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Published by Tessa B. Dick
unusual scientific findings
unusual scientific findings

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Published by: Tessa B. Dick on May 05, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Great Mysteries of the WorldThere are several mysteries of life that have interested scientists since the beginning of time. Among those are where did life start. Is there a fountain of youth? Is there a cure for cancer? Can we live forever? Is there intelligent life on another planet? Can time travel ever really be in our future? This article features several interesting ideas and this paper will includethe fountain of youth, creating life, everlasting life, cancer cures, and time travel.As far at thefountain of youth goes, it appears that is right in one’s own genes. If you have good genes, thatis the guarantee; otherwise no guarantee is even suggested. The cure for cancer might only be possible if people reduced smoking and their other health hazards. Genes might not be a rescuein the case of cancer. Achieving immorality is only a possibility with cancer cells, it appears.They live as long as they are fed. Scientists in Texas Southwestern Medical Center and Genron, aCalifornia biotech company has found that if a bit of telomere is clipped off after each celldivision, the cell can become immortal. Some studies are using that technology in tests with labmice. So cancer might be curable, in time.Creating life from scratch is not possible at this time. The protein actin is able to do someself-assembled creations. Is there going to be a time when these self-assembling structures willhave a life of their own? At the California Institute of Technology, The University of Californiaat Los Angeles, and Michigan State University all believe that in time anything can happen. AtCaltech, Chris Adam does not agree. “Life on Earth is all due to one event a long time ago.Everything we see is related to once accident, so if we look back at this, can we learn somethingabout life in general?” I believe he thinks the answer is no.Time travel might not ever be a reality. Einstein thought it would be so, but there are paradoxes. But studies are being done at California Institute of Technology for one. Kip Throne,1

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