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Published by Saumi Rizqiyanto

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Published by: Saumi Rizqiyanto on Mar 24, 2010
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English MnthlyNewsletter
UIN Sari HidaatuahJakarta
Marh 200
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Five Secrets t Attain Fulbright Schlarships
____________________Page 4
MARCH 2010
IN order to evauate and improve theperormane and disuss the variousdesign o issues that must be oowed upthis ear, the universit hed an ExeutiveWorking Meeting (Rakerpim) in SahidaInn, Thursda-Frida (4-5/). Themeeting was attended b heads o theuniversit, auties, departments, workunits and stud enters o UIN.In his weoming speeh RetorPro Komaruddin Hidaat said that thisRakerpim was hed at the end o histenure this ear. In his ast term o oe,the retor intended to make strategipoiies that an improve the quait oUIN in the ears to ome.Aording to the retor, somegovernment oias were ver impressedto see the phsia deveopment, theaompishment and poitia and soiaommuniation that UIN has ahieved.He requested that everthing that hasbeen ahieved must be maintained andbe something to be grateu or. “In theuture, we want UIN to gradua beomea universit or ion that Indonesian Musiman be proud o. We must be onvinedthat UIN wi be part o the word’s top500 universities. To ahieve this requirestime and onsisten,” he said.The retor aso asserted that UIN wi
UIN Jakarta can be Part f the Wrld’s Tp 500 Universities
remain ommitted to give opportunities toboarding shoo ommunities to stud atUIN. The support to boarding ommunitis a speia harater o the ampus.Under his eadership, the retor assertedthat the eadership has awas tried toimprove the aiities and inrastruturesthat are needed b aademi ommunit.Some o the aiities that have beenbuit under his eadership are PshoogFaut Buiding, Ma’had Ai, bank,hospita, anteen and bus sheter.In addition, the eadership aso hasprovided training and shoarship oreturers, and has reated a naniareporting sstem whih is moretransparent and aountabe. Besidesthat, in the uture UIN has pannedthe improvement o the quait oaademi and administration servie,the reinorement o more transparentand aountabe nania sstem, theimprovement in inormation sstem andstudent servie, onstrution o digitaibrar, onstrution o Faut o Soiaand Poitia Sienes Buiding and theonstrution o arger ha/auditorium.(eve/mia/akhwani)FAcUlTy o Soia and PoitiaSienes (FISIP) UIN onerred “FISIP2009 Award” to three prominentMusim shoars name Pro. Dr. HarunNasution, Pro. Dr. Nurhoish Madjid,and Fahr Ai MA. The award-givingevent was hed or the rst time andthe awards were given b The Ministero Reigious Aairs Drs SuradharmaAi MSi aompanied b Retor o UINJakarta Pro Dr Kommaruddin Hidaatand Dean o FISIP Pro Dr BahtiarEend in Main Auditorium, Monda(4/2).The three shoars were deemedworth o reeiving the award orhaving aid the oundations o soiasiene approahes in reigious studies
Harun Nasutin, Cak Nur, and Fachry Ali Received FISIP UIN 2009’s Award
We must be onvined that UIN wi be part o the word’s top 500universities. To ahieve this requires time and onsisten
Minister f Industry andTrade Inaugurated Academic BuildingUIN Jakarta WillHave a Landmark
2Marh 200
Bard f Directrs
: Komarudin Hidaat, Jamhari, Amsa Bakhtiar, Ahmad Thib Raa, Sudar-noto Abdu Hakim, Abd Shomad, Hamid Shoihin, Abdu Maik
Editr in Chief
: Nanang Saikhu
Managing Directrs
: Ai Nurdin, Abdu Aziz Hasibuan
Editrial Staff
: Eve Oktaani
Edit-rial Bard Secretary
: Herr Juiadi
: Irma Wahuni, Uatussariah
Editr in Art
: Kamso
: The 2nd Foor o Retorate Buiding o Sari Hidaatu-ah State Isami Universit J Ir H Juanda No 95 ciputat 542 South Jakarta
: (02)740925 Ext 806 Fax: (02) 7402982
Publicatin License
: Retor Deree No 56/2004
: Pubi Reation o Sari Hidaatuah State Isami Universit
