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Spring 2010

Spring 2010

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Published by John Robinson

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Published by: John Robinson on Mar 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fishing with the Stars
Going Coastal 
host, Byron Velvick (a.k.a.
The Bachelor 
, season 6,2004) knows where to fish. Hint: It’sright here in Palmetto Dunes. Readall about it on page 6.
Choosing a RealEstate Company?No problem!
 By Linda S. Hopkins
 When it comes to the most valuabletransaction you may ever complete—thebuying or selling of a home—choosing a real estate company is no small matter. The difference between hiring a great realestate company and a not-so-great realestate company can be a difference of tensof thousands of dollars or more. What distinguishes one sales company from another? At Dunes Marketing Group,qualities such as experience, performance,trust and commitment come to mind.
Experience & Performance
 With over 5 billion dollars in sales, DunesMarketing Group is consistently rankedone of the top three sales companies inthe Lowcountry. Starting out as exclusiveagents for new communities like PalmettoDunes, Leamington and Shelter Cove, they have evolved into a full-service generalbrokerage company with five locations andalmost 100 professional, licensed agents.Over the past 30 years, Dunes MarketingGroup has built a stellar reputation. It allstarted with a vision to become a top-notchsales company featuring the best agents in thebusiness. DMG has recruited many smart,talented and seasoned real estate professionalsover the years who have a special knack for making homeownership dreams come truefor tens of thousands of customers. According to Bill Baldwin, director of marketing and sales, more than 60 percent of all properties listed by their agents arealso sold by their agents. That’s no surpriseconsidering that their listing businessis a top priority. “Simply stated, sellingproperties is our specialty. While our agentsappreciate our phenomenal growth andimpressive track record, rest assured that their mission each day remains unchanged:to get results for you,” said Baldwin.DMG backs up this focus with creative,cutting-edge marketing programs that  Whether you are a property owner or a vacation visitor, you know you have discoveredsomething special here on Hilton Head Island. Maybe you stumbled upon it by accident—youcame for a business conference or a golf tournament. Or perhaps a friend invited you here. Through word of mouth or media marketing, somehow you found this slice of paradise. What drew you over the bridge the first time? What brought you back? What enticed you to stay? These are the questions Karen Kozemchak, director of marketing for Palmetto DunesOceanfront Resort™, considers in making advertising and marketing decisions every day. It is her main mission to find out who comes here and why and to make sure each guest hasan experience that exceeds all expectations.
 Why you should care
Now that you’re here, you may be wondering why you should care how the resort ismarketed. Kozemchak explains: “Anything we do to enhance a visitor experience helps toenhance the long-term potential customer for residential living. Everything we do supportsthe property values for people who live here now and people who will live here in the future.It’s all part of the cycle.”Kozemchak also pointed out advantages for homeowners who participate in the rentalprogram. “If your home or villa is rented through our system, we are able to providepreferred rates [on amenities such as golf, tennis, canoe rentals, kayaking, etc.] to both you and your guests. There is an advantage to being connected to the experience and theengine we have going,” she said.She also encourages residents and business owners to do their part in promoting theproperty. “We are all in the hospitality business,” she said. “Everything that we do as a business or as individuals affects the perception and image of our property. If a customer has
 By Linda S. Hopkins
Strategiesfor Success
The ideal family friendly vacation destination, with outstanding golf plus more activities and amenities than anyother Southeast resort. That’s Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort.
Travel+Leisure Family 
magazine named it“#1 Family Resort” in the U.S. and
GOLF Magazine
awarded it its Silver Medal as one of the country’s top resorts.
Book your 2010 Vacation Early!
• 10 – 30% off
select home & villa rentals.
• Free bikes
—up to 4 bikes per villa, 8 bikes per home.
• Free tennis
—two hours of court time daily.
• Free kayaks
—two hour kayak or canoe rental.
• Preferred rates
on golf & all outdoor activities.
Limited availability. Some restrictions may apply. Customized resort packages available.
For more information & reservations, call:
Enjoy the ultimate island escape atPalmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort. Visit:
Play More. Do More. Get More.
at Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort
PD Attracting Visitors with Savvy Marketing,Clear Messaging and Strong Branding
The Grass Reallyis Greener!
