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Aircraft Guide

Aircraft Guide

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Published by drum1878

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Published by: drum1878 on Mar 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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IL-2 Series of Flight Simulations
 Il-2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles Ace Expansion Pack Pacific Fighters Pe-2 PeshkaSturmoviks over Manchuria 46 
 © 2001 – 2006 1C:Maddox Games, RRG Studios and Ubisoft. All rights reserved.
Allied Aircraft
(some aircraft served on both sides, but appear only in one of the lists)
A-20CIl-2 Type 3 P-39NSpitfire LF Mk Vc4  A-20GIl-2 Type 3M P-39N-1 Spitfire Mk IX 25 lbs  B-25J-1NAIl-2I P-39Q-1 Spitfire Mk IXc  Beaufighter Mk 21Il-2M 1942 1 Series P-39Q-10 Spitfire Mk IXe  BI-1Il-2M 1942 Later Series P-400Spitfire Mk Vb  BI-6Il-2T P-40B Spitfire Mk Vb CW  Buffalo Mk ILa-5 P-40C Spitfire Mk VIII  Corsair Mk ILa-5F P-40E Spitfire Mk VIII CW  Corsair Mk IILa-5FN P-40E M-105 field mod TB-3 4M-17 F2A-2La-7 3xB-20 P-40M TB-3 4M-34R  F4F-3La-7 P-47D TB-3 4M-34R SPB  F4F-4 La-7R P-47D-10 Tempest Mk V  F4U-1ALaGG-3, 1941 4 Series P-47D-22 Tomahawk IIb  F4U-1CLaGG-3, 1942 29 Series P-47D-27 Tomahawk IIc  F4U-1DLaGG-3, 1942 35 Series P-51B-NA Tomahawk Mk IIa  F6F-3 Late ExtLaGG-3, 1943 66 Series P-51C-NT Tomahawk Mk IIb  F6F-5 LaGG-3IT P-51D-20NA Yak-1  FM-2 LaGG-3RD P-51D-5NT Yak-15  Hawk 81A-2MiG-3 2xShVAKP-63C-5 Yak-1B  Hurricane Mk II field modMiG-3 2xUB Pe-2 1 series Yak-3  Hurricane Mk IIbMiG-3 AM-38 Pe-2 110 series Yak-3 VK-107  Hurricane Mk IIcMiG-3 Pe-2 359 series Yak-3P  I-153 M-62MiG-3U Pe-2 84 series Yak-3R  I-153P MiG-3UD Pe-3 Yak-7A  I-16 Tip 18MiG-9 I-300 Pe-3bis Yak-7B 1941 I-16 Type 24MiG-9FS SBD-3 Yak-7B 1942  I-16 Type 24 SPBMosquito SBD-5 Yak-9  I-185 M-71Mosquito FB MK VI Seafire F MK III Yak-9B  I-185 M-82AMustang Mk III Seafire L MK III Yak-9D  I-250P.11C Spitfire HF Mk IXe Yak-9K  IL-10P-38J Spitfire LF Mk IXc CW Yak-9M  Il-2 1941 1 SeriesP-38L Spitfire LF Mk IXe CW Yak-9T  Il-2 1941 2 SeriesP-38L Late Spitfire LF Mk Vb Yak-9U  Il-2 1941 3 SeriesP-39D-1 Spitfire LF MK Vb CW Yak-9UT  Il-2 1941 field modP-39D-2 Spitfire LF Mk Vc2 YP-80 

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