English Monthly Newsletter OfSyarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University 
Minister f Industry and TradeInaugurated Academic Building
INDONESIAN Minister o Industr andTrade Dr Mari Eka Pangestu inauguratedcentra Aademi Buiding in campusI UIN, Wednesda (6/). The inaugura-tion was marked with a ribbon uttingb the Minister who was aompaniedb the Retor o UIN Pro Dr KomaruddinHidaat and South Tangerang Maor HMSaeh MT.The Minister aso gave assistane inthe orm o twent our Zrex omputerunits to hep aademi ativities in Aa-demi Setion. The smboi assistanewas given b the Minister to the Retor.centra Aademi Buiding is a reno-vated od buiding. This buiding has anumber o aademi administrative ser-vie aiities and is designed in suh awa that make it ooks more omortabeand artisti.The Minister in her speeh said, theMinistr o Trade is urrent ampaigningtwo o its main poiies in the ed o trade.The rst poi is to ontinue enouragingthe pubi to ove Indonesian produts.Thereore, urrent Indonesian produtsare as ompetitive as oreign produts.“The seond poi is that we are en-ouraging peope to have reative eo-nomi businesses, suh as in the orm orats rom renewabe raw materias,” shesaid.To the Minister, the Retor expainedthat urrent, UIN ontinues to deveoppuraism and inuate moderate think-ing among students. In addition UIN asoprovides greater opportunities or viag-ers to go to oege. That wa, there is aonvergene between traditionaism andmodernism in ampus.The Retor urther stated that untinow man oreign dipomats have visitedUIN to earn more about Isam. In at, theForeign Ministr oten speia invitesa number o UIN gures overseas to be-ome “spokesman” o Isam.“It woud aso be good i the Ministro Industr and Trade an work togetherwith UIN in deveoping orporate soia re-sponsibiit to hep soiet,” he said.Ater inaugurating Aademi Buiding,the Minister then gave pubi eture aboutree trade in ront o ivitas aademia inDiorama Room. (eve/mia/ns)STUDENTS o Graduate shoo (SPs)now an stud omortab as SPshas provided a speia room to studwhih is aed “stud room” The roomis oated on the seond foor o grad-uate shoo, and it is designed in suha wa that provide omort in stud-ingThe idea o having stud room orig-inated rom the management o SPs,who notied that a this time whenthere is no ass, students studiedoutdoors near the garden. Studingoutdoors ma be a itte bit omort-abe as students an breathe reshair but it gives the impression o notbeing exusive and doesn’t provide aonduive pae to stud.“Studing in an open spae asoexpose students to rain or heavwind. Keeping in mind those risks, weprovide students with a speia paeso that the an stud more omort-ab,” said Pro Dr Suwito, Vie Dire-tor or SPs Institutiona Deveopment,to UIN Onine, Tuesda (6/2).The speia pae or SPs programo master and dotora degree is onthe seond foor. The 5 x 6 metersquare room is designed in suh awa with partitioned rooms. Besidesthat to provide ease in studing, everpartition is aso provided with pugsand okers.“We expet that Graduate shoostudents wi be more assiduous instuding and perorm sienti re-searhes through the internet,” saidSuwito.The number o partitioned roomis 32 and an on be ed with onestudent, thus students an have theirrights or priva. Students an asoutiize the pug to use their aptop orto harge their handphones,” said Su-wito. (eve/ ns)
Graduate SchlPrvides “StudyRms”
This buiding has a number o aademi administrative servie aiities and isdesigned in suh a wa that make it ooks more omortabe and artisti
3Marh 200
frm page 1
