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Mystia Chapter 4 "What In The World Are You Talking About!?"

Mystia Chapter 4 "What In The World Are You Talking About!?"



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Published by Brianna
Chapter 4 is finally complete. Sorry for the long extended delay. i kept pushing it aside so much to make room for other stuff. Hope u enjoy the newest installment.
Chapter 4 is finally complete. Sorry for the long extended delay. i kept pushing it aside so much to make room for other stuff. Hope u enjoy the newest installment.

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Published by: Brianna on Mar 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Elizabeth and Melissa just stared at Elicia. Their mouthshung open. Their eyes wide with disbelief."What do you mean you smell dog roaming these halls!?Nothing like that sort of creature can penetrate these walls.And besides the school rules restrict them of coming here.And on the other hand, Grenwood law is put as there is tobe no corruptive and/or corrupted being to live in this land. If anyone is be in contact or working with any corruptiveand/or corrupted being, they are to be prosecuted bykingdom law." recited Elizabeth with enforcement. "Are yousure there is a werewolf or something of that specieswalking down these very halls?""Stop that stupid interrogation shit first of all. It's retarded.Secondly, yes I am positive.""Are you sure your sure?" added Melissa trying to soundlike Elizabeth but failing sadly. Elizabeth glanced at Melissaout of the corner off her eye. So did Elicia."What?" asked Melissa innocently."I can't interrogate someone, too?""No you can't!""No ya can't!" Elizabeth and Elicia said at the same time asthey slowly then swiftly shook their heads at Melissa whoright now looked like a puppy."Anyways-""Let's get to class now, shall we?" Elicia interruptedElizabeth before she could question Elicia anymore. Eliciahad flipped over off of the bench and had started to walk to
class."See you at melasha." she yelled back at her friends."Ugh, ok lets go Melissa." mumbled Elizabeth as shelowered her head down. She put her loose hand onMelissa's shoulder and started pushing her forward. Theymarched down the hallway where Elicia went and took a leftat the corner. Elicia goes to different classes than Elizabethand Melissa. Because of them not being the same type of creature I could say."So do you believe Elicia... about what she said?" Melissaasked."I don't know but what ever she is saying she better getproof." answered Elizabeth."But what can happen if there are werewolves oncampus-""There won't just be dogs on campus but in the rest of thevillage. They could start popping up out of nowhere. Youcould be walking back from the bus and some person mightpop out of nowhere. And you could disappear.""Really???""Really." replied Elizabeth. They were now at the end of the hall at another stargate."Hmmmm, here we go again." sighed Melissa andElizabeth syncronized.
*************************************************************************************************************************Somewhere beyond the familiar grounds of the trios' home,a dark force is gathering. The room is dark and quiet.Clusters of rubble are scattered around the ground. A townis ablaze. Thousands of bodies lie upon the ash covereddirt. The stench of death in the air poisoning those that live.Four ancient, shredded cloaked figures are gathered arounda table made of purple fire and black and grey ash swirledaround. Four decomposing human hands are curled inbewielding a giant floating orb. What the orb showed ishidden from view."This was an uber blow to the Stelavia Kingdom, yet it liesunknown to the world." came an aged, wicked, crackingvoice from one of the figures. The all had their eyes on thefloating orb and had one of each of their hands cupped over the other."Yesss.... it wasss... Arcturusss... how isss... thecrystal'ssss... mana flow?" snaked a question from one of the others' lips. The what looked like the second to oldest of the cloaked ones answered. His voice was full of strengthand kinda deep but aged. Never cracking though."Flourishing with vim and has a positive mana current.""Gooood....we shall move onnn thennnn.""But Eldgin.... we cannot leave without making sure of thegirl." came a young, handsome voice. The four cloakedfigures turned from the orb.

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