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30 Ways to Annoy Someone Watching Twilight at the Movies

30 Ways to Annoy Someone Watching Twilight at the Movies

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Published by Sami

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Published by: Sami on Mar 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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30 Ways To Annoy Someone Watching Twilight At The Movies[I realize that Twilight isnt playing any more, but I thought these would be fun to do. Plus, some of these you could do even when youre watching New Moon.]1. Go to the theater wearing body glitter.2. Then during the movie, shout, Look, Im Edward! Look, Im Edward!3. Yell random things during the best scenes of the movie.4. When people tell you to shut up, get upset and yell, "DIDN'T YOUR MOTHER EVER TELL YOU NOT TOYELL AT A MENTALLY CHALLENGED PERSON?!"5. When it shows Charlie with his gun, start singing, "BAD BOYS! BAD BOYS! WATCHA GUNNA DO?WATCHA GUNNA DO WHEN CHARLIE COMES FOR YOU?!"6. Tell your best friend loudly that you know the person that plays Edward Cullen. When all theteenagers squeal and ask if you met Robert Pattinson, say, Met him? What are you talking about? I justknow the name of the actor that plays him.7. Criticize everyone's outfits, then say, "Oops. Sorry. Alice possessed me for a second there."8. Throw popcorn at the people in front of you and yell, Its snowing!9. When they get mad, tell them the werewolves told you to do it.10. During the movie when Rosalie argues about giving Bella her jacket, yell, GOD! Would she just giveher the damn jacket already! [Baha I put this in here because my friend actually did this. It was toofunny.]11. Wear 3D glasses. Complain loudly about how bad the effects are.12. Use binoculars. Stare at the person next to you rather than watching the movie.13. When he or she complains, say, What? I was just trying to be like Edward. Guess you dont likeTwilight very much.14. When someone kicks the back of your chair, scream, Ahhh, whiplash!15. Sit in the front row. When James comes on, run out of the theater screaming.16. When someone tries to sit next to you, tell them they cant because youre saving the seat forEdward.17. Wear a cape. When Edward comes on, yell, Dun dun dun duh... Batman!18. When everyone looks at you strangely, say, Ooops sorry. Wrong movie.19. During the previews, yell, Can you fast-forward it?20. Bring a laser pointer. Shoot at James, Victoria, and Laurent whenever they appear on the screen.21. When Jacob comes on, yell Hes a werewolf! Hes a werewolf! This will spoil it for all the peoplewho havent read New Moon.22. Bring a New Moon book and bright light with you to the theater. Start reading with the light on.When someone asks you to turn the light out, say, SHHH! Im trying to read what happens next.23. Sit in the back and throw eggs at the projection window.24. Ask the person next to you where they got their jeans because you know Alice will like them.25. Pass around a donation plate and see if anyone contributes.26. Every thirty seconds, sing, Vampires and werewolves and humans, oh my! just for the heck of it.27. Bring a remote control. Complain that you cant change the channel.28. When Carlisle comes on, scream, Theres Doctor McDreamy!

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