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Swsr Principals Workshop

Swsr Principals Workshop

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Published by deangroom
SBL Workshop task for Principals
SBL Workshop task for Principals

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Published by: deangroom on Mar 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This presentation is about culture, motivation andleadership. It is about thinking more deeply aboutthe construction of social-gaming’s as tangentiallearning environments.Finding workable strategies means workingstrategically with teachers to develop effectivelearning climates.I asked teachers around the world to offer you someadvice. Decide which is core, important orworthwhile.
Describe ONE thing school principals can do tofacilitate positive change in the way studentsexperienceICT in the classroom.The results are in this spreadsheet, crowdsourced from the metaverse.http://bit.ly/swsrpd6 Activity one. (5 mins)Have a look at the responses for a few minutes.Select one which is core - something you aredoing now. Choose another another you see asimportant (but you’re not there yet, but workingon) - and the one that you would see as the mostworthwhile epic win. Activity two. (5 mins)Compare your selections with a partner.Specifically talk about 3 things. Why you liked it,what it made you wonder about and an idea onhow you could use it to. Take down some notesand between you agree on the one statement oridea for core, one for important and one forworthwhile. Activity three. (5 mins)Open an email. Type out you response in a singleshort paragraph to explain your three choicesand why you made them. What makes themcore, important or worthwhile - and how youmight set about dealing with them.When you are done - send your email to theseaddressespost@posterous.com+ the email address of yourcollaborator.Wait a minute and check your email.See what Posterous did?Now share that with the people who took thetime to help you. What can you put on thespreadsheet in column D?
This is a crowd sourced leadership game.You are the leader of a great tribe, but it isrestless. It sees people on the other side ofthe river and wants to join them.Your task is to calm your tribe, tostrengthen it’s resolve and stay leader.
Dean Groom.com - Leadership workshop games

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