment is $150,000, payable in full at the end of thetime. During this time, all of your expenses will be covered androom and board will be provided. Should you choose to break thecontract, the payment will be greatly diminished, only $2000 permonth worked. However, should I dismiss you early, without youbreaking any of the conditions of the contract, you are entitled$12,500 per month worked. Oh, this position is considered to be asalaried position.""One hundred fifty..." she said in a low voice."Pages three and four describe the duties that are to beexpected of you. Failure to perform these duties is grounds for yourdismissal, with the lower compensation being given to you.""What are the duties?" Jennifer asked."They include all of the typical duties of a housekeeper.Cooking, cleaning, making the beds, and the like. You will beconsidered to be on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, though ofcourse you will be given time to yourself. Additionally, there is adress code associated with this position, and the uniforms will beprovided.""Dress code? That doesn't sound like a big deal. Where do Isign?""Right here," he said, handing her a pen.She signed the four sheets of paper without reading any more ofit. "I will make copies of this for both of us," he said, as he putthe papers back into his desk. "Let me show you to your room."There was a stairway up to the second floor, but Richard led herto a doorway that was on the first floor. As he followed him, he hada chance to examine his walking profile. He seemed to be in goodphysical shape, and she decided that he had a very cute butt. "Thiswill be your room," he said. "Your first assignment is inside. Youwill find a tape measure and a sheet of paper. Please measureyourself as indicated on the sheet, so that we can have your uniformsmade up. After that, you can have the rest of the day off toyourself. Just report back here first thing tomorrow morning. Oh,"he said, opening up another drawer of his desk. "Here is a fivehundred dollar advance on your salary."Jennifer took the offered money, with a bit of disbelief in hereyes. "Really?" she said."Really," he replied. "Just be back here at nine o'clock in themorning."Jennifer looked at the outfit on the bed in disbelief. "This isa dress code?" she said aloud.Richard had left her alone in her bedroom to prepare for theday. Jennifer picked up the first item and examined it. It was apair of black patent shoe with a black stiletto heel that were easilyfive inches long. The other one was still on the bed. There weretwo straps on it, one an ankle strap and the other was a mid strap.Both had small buckles on them.A pair of fishnet pantyhose was also there. She walked aroundthe bed, and picked up the last item.It was a one piece french maid uniform. It was made of a shiny
black vinyl material, and still had a strong plastic smell. Thesleeves were long, and the skirt had a very full crinoline sewn rightinto it.Jennifer thought about walking out right then, and confrontingMr Hane. But then she remembered the five hundred dollars that shehad just spent last night."Oh, god, what if I had to give it back?" she whispered aloud.She did some mental math and mumbled as she did it. "If I leave, Iget $2000 a month. That's about $500 a week. So I just have to dothis for a week, and then I can get out of here."With a sigh, she took her clothes off. First, the fishnetstockings. The feeling was a bit odd as she slipped them on. Shecouldn't remember ever having worn fishnets before.Next, she unzipped the vinyl maids outfit and put it on. It fitrather tightly around the waist. She had some trouble zipping it up.Last, she sat down as she put on the shoes and buckled thestraps. As she stood up, she had to grab ahold of the bedpost tobalance herself. "God, how am I going to walk in these things?"As she walked over to the door, she saw herself in the fulllength mirror that was attached to the back of the door. The dresswas form fitting around the waist, and the skirt was extremely full.But it barely came down low enough to hide her privates. In front,it was cut so low that it barely covered her nipples. "If I bendover, everyone's going to see me!" she said. She saw her own ankleswobble as she tried to balance in the heels.Slowly, she opened the door and stepped outside of her room.She heard the sound of a voice from the kitchen, so she slowly walkedtowards it, making sure to stay near a wall.Richard was there, talking on the phone. When he saw Jenniferenter, he ended his conversation and hung up. "That will do," hesaid, walking over to her.Jennifer's face was flushed with embarassment as she stoodthere. "What should I do?" she said to fill the silence.She was almost expecting him to fondle her, or say somethinglewd. "I'm in the mood for a late breakfast," he said. "Ham andcheese omlet with just a few onions. You should find everything inthe refrigerator, and the cookware is in the cabinets below themicrowave."She was surprised by this. But then again, she didn't know whatto expect. "Mister Hane?" she asked as she slowly walked toward therefrigerator. "Why do you have a dress code... like this?"He smiled a bit at this, and looked at the ceiling as he thoughtof a reply. "Well, I'm a rich man. I know what I like to see. And,to be quite honest, I like the way that you look when wearing that."She opened up the refrigerator and started to hunt foringredients. There was the butter, the eggs, the cheese..."Am Igoing to have to dress up like this every day?" she asked."No, definitely not," he said, and she let out a sigh of relief."This is just what we could get on short notice. More will bearriving."More? she thought. More what? Her mind took a different turnas she remembered him calling himself a 'rich man'. "Are youmarried?" she asked as she closed the refrigerator door."Actually, no," he said. "I haven't met the right person yet."****She slowly walked back into her room and closed the door behindher. "My feet are killing me," she said. She tried to kick themoff, but was reminded of the fact that there were straps keeping them

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