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Bangla E-Book History of oUR LAND

Bangla E-Book History of oUR LAND



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Published by biddut
Bangla E-Book History of oUR LAND
Bangla E-Book History of oUR LAND

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Published by: biddut on May 07, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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History of India(For Bangladesh part see frompage 32)
[hide]History of South Asiaand History of  IndiaStone Age70,000–3300 BCEMehrgarh Culture• 7000–3300 BCEIndus Valley Civilization3300–1700 BCELate Harappan Culture1700–1300 BCEVedic period1500–500 BCEIron Age1200–300 BCEMaha Janapadas• 700–300 BCEMagadha Empire• 545–320 BCEMaurya Empire• 321–184 BCEMiddle Kingdoms230 BCE–1279 CESatavahana Empire• 230 BCE–199 CEKushan Empire• 60–240 CEGupta Empire• 280–550 CEPala Empire• 750–1174 CEChola Empire• 250 BCE–1070 CEIslamic Sultanates1206–1596Delhi Sultanate• 1206–1526
Deccan Sultanates• 1490–1596Hoysala Empire1040–1346Kakatiya Empire1083–1323Ahom Kingdom1228–1826Vijayanagara Empire1336–1565Mughal Empire1526–1857Maratha Empire1674–1818Sikh Confederacy1716–1849British India1765–1947Modern States1947 onwards The history of India begins with theIndus Valley Civilization, which flourished inthe north-western part of theIndian subcontinentfrom 3300 to 1700 BCE. ThisBronze Agecivilization was followed by theIron Age Vedic period, which witnessed the rise of major kingdoms known as theMahajanapadas. In two of these, in the6th century BCE,MahaviraandGautama Buddhawere born.  The subcontinent was united under theMaurya Empireduring the 4th and 3rdcenturies BCE. It subsequently became fragmented, with various parts ruled bynumerousMiddle kingdomsfor the next ten centuries. Its northern regionswere united once again in the 4th century CE, and remained so for twocenturies thereafter, under theGupta Empire. This period was known as the"Golden Age of India." During the same time, and for several centuriesafterwards,India, under the rule of theChalukyas,Cholas,Pallavasand Pandyas, experienced its own golden age, during whichHinduismand Buddhismspread to much of south-east Asia. Islamarrived on the subcontinent early in the 8th century CE with the conquestof BaluchistanandSindhbyMuhammad bin Qasim. Islamic invasions from Central Asia between the 10th and 15th centuries CE brought most of northernIndia under the rule at first of theDelhi Sultanateand later of theMughals. Mughal rule, which ushered in a remarkable flowering of art and architecture,came to cover most of the northern parts of the subcontinent. Nevertheless,several independent kingdoms, such as theMaratha Empireand theVijayanagara Empire, flourished contemporaneously, in Western and southern
India respectively. Beginning in the mid-18th century and over the nextcentury, India was gradually annexed by theBritish East India Company.Dissatisfaction with Company rule led to theFirst War of Indian Independence,after which India was directly administered by theBritish Crownand witnesseda period of both rapid development of infrastructureandeconomic decline. During the first half of the 20th century, a nationwidestruggle forindependencewas launched by theIndian National Congress, and later joined by theMuslim League. The subcontinent gained independence fromGreat Britainin 1947, after beingpartitionedinto thedominionsof IndiaandPakistan. Pakistan'seastern wingbecame the nation of Bangladeshin 1971.
Pre-Historic era

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