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Published by Lee Tyler
The story of Tejero and his polygynous experience with his AfroAm, MexAm, and EuroAm ladies in the USA
The story of Tejero and his polygynous experience with his AfroAm, MexAm, and EuroAm ladies in the USA

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Published by: Lee Tyler on Mar 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Story of Tejero and his AfroAm, EuroAm and MexAm Ladies inPolygyny Names and places have been changed to protect the guilty and the innocent,the screw ups and his victims, in an effort to practice Romans 14 polygyny.Copyright © 01/14/'95; 01/12/'96;5/12/07; 3/18/'10 (Revised)This file, in part or in its entirety, may be copied and posted as long as it isnot changed and the author is acknowledged.By Tylerhttp://groups.yahoo.com/group/OrthodoxBiblicalMarriagePolygamy http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PolyPolygamyPolygnyNJesushttp://groups.google.com/group/BiblicalChristianPolygamyPolygyny http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BlackPolygyny/http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BrownPeopleChristianPolygamy I have known Tejero for a very long time, and I still can bring myself tospeak to him and pray for him. He means well but he really needs theLord's help since he messes up so often. Tejero has not had a very goodtrack record as a polygynist, especially as a Christian polygynist. In factTejero hasn't been very successful maritally, but the Lord Jesus seems tohave him under construction (Hebrews 13:20,21) so he seems to be learninghow to be a better husband as time goes on. It has not been an easy road forhis ladies. Tejero was so screwed up when he married his smart andincredibly beautiful AfroAm Lady L. With his head still screwed up from thesexual abuse he experienced in his early childhood, still burdened down with the heavy load of feeling inferior, inadequate, fear of failure, and anunhealthy load of self-contempt and disrespect, he marries this awesomeand world class Lady L. Tejero and L considered polygyny by including P who had brought them together, but Tejero's and Lady L's marriagecollapsed into tragedy before that could happen. When Lady L became so
depressed that she became suicidal, her parents came and got her, andhelped her divorce Tejero. 12 years later she died tragically in her childhood bed in her parent's house.The story of the tragedy is at the end of thisdocument.Then there was Lady E, courted at age 18 by 29 year old Tejero, married toTejero at age 19 and pregnant within two weeks of the wedding. Tejero wasstill pretty screwed up but after his tragic experience with Lady L he wasdriven to an incredibly miraculous experience with Jesus during a time of prayer and fasting and he learned that no matter how he felt or what hethought of himself, the most important thing for him to do as husband andfather was to really Love his wife and children. He determined to Love themthat way to the best of his ability, and called on Jesus to enable him to Lovein Jesus' Way.***1 Cor 13:4 Love<26> has long patience, is kind; love is notemulous/envious; love is not boastful, insolent and rash; is not arrogant,puffed up or conceited, 5 does not behave in an ungodly manner; does notseek its own or insist on its own way; is not irritable, easily exasperated orprovoked; is not resentful and does not keep a record of wrongs or takeaccount of evil, 6 does not rejoice at iniquity/unrighteousness/wrongdoing but rejoices with the truth, 7 [God/LOVE] always/daily, thoroughly andpatiently<3956> endures<4722>; always/daily thoroughly<3956> believes,hopes thoroughly always/daily<3956>, always/daily thoroughly andpatiently remains, perseveres, and abides<3956>. 8God/LOVE/affection/benevolence never drops away, never is driven out,never fails, falls away or becomes ineffective<1601>; but whetherprophecies, they shall be done away; or tongues, they shall cease; orknowledge, it shall be done away. . . . .13 And now faith, hope, God/LOVE <26> remains, abides, continues,endures and is present<3306>; and the greatest of these is LOVE<26>. Well Tejero still had the monkeys on his back but he was learning how todeal with them, by the grace and interventions of God. Tejero has a terriblehistory of straying from the Master and His flock when he doesn't pray ashe ought, and that straying includes stinking thinking. Well Tejero got itinto his head that he was under Deut 22 and 1 Cor 7 command to marry any 
free-to-marry woman that he had breast contact with, even if it was nomore than a hug or an accidental brush by. Well one night when inInglewood he was walking home in the dark after checking on his storedcar, and he found a hopelessly drunk and helpless woman at a bus stop. Hefelt he couldn't just leave her there because she could be greatly abused oreven killed by an evil doer who might come by. So Tejero called a cab andgot her to her house. Since she couldn't walk by herself, Tejero had to holdher up and often carry her.In the process of doing that he accidentally or unavoidably pressed her breasts. Tejero, with his stinking thinking, thought that he was undercommand to marry her if she was free to marry. Well he wrote SincereGreene and told her that. Sincere liked the sound of that and decided to joinLady E with Tejero in Christian polygyny. Lady E had given birth to theirfirst child recently and the though of Sincere joining the family was greatly distressing, but Lady E was now a mother and hopelessly committed toTejero so even though it grieved her deeply, she cooperated and even didher best to make Sincere feel welcome and at home. But when she wasalone in her bed and Tejero was with Sincere at night, especially whenSincere and Tejero were having sex, she cried and cried long and silently.Sincere was a sweet, kind and thoughtful person and when she saw thesorrow and grief in Lady E's eyes as she tried to make Sincere feel welcome,she decided that she couldn't cause that much grief, told Tejero she justcouldn't bear doing that to Lady E and returned to her Inglewood home.Tejero and Lady E have often wondered if he has a child somewhere inCalifornia by Sincere.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Lady E left Tejero after 15 years and three children. I knew there was nohope of reconciliation.Tejero was floundering emotionally and spiritually and very horny as usual.One day at the Linda Vista supermarket he met Lua Nguyen, a singlemother refugee from Viet Nam. Their relationship grew from courtship tocommitment and they became marital and Tejero was thinking of movingin with Lua. Lua confided in Tejero that when she was in the refugee camp

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