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By a Road We Do Not Know

By a Road We Do Not Know



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Published by Timothy C Phillips
The Indians win one! The Battle of Little Bighorn (AKA Custer's Last Stand) as told seen through four very different sets of eyes.
The Indians win one! The Battle of Little Bighorn (AKA Custer's Last Stand) as told seen through four very different sets of eyes.

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Published by: Timothy C Phillips on Mar 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By a Road We Do Not KnowByTimothy C. PhillipsI.
White Man Runs Him
I am White Man Runs Him, Crow warrior and Chief of Scouts for the Seventh Cavalry,
United States Army. There, on the hill called the Crow‟s Nest, we scouts gathered. We stood
with Custer, who we called Yellow Hair. We were all there: Goes Ahead, Hairy Moccasin,
Bloody Knife, and me. I gave Yellow Hair the binoculars that morning, and said to him, „look,
there is the great camp of the Lakota and the Cheyenne. See, they crawl in the g
rass like ants.”
The others urged him also, but Yellow Hair grew angry. “I don‟t see anything,” he told
us, over and over again.
“Where is it?”
We knew then that the Lakota‟s medicine had placed a veil in the world, a veil that hid
them from the eyes of th
e white men. “We cannot attack such a village, Yellow Hair.” BloodyKnife said. “They are too many for us.”
Yellow Hair cursed and pushed his way past us. “The attack will go in. I have no timefor this talk of magic.”
 When we heard his words, many of us took off our blue coats, because we knew that daywe were to die, and we wanted to go to the spirit world in the clothes of our people. Yellow hair, just mounting his horse to go, accused us of defeatism and sent us to the rear.
“We will defeat them easily, you will all see.” He told us, “and then we will go home toour station.”
 Only Bloody Knife had not removed his Blue Coat. But he shook his head at Yellow
Hair, and said, “Great Chief, today, we go home by a road we do not know.”
Custer and Kellog
Custer on his horse. Custer with Kellog, the newspaper man, riding beside him. Thisgreat victory is to be reported all over the country, and at last, George Armstrong Custer willhave a star on his collar to take back to his darling Libby. Custer is in fine form now, with thebrim of his hat turned up at a rakish angle, his long, blond hair flowing around his collar,buckskin jacket over his blue cavalry shirt. The red devils know and fear Custer, the Great IndianFighter, he has assured Kellog. Today there will be a fine show, and Kellog with have the biggestexclusive in the history of the plains.
“They‟ll turn tail
and run when they see old Yellow Hair coming. I have never seen theIndian who did not run when the Seventh Cavalry started up a charge. We have two hundred and
fifty troopers here. That‟s more than we will need to pacify this band of renegades.”
This is to be Custer‟s moment, and he has gone to pains to make sure that the limelight
will be his alone. Custer has sent his subordinate, the competent soldier Major Benteen, on a
fool‟s errand with three companies so he will be out of the fight and can claim none of the glory
for himself. He will not be in on the kill today. When Custer is made general, he will rid himself of Benteen and all the other insubordinate swine. But that is for later; nothing must spoil today.Today,
Colonel Custer is going to give Kellog a show he won‟t soon forget. It will be
written up and published in newspapers from coast to coast. That will finally make Custerfamous
, which is his right. “We‟ll ride around to the rear and trample the women and children.
That will have the red bastards in disarray and we will pick them off like--
But what‟s this trooper riding up like the devil is after him?
 An A Company man, from his collar button. Why has Major Reno sent him here? Custerhas sent Reno and his command around to the south end of the Indian position. He sent Bloody
Knife, his most trusted scout, along so as to insure success in finding the hostile camp. Reno‟s
attack, in fact, should be going in at this very minute. Had something gone wrong? Disgusted
with Reno‟s poor soldiering, Custer takes a deep breath and tries to look confident in front of 
Kellog as the wide-eyed boy draws up next to him, his horse lathered in white sweat. Reno,Custer thinks to himself, once I lick these redskins, I am going to have your hide.III.
Private John Bailey
As we mount the ridge, we stare death in the face. Below us on the plain is the largestIndian village that any of us have ever se
en. Reno‟s
men are off their horses in the distance, andfive hundred braves are trying to ring them in. Custer shouts orders and leads us down the hillinto a hollow. The Sioux are not running away, today; they are coming out to meet us. No one

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