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1c - Useful Terminology

1c - Useful Terminology

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Published by William Burn
Notes on Poetic Terminology
Notes on Poetic Terminology

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Published by: William Burn on Mar 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Useful TerminologyAdjective
A word or a phrase naming an attribute, added toor grammatically related to a noun to modify it ordescribe it.
The repetition of a speech sound in a sequence ofwords; the term is applied only to consonants andwhen the recurrent sound occurs in a conspicuousposition at the beginning either of a word or of astressed syllable within a word.
The repetition of identical or similar vowel sounds– especially in stressed syllables – in a sequence ofnearby words.
A couplet is a pair of rhymed lines.
Enjambement / run-on linesEpithet / transferred epithetHyperbole
A bold overstatement, or the extravagantexaggeration of fact or possibility; it may be usedfor serious or ironic or comic effect.
Iambic metreMetaphor
In a metaphor, a word or expression which inliteral usage denotes one kind of thing or action isapplied to a distinctly different kind of thing oraction, without asserting a comparison.
Onomatopoeia designates a word, or a combinationof words, whose sound seems to resemble closelythe sound it denotes: ‘hiss’, ‘buzz’, ‘rattle’, ‘bang’.
Oxymoron designates two terms that are inordinary usage contraries.
Pathetic Fallacy
A phrase used to signify any description ofinanimate natural objects that ascribes to themhuman capabilities, sensations and emotions.
Personification is used when either an inanimateobject or an abstract concept is written about asthough it were endowed with life or humanattributes.

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