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Rules for Russian Front, Avalon Hill board game

Rules for Russian Front, Avalon Hill board game

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Published by felixrex
The rules for the 1970s classic, Russian Front, for those who might have lost the set.
The rules for the 1970s classic, Russian Front, for those who might have lost the set.

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Published by: felixrex on Mar 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Volume 24, Number 1
(pages 39 and 40)
Complete RUSSIAN FRONT Errata
By S. Craig Taylor The following are the official changes andclarifications for 
. You willfind that instituting them makes the play progress much smoother. Please add these toyour rulebook.
SOVIET OB CARDInterior Forces:
the 4-4-7 “BS” naval unit picture (also the unit counter itself) shouldshow two ship symbols to show that it is afleet instead of a flotilla.
January, 1943 (20):
the “19” army unitdepiction should instead show the “27” armyunit (a 5-5-4).
GAME CARDCombat Results Table:
The third note shouldread “Axis First Winter” instead of “Axis FirstWinner”.
The Sequence of Play with All Options:
Both 3.e.1 and 3.e.2 should read “Segment”instead of “Step”.
Replacement Chart:
The Dec ’42 line of the“On Board” column should include a dot nextto the “14”.
Revise the first sentence of 
to read: Assoon as a battle location unit is placed, allground units in that hex
lose their zones of control.To clarify
: A one-hex wide mapboardedge directly
two identically colored partial hexes is considered to be a supplysource of the same color as the adjacent partialhexes.Revise
to read: Ground units markedwith out of supply units may only be moved ina
or combination of directions thatwould be allowed if they were retreating (see7.5.2.2 for allowable directions), into anadjacent hex in any direction containing
 friendly combat units and/or into an adjacentfriendly city (fortress, major or minor). Theymay not be used to convert railroad hexes andtheir movement factors are halved (round anyfractions down), but their attack and defensefactors remain the same. Restrictionsallowing, these movements
causecombats and/or be into enemy controlledcities.To clarify
: Out of supply air units
  participate in combat in their base hex if attacked.To clarify
: To be used, a mapboardedge partial hex must be located in thereinforcing unit’s home country.Add to
as the first sentence: Units may bemoved alone or together in stacks that can be broken down at any point during movement.Add to
just prior to last sentence: If located in an enemy zone of control with nofriendly ground unit in the hex, treat an air unit as out of supply (see to
, Step One, just prior to lastsentence: If both sides have choices, thedefender chooses
.Add as last sentence of Exception under 
:If both sides’ engaged units are eliminated and both sides still have unengaged units in thehex, the attacker 
retreat.Change the first sentence of 
to read:
the completion of a round of combat, thedefender has the first choice to retreat out othe battle location hex.
Volume 24, Number 1
(pages 39 and 40)
Add as last sentence of 
: Any Axis allysurrenders
when its surrender conditions are met.Revise
to read:
the definitionin 4.6.3, to be used as a supply source port, a port city which otherwise does not qualify as asupply source may be used as one if within afive hex long supply route (by land
sea – sea routes cannot pass through enemyminefield hexes) to a partial map board hex of that side’s color.Revise
to read: A port may also beconsidered as a supply source if there is atleast one friendly naval unit and one other controlled and supplied (under 4.6.3 or 11.4.2) port located on the same body of water. Bysea, the side must be able to trace a continuous path of hexes from port-to-port of any lengthwithout going through an enemy minefieldhex.To clarify
: The friendly controlled port must also be a supply source.Revise
to read: As long as there is atleast one friendly controlled supply source port city on a body of water, a naval unit onthat body of water is supplied.Add as last sentences of 
: When moved,units marked by reserve units do so at normalmovement rates and costs. Any number of ground units in a hex may be marked by asingle reserve unit.To clarify
: Any ground units marked bya reserve unit may not have expended anymovement factors during the GroundMovement Step.Add as last sentence of
: Their movement may cause response movements.To clarify
: Any ground units marked bya refit unit may
have expended anymovement factors during the GroundMovement Step.Add as final clause to the last sentence of
: …and may not be moved during anExploitation Phases.Add the following rule:
If, during a combat caused by pursuit or blitz movement, the combat takes place in a he containing retreated air and/or naval units, these units are
used in thecombat.Add to end of last sentence of
:…(which may take part in the combat).Revise the second sentence of
toread: This movement may include supportingunits but may not be into hexes occupied byenemy ground units, although it can causenormal response movement by enemy groundunits (including those retreated from previous blitz battle location hexes and not pursued).Revise the Note to
to read:(Movement through these hexes is stillforbidden and zones of control still do notapply.)Add as the last sentence of
: Navalunits that cannot move due to “ice” may still participate in combats and lay mines in their own naval base hexes.Revise the last sentence of 
to read:Guard units are available as reinforcements onthe Turns indicated on the Soviet Order of Battle Card but are handled differently thenother reinforcements and arrived on themapboard in one of two ways:Add as the last sentence of
: Any portcity selected must be a fortress and/or major 

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