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The Jewel

The Jewel

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Published by Steph_8D
This is a small story I wrote for a school project. It was based and derived from another popular story about a pearl which we read as well.
This is a small story I wrote for a school project. It was based and derived from another popular story about a pearl which we read as well.

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Published by: Steph_8D on Mar 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 This is a story I wrote for a class assignment it was inspired by thepopular story of a pearl that we read in class, hope you like it. THE JEWELA soft breeze played on the straw- house and awoke Kanene fromher sleep. She looked all around her. Aitan had already left for thediamond mines before the sun rose. Every day he made the journey down the mines along with other men in hope of discovering a diamond that would change their lives, yet they hadbeen awaiting that day for years.Kanene looked over to the straw bed where Baako lay sleeping.He was their first born and his name meant just that. She roseand began her daily duties. Outside she could hear the villageassuming the daily routine. The women who made the breadsbegan their workand the hunters began to sharpen their knives. Kanene could seethen through the walls. As Kanene prepared the food that Baakowould surely want when he awakened she let her mind wanderover their situation. Kleinzee, the village where they lived in, wasliterally run by De Beers which was a diamond company. Aitanworked for them and had to work bent over for hours every day,searching every crack in the Earth to be sure that no diamondwas overlooked.Still, even if he found a diamond the De Beers people would takeit away from him and give him only a small pay for it. If theydiscovered that you had taken a diamond home they wouldfire you and no one wanted that since work was hard to find here.However, the work was cruel and Aitan had often come home withback problems and trouble breathing. She worried about him for itwas even harder for a woman to find work here than a man.***Aitan worked with the pick, pushing dirt away in a hurry of hopeof discovering a diamond. Earlier there had been an uproar
when a worker had found a diamond the size of a strawberry. That had instilled jealousy but also hope that they would alsofind a diamond. This was one of the mines that was known for thediamonds that had been found here. There could be seen agreat faith within the workers, today was a good day. They wouldbe working this mine the entire week so that any diamond wouldbe sure to be found.Aitan continued to work with the pick but upon discovering thatthere was no diamond there he became frustratedand moved on to the next spot. Many hours later they were toldto go home and Aitan angrily left the mines for he had foundnothing.***Kanene hurried to finish the food she had prepared for Aitan sincehis arrival was near and she yearned to know if he hadfound anything in the mines. Aitan opened the door and his facetold her he had had no luck today. His face was pale and he onlygreeted her with heavy coughs which seemed to drain hisremaining energy. She quickly gave him water and Baako gazedat himprofoundly.“Naeem found a diamond today.” he said after he had calmeddown.“Good, he works so hard.” Kanene responded.“I found nothing.” Aitan answered softly.“You have tomorrow and the rest of the week to keep looking.”she said as she tried to console him.After a while when the sun had disappeared and both Baako andKanene had gone to sleep Aitan remained awake thinking. Heknew that the pain in his chest was a sign of sickness but he
hoped it would go away because they could not afford to havehim sick.***Kanene was awakened by Aitan’s Absence. She ran outside andfound him on the ground shaking from the coughing.She quickly went to his side and heard that his coughs soundedrough and dry. She helped him inside and laid him down on theirbed.It took him a while to calm down but when he did he realizedthat he needed to tell her the truth.“ I cannot go to work today” he said reluctantly “ every time I godown those mines I feel as if I cannot breathe. I have seen othermen fall and I don’t want to leave you alone.”“Then I will go work.” She said firmly and then went to see if shecould.Kanene walked for hours asking if anyone would hire her but noone did. For several days there was nothing to eat and she knewthat Aitar felt ashamed for a man should not let a woman workinstead of him. Finally Kanene had an idea, early the nextmorning she rose and dressed in Aitans mining clothes. Baakolooked at her as onewould look at a bird trying on fur. Kanene was sure no one wouldrecognize it was her instead of Aitan since the minershad to wear layers of clothes and were not allowed to talk duringwork. So she hoped that her idea would work because she did notknow what else to do.***It was her great fortune that no one suspected anything. Shespent the day working in the diamond mines and after a fewhours

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