Palmetto Dunes UpgradesGeorge Fazio Course
by Allison Hersh
If you think the grass is greener, it’snot your imagination. Palmetto DunesOceanfront Resort recently replaced all TifDwarf Bermudagrass on the popular George Fazio Course with a state-of-the-art,shade-tolerant Diamond Zoysia grass. Thegrass conversion, as well as an expansionof the current green surface area on many greens, ensures superior year-round playingconditions for golfers of every skill level.“It’s about giving our golfers a consistent experience across all 18 holes and on thepractice green all year-round,” said Bret Martin, vice president of resort operationsfor Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort. “We won’t have the transition period in thespring and in the fall that we traditionally had with the Bermudagrass.”Diamond Zoysia, a warm-weather grass variety developed at Texas A&M, boastsexcellent tolerance to low-light conditions,salty soil and high traffic. It retains its color in the fall and has an early spring green-up period, making it an ideal choice for theGeorge Fazio Course at Palmetto Dunes.Many golfers regard the George FazioCourse at Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort as the most challenging layout on Hilton Head Island. Designed by oneof America’s most revered golf coursearchitects, the George Fazio Course is theonly par-70 golf course on Hilton HeadIsland and is consistently ranked among thenation’s top 100 courses. The Fazio golf course demands a combination of long play and precise golf shots. From the 432-yard 1st hole to the 462- yard 18th hole, the layout features par-4sdefined by bunkers and water hazards.“Golfers who have played this course inthe past will now enjoy a more consistent and in many instances an expanded greensurface,” said Martin. “We invite golfersto check out the enhanced Fazio coursethis spring.”
continued on page 2 continued on page 10 
Can You Find the Hidden Mickeys?
Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort is your one-stop shop for allthings Disney: Mickey Crocs, mouse ears, trading pins, toys,games, books, jewelry, resort wear and much more. A great placeto take the grandkids or shop for gifts and souvenirs. Read allabout it on page 19.
 Palmetto Dunes’ new Web design and targeted marketing campaign pays off in visitor increases and enhanced property values.
Camp Hilton Head
Neptune’s Niche
Neptune’s Kids
La Belle Image FineArt Gallery
Christmas on the Harbour
The Golf and Boat Club /Bolton Smith Gallery
Nash Gallery
Bistro 17
LittleVenice Restaurant& Lounge
Ocean Grille
Parrot Cove Grill & Bar
San Miguel’s Mexican Cafe
Scott’s Fish Market
Kingfisher Seafood &Steak House
Harbourside Marine Group
Ship’s Store
Dunes Marketing Group
The Island’s Most Unique Specialty Shops and Restaurants — All With Glorious Harbour & Sunset Views!
Shelter Cove Harbour is located mid-Island,directly across from entrance to Palmetto Dunes Resort.
Spectacular Waterfront Shopping & Dining
PalmettoDunes.com • (843) 785–9087
Strategies for Success. Continued from page 1.
a bad experience with security, maintenanceor even an individual store owner or shoprepresentative, it affects the marketinginvestment we all have made.”
 The main message
 While Palmetto Dunes has been providingguest experiences for the past 30 years,Kozemchak and her team work constantly to improve upon it. Over the past three years,the resort has shifted its brand development and developed key messages about what it stands for. “We’re a resort that has moreamenities and more activities than any other resort in the Southeast,” said Kozemchak,citing their “Play More. Do More. Get More.”ad campaign. “We have a built-in nucleusof activities within our resort. People cancome here, park the car, and not have todrive all week long,” she said, referring tothe close proximity of amenities and freeDunes Buggy transportation. “Look at thelevels of rankings and the montage of awardsthat helps substantiate the experience visitorsare going to get. We are a different kind of experience than they can get anywhere else.”
