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An Analysis of Grammatical Errors in Writing Composition

An Analysis of Grammatical Errors in Writing Composition

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Published by goion
jadikanlah ini sebagai inspirasimu
jadikanlah ini sebagai inspirasimu

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: goion on Mar 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CHAPTER IINTRODUCTIONBackground of the Study
Learning a second or foreign language cannot be separated from creatingerrors. Even the native speaker themselves are not free from creating errors. In secondlanguage learning, as Coders observe, the learner’s errors indicative of both the stateof the learner’s knowledge and the way in which a second language is learned(Richard, 1973: 1). The error is natural, however, errors made by the learners and thenative speaker is different. The difference is described by Corder (1973 : 1) Statesthat the native speakers recognize their errors. On the other hand, learners do notalways recognize their errors, thus when their attention drawn to it, they often cannotcorrect it, and they often commit another in trying to do.There are several factors that cause students to commit errors, errorsconnecting with the errors made by the language learners. In the study of Englisherrors Richard (1974 : 174), points out that error are not only caused by theinterference from the mother tongue, but also what he calls overgeneralization ignoreof the rules restriction, incomplete application of rules, and false conceptshypothesized. These types of errors are developmental errors.By knowing and understanding the students’ errors, it is expected that teachersare able to improve their teaching skill and the instructional process. According toDullay (1986), errors can be useful feedback for the teachers. In the case, teachers1
will measure themselves how far he gets succeed in giving the instructional materialto their students.In pre-survey on August 2009 the researcher found some errors in doing writingactivities in writing composition. Most of students were not attention the procedure inwriting composition or unstructured writing. The researcher or observer asked themain teacher or teacher supervisor of English language about students worked whatthey have done, the researcher found some categories that should be fixed and being perfect and no errors in doing writing composition again.The writing errors categories have found by the research such as; the uses of article, verb tense, preposition, punctuation, capital letter, spelling, word form;redundant word, and word order were making the researcher interested to know thecauses of errors that they made.Based on the above points, the writer wants to present an analysis of grammaticalerrors in writing composition made by the second year students of Madrasah AliyahAsmaul Husna Central Lombok West Nusa Tenggara as the subject of this study,furthermore Wise (1975: 5) points out that: Wrong of the common of everydaywords is regularly missed by Indonesian who knows English. They make mistakeeither in speaking and writing. They are unhappy fact does not improve with the time.The more time they repeat their habitual errors, the more difficult it becomes for themto eliminate those errors and to replace them with normal English patterns (Wise,1975:5).
Writing is one of four skills in language learning process; it gives many people give attention. Because writing skill can be improving measuring of literacy acountry, also writing not yet become cultural, especial in Indonesia. Writing skill isseen as language skill which most difficult and complex because it’s required widely perception and involving thinking process and need good understanding on grammar and structures which extensive.Writing is a task that no two people do the same way. However, there aresome logical steps that every writer seems to follow in the creation of a paper. The process described here outlines those basic steps. Keep in mind that these steps arenot exclusive of each other, and at times, they can be rather liquid. In addition, writerswill notice that most of these steps are reciprocal; that is, work done in one area maynecessitate returning to a step that you have already "completed."In writing process that need grammatical and spelling understanding well tomake the composition well and can be understood. Students of Madrasah AliyahAsmaul Husna most of them are did not understand well about grammatical for making composition well.Since 2004 Competency- Based Curriculum (CBC) was applied as instead of 1994 curriculum which the 1994 curriculum was based on content. CBC wasarranged based on competence and was composed by government. Institution UnitCurriculum (IUC) or KTSP was employed in 2006. Depdiknas (2004) governed theapplication of CBC in the replacement of the 1994 curriculum which it was groundedon content and IUC was regulated in 2006. IUC, on principle, was built based on3

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