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Amazing Ways

Amazing Ways

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Published by paulg555
Passionate love story of three seminarians send out to see the competition in the world, their love fulfilled
Passionate love story of three seminarians send out to see the competition in the world, their love fulfilled

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Published by: paulg555 on Mar 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 To all my beloved pals, who made me what I am.
Albert and Robert were waiting outside the air port exit lounge. Theannouncement was heard, “Your attention please. Flight number 011 has arrivedfrom Dubai. Passengers are requested to go through the customs and clear their luggage”. It took another ten minutes before Michael materialized through theexit. They shook hands and embraced each other.“I have brought your car to the air port. I left my bike at your place and got thekeys of your car from your wife. She was hesitant in giving the brand new Benzcar and told us that only you have driven the car till now.” Robert said.“No problem; that car is part of the dowry that I received. I will drive it myself.Would you like a little racing?” Michael pulled the hold all on to his back and theymoved to the car parked in the parking lot.“The time is now a quarter to two. Our meeting at Good Shepherd Seminary is athalf past two. All our pals are arriving one after another and everybody will bethere, including Fr.Wilfred. We should reach there in time,” said Albert.They got into the car and Michael raced the car along and in a few minutes theyreached his house. Sheila his wife, came to receive them. She looked funny withher big tummy, in advance pregnancy and Robert wondered about the trouble hehad taken for having the pregnancy preserved like that, air dashing all the way toMaldives. She said, “We have been waiting for you, ready to go. Michael, gofreshen yourselves, and then we will go”.“Give me something to eat. I had only some snack on the flight. The airhostesswas very stingy, she gave me only very little grub just a leg of a chicken, somecucumber salad and a little fried rice. What is there to eat?”“There is a hamburger in the casserole on the dining table. Take some cold coffeefrom the fridge. I’ve got to change myself. Bye the way Robert, we got a surprisefor you at today’s meeting. The impossible has become possible, our present for you.” said Sheila, and Robert was full of apprehension.
Soon they set out, Michael and Sheila in the car and Albert followed them on the bike, Robert sitting behind him. Michael raced the car and Albert followed close behind.They climbed a steep hill and reached the Good Shepherd Seminary. So manyhands waved and faces brightened when they alighted. They came to the portico of the seminary and their old pals were all waiting there. Fr.Wilfred, a German priestwas standing in their midst and they went to him first. He had grown old but thevigor and charisma that was manifest ten years ago was still there. It was a pleasantand homely feeling to be with him.“You are the last to turn up. Come we will go to the chapel for a thanks givingservice. We will have a benediction”, father said.They all went to the chapel and stood in rows with their wives and children. It wasexactly as they stood ten years ago when they were all budding seminarians.Fr. Wilfred put on the vests for benediction and he placed the holy eucharist on thealtar and started chanting the hymns. Then he said, “This is the occasion for thanksgiving. Each one of you, say a small prayer for giving thanks to the Lord”.Robert started the prayer, saying, “Almighty God, we thank you for bringing ustogether after ten years from various walks of life, from different places anddifferent occupations. We thank you for helping us see the faces of our friends,their wives and children, though we were called for a different profession to beyour priests. We also thank you for those of us who became your messengers andservants as priests. Please bless this meeting where we have gathered to share andunite, to be one in your immense love, to grow in brotherhood and Christianfellowship to do your work in what capacities you have called us. We wanted to be priests, but you did not choose us; now most of us are family men, what lightand insight we received from this our alma mater, let us spread it through our lives.We ask this in the name of your son who lives, and reigns for ever. Amen”.Every one said small prayers and Fr.Wilfred blessed them all. Then they sang thehymn, ‘Oh, give thanks to the Lord for he is good’. They went to the refectory andhad some snacks, went to the Auditorium and sat in a circle and started talkingabout their lives. Suddenly Robert fell into a pensive mood when of all the pathsthat he had trodden, the different encounters he had with fate came to his mind asin a movie.
CHAPTER TWOMichael kicked the ball straight to the goal post. The goalkeeper, Robert headed itaway. There was no further time to resume the game as a bell announced the endof the recreation hour.They all rushed to the bathrooms for a quick shower and then to the chapel for therosary. The day was hectic as the last exam of the pre-degree course was over.The next day would be the beginning of the holidays.Michael, Albert and Robert were to report to the rector of the seminary, Fr.Wilfredat seven o clock, before supper. They knew the meeting was going to be decisive,and expected the worst, to be expelled from the seminary.They were average students and their grades were poor compared to those of their class mates. They were sure to get through the exam but did not expect highmarks.They prayed hard during the rosary for some break through in their lives and futureas the superiors were indecisive as to whether they should be allowed to continuetheir priestly studies. The worst that could happen was they being expelled.They knocked at the rector’s door and waited in apprehension, outside.“Come in”, and they opened the door with unsteady hands and went in.“Good evening, father”, all three of them chorused.Fr. Wilfred was reclining in his easy chair. He looked at them quite seriously. Thegravity of what he was going to say made them highly contemplative. The three of them waited anxiously to hear the verdict.“I had a discussion with the prefect and other fathers here, about your future andthe decision, we have taken is this. We can’t let you continue your priestly studies,as your grades in philosophy are quite low. I don’t want to lose you guys, as thereis nothing objectionable about your character or integrity. What we doubt is your sense of goal and maturity to face life”.

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