Getting the word out 
In today’s world of lightning speedcommunications, advanced data collectionand sophisticated tracking methods,the resort has shifted toward electronicmarketing with a more targeted focus. “Inthe past, a lot of the marketing was focusedin the market. If people were coming, we were only talking to them after they got here. Now, we’ve made a huge shift to out of market. It’s really appropriate, especially the way the times are right now,” she explained.“As we look at our database to see wherepeople are coming from, we’ve seen great success out of targeted ads and publicrelations efforts in cities and states fromMaine down to Florida—everything east of the Mississippi,” she said. Surprisingly,the resort is also seeing more customersfrom the Midwestern and western states,including Texas and California. According to Kozemchak, the resort’s Web site has been a huge component inmarketing its brand. In 2008, E-site Market-ing, a global Internet marketing company providing strategic e-business solutions tothe hospitality industry, redesigned thePalmetto Dunes Web site and promptly wonthe prestigious Silver Adrian Award, whichannually attracts over 1,800 entries from 52countries around the world.Since the launch of the freshly renovateddesign, Palmetto Dunes has increased Web site traffic by 37 percent, due in largepart to both the new design and strategicsearch engine optimization. The site now receives an average of 40,000 visits per month and is growing.Specially-geared promotions featuringgolf, tennis, romance and seasonal resort packages are now part of the resort’s most successful online marketing techniques. Theresort also e-mails special e-Blast promotionsto thousands of repeat visitors and prospectiveguests each month, keeping them abreast of the latest offers at Palmetto Dunes.Recent Web site enhancements includelive web cams featuring the Robert Trent  Jones Golf Course and The Dunes House;special sections featuring expanded infor-mation about The Dunes House, Shelter CoveMarina, Palmetto Dunes Outfitters and specialevents catering services; online reservationrequest forms, social bookmarking tagsand e-scrapbooking, which provides visitorsan opportunity to share their own vacationphotos, videos and memories online. Visitors to the Web site can opt in toreceive more information on specific areasof interest as well as find out about eventsand special offers throughout the year.For example, Palmetto Dunes is currently offering 10-30 percent off on vacationpackages through the month of August,2010. As an incentive for early booking, theresort is adding a $50-$100 resort gift card.“We’re looking toward solutions for a single itinerary, where visitors can arrangeeverything online,” said Kozemchak. (Cur-rently, visitors can book accommodationsand golf online after which a vacationplanner assists with other bookings.)Beyond the Web, Palmetto Dunes isreaching targeted markets throughmajor city publications as well as nationalmagazines such as
Southern Living 
. This spring, they will be runningan insert in 16 different major market newspapers which will reach some 35million readers to help promote HiltonHead Island as a family vacation destination.Included is a Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort trip giveaway. “We’re very open-minded and aggressive, but we do it withthe notion that we are going to generateleads,” explained Kozemchak.
Focus on communication
But a lead is only as good as the follow-up, and that’s where Palmetto Dunes isconcentrating a great deal of effort. “Weare focused on building good relationshipsand good communications with our customers,” said Kozemchak, touting therapidly expanding database. For people whohave opted in, requesting information about Palmetto Dunes, we try to be very targeted with communications that are specific totheir interests.”However, communication doesn’t stop at the promotional level. “From the time some-body calls for information or to make a reservation, there are touch points of com-munication. We provide concierge servicesbefore, during and after their visit,” saidKozemchak. “It’s a full circle commitment.”Customers who visit Palmetto Dunesamenities while staying elsewhere are alsoinvited to join the inner sanctum. “A lot of  visitors to the resort may not be stayingat our rentals,” said Kozemchak, citing theimportance of on-the-ground touch pointssuch as the golf shops, the General Store,the Outfitters Center, tennis center andrestaurants. “If they are playing with us andnot staying with us, they may sign up for the hole-in-one contest or register to winone of our vacation giveaways, which, again,helps expand our database,” Kozemchakexplained. “This is not to harass anyone,”she said. “If you are interested, we can help you get more information. And you canalways unsubscribe.”
 The bottom line
If you think marketing is just a matter of sprinkling a few strategic advertisementshere and there or building a fancy Website, think again. “Marketing is everything you do to deliver a piece of business,” saidKozemchak. “Our investment in marketingis not just advertising. It’s delivering the whole experience and delivering it well.”For all the high-tech tools and trackingdevices, according to Kozemchak, the best measure of success is customer satisfaction.“We are incredibly committed to makingsure we provide a great service experienceto the guest. “People will cherish experiencesand memories a lot longer than they will a material possession,” said Kozemchak. “That’ssomething that is very important to us.”
 p   y    p   p  ’     g  y   p  y   g 
WaterfrontHarbourside I,Shelter Cove
(to right ofNeptune’s Statue)
785-7575Dinner from4:30pm dailyHappy HourLive EntertainmentOutside Dining Tropical Drink Bar
l _i
stay with us and get it all.
Receive preferred rates and priority access to all resort activities:Golf,Tennis, Bikes, Kayaks, Dolphin and NatureTours,Water SportsActivities, Free ResortTransportation and much more…
Plus three-miles of pristine beach.
Play More. Do More. Get More.
Call 800–827–3006 or 843–785–1138 • PalmettoDunes.com
Happy Hour:4:00 - 600, Mon.-Fri.Lunch:11:30 - 5:00, Mon. - Sat.Dinner:5:00 - Until, Everyday 
Mexican on the Marina
 Across Hwy 278 at theShelter Cove Marina • 843- 842-4555

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