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Gilbert Arenas Sentencing Memorandum

Gilbert Arenas Sentencing Memorandum

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Published by MainJustice

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Published by: MainJustice on Mar 24, 2010
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2serving the community and others, and despite a history of pranks and misguided practical jokes,he is a peaceful man who is not aggressive or confrontational in any way.Many people can attest that Mr. Arenas has these defining traits. Besides undersignedcounsel — who so attested in the Pre-Sentence Report (PSR)
— countless individuals havecalled and/or written with their personal stories about Mr. Arenas, experiences ranging frombrief encounters in which Mr. Arenas was generous with his time and attention, to long-termfriendships that demonstrate the full depth of his loyalty and character. This input has beenuniformly positive and supportive, and paints a picture of a man who is somewhat off-beat, butfundamentally very decent and unfailingly kind to others.The following memorandum attempts to capture that input and the character of the manwho will be standing before Your Honor for sentencing on March 26. This character portrait isbased on the letters we have received from those whose lives have been touched by Mr. Arenas,and their words are woven throughout the text.
Mr. Arenas’ character has been forged over a lifetime that has seen both its share of challenges and disappointments as well as a surprising number of obstacles overcome andexpectations exceeded. These experiences have taught him the value of hard work anddetermination and the importance of family and community. As a result, he is surprisinglygrounded, especially given the extraordinary life he leads as a superstar basketball player.Indeed, Mrs. Frances Weekes, the Community Supervision Officer from the Court Services and
Presentence Report (PSR) at 7-8 (Defense Attorney’s Statement) (Ex. 56). The exhibits cited hereinare attached to the accompanying Declaration of Jeffrey S. Nestler in Support of the Memorandum in Aidof Sentencing.
3Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA), attests that Mr. Arenas is a “quiet and polite individual”who does not “display the swagger and personality of someone of his acclaim.”
Mr. Arenas’ Background
Mr. Arenas was born in Tampa, Florida, and spent his early childhood in Miami. He wasraised by a single mother for the first three years of his life, until she fell victim to a narcoticshabit. His father, Gilbert Arenas, Sr., then took custody of his son, and Mr. Arenas has not had arelationship with his mother since. His father raised him in Tampa until he was seven years old,at which point he and his father moved to Los Angeles, where his father worked odd jobs whilepursuing his dream of being an actor. For a period after arriving in Los Angeles, Mr. Arenas andhis father spent time living in a car, and as a close friend explained, Mr. Arenas’ childhood was“riddled with a lot of uncertainty.”
Mr. Arenas’ HumorThe challenging circumstances of his childhood had two primary effects on the shapingof Mr. Arenas’ personality. First, it caused him to turn to humor as a way of deflecting the morenegative aspects of life. Mr. Arenas’ father explains that his son has always been “very fragile ina lot of ways; he just laughs and smiles to hide the pain.”
Echoing that theme, a close friendexplains that “[h]e has been through a lot of hurt in his life, stemming from a poverty-strickenchildhood that followed his mother abandoning him and he’s developed a shield from it all bymaking people smile.”
Mr. Arenas “was always a jokester that learned to laugh away the
PSR at 17.
Letter of Alana Beard, a player for the WNBA’s Washington Mystics who is Mr. Arenas’ friend andcolleague (Ex. 3).
Letter of Gilbert Arenas, Sr. (Ex. 2).
Letter of Dave McMenamin, a journalist for ESPN, who has gotten to know Mr. Arenas well over thepast four years (Ex. 22).

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