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Hate Your Job? Here's the Solution...

Hate Your Job? Here's the Solution...

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Published by Robert Pagliarini

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Published by: Robert Pagliarini on Mar 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hate Your Job? Here’s theSolution…
Robert Pagliarini –Columnist for CBS MoneyWatch
Breaking news! Most Americansdon't like their jobs. The results of a newConference Board study show 55% of Americans aredissatisfied with their work, whichwas the lowest level ever recordedin more than 22 years of studyingthe issue. Is it just me, or arethese results completely un-shocking?It's like thegroundbreaking research the University of Waterlooconductedthat showed "smoking in a car poses a potentiallyserious hazard to occupants -- particularly children." Sorry sweetie,daddy didn't realize that lighting up in the minivan was bad for you.Soon they'll discover exercise can help you lose weight (woops, itappears a recentstudy confirms this).Do you want to know what I find shocking about the job satisfactionsurvey? That more people don't hate their jobs. My guess is thatwhen people were asked if they were satisfied with their jobs theyeither lied to the researcher or they've been lying to themselves.Most of the people I talk to are "dissatisfied," to put it nicely, withtheir jobs. Why? They don't feel like they are contributing toanything meaningful, they aren't passionate about what they do,and they don't feel like their best talents are being utilized --especially in today's economy where those who still have jobs aredoing the work of two or three others.They don't jump out of bed on Monday morning because they are just "doing time," as one person told me. Part of the reason for thislethargy is that most people feel underutilized and don't have theflexibility to do what they do best. They get boxed into positionsand job descriptions that they can do adequately, but that usuallydoesn't tap into their core strengths. "If only my boss would let
me..." is a common complaint among those who feel stuck inpositions that don't capitalize on their unique strengths.So what's the solution? In this case there are two solutions:
New Job.
First, you can get a new job that you love -- one thatpays you well financially and emotionally. A job, no, a calling thatyou are passionate about. Of course, with the real unemploymentrate at nearly 20%, this is much harder than it sounds; but if youknow what that "one thing" is that you would love to do, go get it.Do whatever it takes to get that career. If it requires going back toschool, do it. If it requires a move or even a pay cut, do it. It is soeasy for a decade to fly by and to wake up one morning and askyourself, "Where did the last ten years go?" You might not be ableto switch careers overnight, but you can start using the other 8hours to get closer to your dream job.
Use Your Other 8 Hours.
The second solution is to keep yourday job, but do something in the other 8 hours that both inspiresyou and that you excel at. This is why creating during the other 8hours is so much fun. You create your own job description. You areyour own boss and you can focus on what it is you enjoy the mostand do the best. It also explains why you find some people whonever want to retire and work 60 hours a week for 50 years, butclaim they've never worked a day in their life. If you love what youdo, it doesn't feel like work.Your day job might drain you, but if you want a shot of energy andinspiration, do something that moves you at night. If that involvesresearching why people wear clothes when it gets cold, you cansave yourself some time thanks to thelatest research out of Australia.

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