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Published by: api-26021437 on Mar 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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AM I LYING?Student #1:
#1It was in early July and my church was havingour annual convention. So we held it in the HolidayInn Select¶s grand ball room, as always, andeveryone rents a room so that all of the churches canfellowship in one place. During the time betweenSaturday¶s evening and night service, my brothers,cousins, and I decide to go to the gym. So while wewere at the gym I drank a lot of water.I keep saying to them I have to use the bathroomlets leave before I use it on myself. Then finally,they got up so we can leave, but I ran ahead so that Icould use one of the member¶s bathrooms. So I goton the elevator and it was moving very slow so I was bouncing up and down. When I got off it was thewrong floor so I had to get back on the elevator andgo down one. The only thing that made the situationworst was that the elevator was bouncing up and
down when it stopped. So I ran off and made it tothe door without urinating on myself.I bang and bang on the door it took them forever to answer. When they open the door I spoke came inand went to the bathroom. Sad to say I didn¶t makeit in time. Right there in the middle of their  bathroom I used it on myself. When I walked out Isaw my cousins and brother and they all began toquestion me about what happen. So I stopped andthink about what I was going to say finally, I openmy mouth and said I was trying to drink out of theice bucket, but it spilled on my pants. So theylaughed at me. Finally we all went back to the lobby, but while on the elevator they began to smell thestench coming from me so the all pointed and saidthat is not water you used it on yourself. It was themost embarrassing moment of my life.#2Ice and snow was everywhere, but that did notstop my brothers and me. We went outside with thegarbage can top and slid down the biggest hill in our 
 back yard. We took turns sliding down the hilllaughing. While I was laughing the top began to spinaround, and I was facing backwards. While I was backwards gravity began to pull my face towards thesnow. While gravity was pulling my face down it began to rub against the snow. When I got up at the bottom of the hill I had a face and mouth full of snow. After I wipe the snow off of me, I got up and pick up the top ran back up the hill, and started allover again.This time when I went down the hill I fellcompletely off. The snow was all in my pants myshirt and even in my hair. It was so funny that my brothers and I are still laughing about it now.#3It was a warm, bright, and a sunny day outside.So I decide to take my bike outside for a ride. BeforeI went outside my mother told me not to leave thedrive way. I ran outside and as soon as I got outthere I got on my bike and took off like the wind.

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