AS o aademi ear 2009/200, theGraduate Shoo o UIN has aeptednew registration or Dotora Program(S3) students without seetion. However,the poi on appies to UIN’s Mastergraduates (S2) ass o 2005 upwards.As or Master graduates rom otheruniversities are sti required to go throughthe seetion proess.Deput Diretor o Graduate ShooAademi Dr Fuad Jabai, Tuesda (9/),said the Dotorate Voationa admissionwithout seetion is a orm o respet,trust and guarantee to graduates oMaster degree o UIN Jakarta. However,there is no guarantee that UIN Master’sgraduates an ompete their stud inthe S3 program with ease. This is due tothe new urriuum and a heavier ourseoad.“The new urriuum is not easnow. Thereore, at the beginning o thesemester, there wi be mentors who wiassist students.” Fuad expained.Fuad urther expained that studentsare required to take the proposa, writeand deveop their researh. In addition,the aso have to master oreignanguages, espeia Arabi and Engish,onsidering the theor and iteraturethe reate wi be read and taken intoaount not on b eow UIN oeaguesin Indonesia but aso read and taken intoaount b other ivitas aademiiansaround the word.Fuad gave Pro Dr Azumardi Azra(Diretor o UIN Jakarta’s Graduate Shoo)as an exampe. He has suessu madehis thoughts as reerene in the word.“We expet to not on have one person,but new generations o UIN graduates ikehim (Azumardi Azra),” he said.When asked about students who havediut doing researh and ma not passthe proposa, Fuad said the woud be giventime to deveop their researh. However, ia student is unabe to pass the proposatest twie, the student wi be disquaied.In at, the tite that wi be given to thesestudents is Master o Phiosoph or MPhi,whih is higher than Master but beowDotorate degree. (eve/mia/ina)
Pst Graduate Schl ReceivesStudents fr Dctral Prgramwithut Selectin
in Indonesia, partiuar amongIsami universities in Indonesia.“Their tremendous ontributions inthe deveopment o Isami thoughtand modernit are invauabe.The introdue soia approah inanazing reigious matters,” saidBahtiar.The event was attended bnationa prominent gures suh asDawan Raharjo, Suastono, IndiraSamego, and Siti Musdah Muia.Besides the onerring o awards,the event was ed with a seminarwith the theme o “Isam andSoiet: Indonesian Basi Isamicontemporar Poitia Thought”.The speakers o the seminar wereDiretor o UIN’s Graduate ShooPro Dr Azumardi Azra, Retor oUIN Komaruddin Hidaat, Dean oFISIP Pro Dr Bahtiar Eend, andchairman o lSAF Pro Dr DawamRaharjo.In his rst speeh as Ministero Reigious Aairs in UIN Jakarta,Suradharma Ai regarded that thesegures deserve respet beausethe have shaped the sienti andinteetua traditions in IAIN. Besidesthat, their eorts are aepted bIndonesian soiet. The ministersaid that the ontributions o theseprominent Musim shoars are whatmade it possibe or UIN to beomethe initiator o ontemporar Isamipoitia thought. “Hopeu thisaward an be an inentive or otherprominent gures to deveop Isamistudies in Indonesia,” he said.(eve/mia/ahwani)
Dotorate Voationa admission without seetion is a orm o respet,trust and guarantee to graduates o Master degree o UIN Jakarta
UIN Jakarta will have a Landmark
UIN Jakarta is in the proess o on-struting ettering whih is going to bemade in midde o the garden besideUIN’s auditorium. The ettering wi bemade 0 meters ong and 3.5 metershigh.The purpose o the onstrution othe ettering is to be a entra bak-ground or photogra-ph or graduation daor or guests omingto UIN. A this time,there isn’t an speiapae that beome aspei harateristio UIN Jakarta, saidHead or Genera A-airs Drs Abdu Wadudwhen interviewed inhis oe, Thursda(4/2).The idea or the onstrution othe ettering ame rom Retor Ko-maruddin Hidaat who notied thatever graduation da, graduates andtheir amiies awas ook or a paeto take pitures as a memento romUIN Jakarta.The ettering whih an be an ionor andmark or UIN Jakarta wi bebuit with the hep o proessionasand wi be written “UIN” in bue as anbe seen in the new ogo. In the middeo the word UIN, wi be written “SariHidaatuah Jakarta” in metai.The onstrution o the etteringwi take about two months. It is pre-dited to be nished beore the 79thGraduation da next Apri with theamount o mone spent around Rp200 miion. (eve/e ariani)

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