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Published by: web1_webteam on Mar 24, 2010
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History I.Ds
Chapter 71.
ral tradition-the legends and history of a culture preserved by word of mouth2.
Plateau-a relatively flat region of land higher than the surrounding area3.
Savanna- a flat grassland, with few trees, in tropical or subtropical regions4.
matrilineal-tracing family descent through the mother and her ancestors5.
age set-in traditional Africa, a group of males or females of similar age who learn skillsand go through life stages together.6.
monotheism-belief in one god7.
Ghana-title of the ruler of a region in ancient Africa, later applied to the kingdom8.
mosque-a Muslim house of worship9.
monopoly-control of all or almost all trade or production of a given goodChapter 101.
Clergy-persons, such as priests, given authority to perform religious services2.
laity-church members who are not clergy3.
icon-a Christian religious image or picture4.
iconoclast-an opponent of the use of icons in Byzantine churches5.
schism-the division of the Christian church in 1054 that separated the Roman CatholicChurch and the Eastern
rthodox Church6.
theology-study of religious questions7.
regent-person who acts as a temporary ruler8.
mosaic-picture made up of tiny pieces of colored glass, tile, or stone set in mortar9.
illuminated manuscript-book page decorated by hand with elaborate designs,beautiful lettering, or miniature paintings10.
monastery-a community of men who have taken religious vows11.
missionary-person who carries the ideas of a religion to others12.
steppe-wide, grassy, semiarid plains of Eurasia, from the Black Sea to the Altaimountains13.
principality-territory ruled by a prince14.
boyar-a land owning noble of early Russia15.
czar-title taken by rulers of Russia in the late 1400s

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