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Fallen Angels and Demons- Their True Nature

Fallen Angels and Demons- Their True Nature

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Published by AdalsteinnEaglehawk
An amazing revelation from God about Satan. Reveals the true nature of fallen angels and demons. Shows the direct route to spiritual power by humility rather than assertion.
An amazing revelation from God about Satan. Reveals the true nature of fallen angels and demons. Shows the direct route to spiritual power by humility rather than assertion.

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Published by: AdalsteinnEaglehawk on Mar 26, 2010
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Fallen AngelsAnd the True Nature of DemonsChapter 1 fromRevelations from the Throne of ChristThe moral character of evil spirits
 All evils spirits except the human spirits of the evil living can be classifiedunder fallen angels or demons. Evil spirits, whether fallen angels or demonshave a similar moral character; if we distinguish character from personality.They are devoid of the ability to feel joy or happiness. In fiction they mayappear as laughing and gleeful but this is purely fantasy. An evil spiritcannot feel joy, not even over its successes. Within themselves there is a wellof unutterable misery and this is their constant state. This is because theyhave a moral nature. By nature, like all sentient beings, they can judge rightfrom wrong and are created to naturally approve of and love what is right. Bybecoming evil – and evil spirits became evil they never started out that way they have in their nature a natural misery at their own moral state. As evilspirits are perfect in evil they are perfect in misery –eternally so.Contrariwise angels in Heaven are perfect in holiness and happiness.This misery too exists within the hearts or rather I should say the spirits, ofsinners. Outwardly sinners do rejoice at both good and evil. Inwardly in thedepths of their being in their very spirits their misery increases like a mountain as they progress in sin: Becoming in effect very similar to demons.
In this way God judges the wicked while they are yet alive, even if outwardlythey are full of joy – as selfish, unconscionable people often are. ‘
God is angry with the wicked every day’ 
 , the bible says and until now no one hasguessed how some of this anger is expressed, through the laws of nature, sothat where sin is abundant so is spiritual misery.There is an interesting verse in the bible that says, ‘
they judged themselves unworthy of eternal life’,
referring to those who did not believe at thepreaching of the Apostles. The Apostles knew that in their spirits sinners areoften so disgusted with themselves that they will not allow themselves theopportunity to receive salvation. Self loathing is a hallmark of the
ofevery sinner.What I am telling you of course comes by the Holy Spirit and you cannotread about it unless you read this... ‘
The mystery of evil’ 
that the Apostlerefers to also has an element of this in it: Sinners are not those who lovethemselves too much as is often preached but those who not having real selflove have self hatred. This is unconscious of course but effective in shuttingout the light of Christ. Often an obstacle to be gotten over by sinners whohear of Christ is the pride that won’t allow them to accept His love.I hope therefore you are beginning to see something of the secret but powerfulnature and influence of the inner spirit. Also, how much like demons thewicked become as they progress through life. For this reason some people intheir spirits are so evil that they are almost demons and it is very hard, butnot impossible, for God to save them.This is one of my themes, given to me by God, to reveal the secrets of thehuman heart. As it is up to me to write what has only been shown me, asthere are no more Apostles, and having that revelation that has beenconstant throughout my life I am not theorising but relating the reality of the

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