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Published by kkrish777

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Published by: kkrish777 on Mar 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Veeraswamy Krishnarajwww.bhagavadgitausa.com 
Veeraswamy Krishnaraj. Contact: 
great knowledg
e and refers to a female deity; there are ten such deities.Knowledge is transcendental and all that is known, unknown and yet to be known. What Mantrais to a male god is Vidya to a goddess. Mantra or Vidya consists of one or more syllables with orwithout meaning, words, or phrases representing (being) the sound-body of a deity; there are tengreat Mantras or Vidyas. If your name isJoan Smith, the vocalized sound of your name or JS isyour sound-body; you and the sound-body are one; that is the power of sound or sabda.Pronunciation of Mantra is important. What if somebody mispronounces your name asJohnSmythe? Would you answer the caller? The vibrations of deity-specific Mantra, when chantedaccording to the rules of Tantra, bounce off Yantra , go to the specific deity, gather power,blessings and boons from the deity and come back to the Sadhaka (chanter of Mantra), suffusehim with divinity and confer on him supernatural powers. Yantra = instrument, engine,apparatus, amulet with mystical diagram endowed with protective occult powers (RakshaYantra). Yantra is a plate or paper on which geometric figures are drawn which concentrate thepower of goddess. Yantra is the diagrammatic representation of a deity. Yantra can also be athree dimensional piece. Mantra (or Vidya), Tantra, and Yantra are complementary andnecessary for supplicating the deity according to the rules of Tantra, bouncing the petition off Yantra, sending it on its way to the deity, and receiving the rewards from the deity.The question comes up as to who devised these Mandalas (Yantras), the concentric configurationof geometric shapes. Here is an explanation. The west is of the opinion that the Hindu mind(brain) is wired differently. Let us compareJoe SchmowithGo Schlo. WhenJSgoes from A to B, he forgets A and knows and thinks of only B. Not so withGS, who still remembers A and thepresent B and considers any other prospective point in the future. Both of them go to C, D, E, F,G, H, I, J,K,...Z in a random or sequential manner and come back to A.As JS goes from onepoint to the next point, he forgets the previous point and concentrates on the present one. But GSdoes not forget his previous point.If both of them take a random walk from point R to A to N toD to O to M,JSthinks only of his last point M;that is linear thinking.ButGSthinks of  RANDOM, as if he has persistence of memory.Hindu thinking is nonlinear, clustery,configurative, (progressive-conservative) according to Troy Wilson Organ.This persistence of memory is the basis for the concept of metempsychosis and making Mandalas. In modernterminology, it is connecting the dots. JSdoes not think his past life haunts him;GSthinks that his present life is a continuation of the past life. That is why GS keeps saying all day long, it isthe past karma that haunts him at every turn (
WhenGStakes a walk right along the alphabets configured in a circularfashion,GSmakes a Circle in the Mandala. If he walks on ABC, he makes a triangle. ABCDmakes a square. Now you get the idea. This geometric thinking has to have a point of origin andpoint of return, which are one and the same in Bindu (the dot, the point, the seed). Bindu is thatunique point from which all radiations connect all points in the compass, circle or Universe; thatis global geometric thinking. That radiation from Bindu is the basis of Pravrtti, the evolution of the universe and beings. The return of all those radiations back to Bindu is the basis of Nvirrti,the involution of soul back to Bindu.GSknows where he had been, where he is and where hemight go. That gave him the concept of the past, present, and future.(Take the illiterate but intelligent
--of Mumbai (Bombay) whooperate pickup and delivery of lunchboxes on a color-coded system. The lunchboxes originate atdisparate locations around Bombay, arrive at a central location (a railway station), undergoassortment and re-assortment depending on the color codes with no names on the lunch boxesand reach the office workers at their precise locations so that they can enjoy home-cooked meals.The process takes a reverse course and the lunchboxes come back home on the same color-codedsystem. It is no exaggeration to say that FEDEX system of collection and delivery mimics thepractice of the century-old Dabbawallahs.)

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