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What Jesus has to Say about... the End Time

What Jesus has to Say about... the End Time

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Published by mcdozer
Another mind-boggling chapter of the free eBook project "What Jesus has to Say"
Another mind-boggling chapter of the free eBook project "What Jesus has to Say"

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Published by: mcdozer on Mar 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What Jesus Has to Say at the Onset of the 21
 Century about……the Endtime
“The night cometh, when no man can work.” – John 9:4
Soon that which they say now rules the world – money – will be no more, and you will loo and it!s "one# $irst to bere%laced by Satan!s mar for his short time and then to be re%laced fore&er and eternally by 'y new ( e&erlastin"System of true &alues#)he hour of darness is comin"# *et 'e be your only li"ht, and + will li"ht your %ath# )hey!re all li&in" on borrowed time, and "uess Who they!re borrowin" it from + lend it to them, and soon + will return tosee what each man has done with it and reward them accordin"ly#When + return, will you cry, -+f + only had "i&en u% this thin" and that or the other for the *ord, how many more + couldha&e sa&ed.!)hin"s will /O) continue as they were# 0nd when they will chan"e, when that which is forecast will come to %ass, thenyou will ha&e your chance, and + will ha&e 'y chance, if you will let 'e wor and s%ea and mo&e and li&e throu"h you#)hat!s why you must train now, so you will be %re%ared when it ha%%ens# e lie 'e# Endurin" unto the end# 0nd + am with you always e&en unto the end of the world, which isn!t that far off anymore# ou must wor hard to %re%are for the calamities that are about to befall the World# 0nd 3ust lie /oah needed 'y e4actinstructions in order to be able to build the first shi% in history, so will you, if you wish to sur&i&e the flood of ini5uity#)he time is truly drawin" near ( you!re feelin" the &ibes of im%endin" doom# 6o what you can ( + will do what you can!t#*ift u% the standard of *o&e, 'y %ioneers. $or soon this standard will fill the whole Earth, lie a mi"hty mountain thatwill fill the whole Earth, and you will ha&e been 'y %ioneers, the foundin" fathers, who, in the last ( most wiced daysof man will ha&e withstood all o%%osition to declare ( establish this eternal standard# +n 'y in"dom, that standard of lo&e will be 3ust as tou"h a law as the laws of man today# +f you will brea it, you willrea% conse5uences#)here will be statutes which will ha&e to be e%t, and they will all be %art of the new standard, the standard of lo&e# 0nd,oh, how %roud + am of those lie you who now, when this future is considered nothin" more than a wild dream by thosewho surround you, already %roclaim it#'y day shall come as a thief in the ni"ht#lessed will those be whom +!ll find liftin" u% the standard of lo&e in their li&es, deeds ( actions, and teachin" others tolo&e 3ust the same# $or soon that lo&e will be a cuttin" li"ht in the darness, which will be seen from miles away# 'yshee% will follow your beacon ( 'y &oice in you, so, be 'y standard bearers, 'y heralds, %roclaim 'y standard of lo&e.+ don!t want to scare you of the future, but if you would see the se&erity of the im%endin" doom, you would actdifferently. ou would di" out the Word and start readin" ( memori7in" as if your life would de%end on it as much asbreathin"# + will ha&e to become your o4y"en, if you want to sur&i&e the days to come. + will ha&e to become your onlyli"ht, your bread, your water, and e&erythin" you need to li&e, for the 6e&il is "oin" to try to cut all other means of su%%ly#)he less firmly you are attached to the World ( the System, the less you!re "oin" to be affected by the cataclysmicchan"es that are "oin" to befall it#)he more you stay tuned to 'e ( mo&e with 'y S%irit, the safer you!ll be# ein" a %il"rim ( stran"er in this world alwaysshows its ad&anta"es when this world is bein" shaen u% by 'e ( turnin" e&ents# *et 'e carry you abo&e all the wa&es the storms are whi%%in" u%# )he sea beneath you is seethin" ( foamin", a blac,menacin" brew# ut you are safe in the %alm of 'y hand#)he forces which will be at wor durin" the time of the 0ntichrist are already at wor ri"ht now to brin" him to %ower# 0new world order doesn!t 3ust %o% out of nothin" without ha&in" been thorou"hly %lanned# Some thin"s loo sim%ler onthe surface than they really are, and 3ust because you can!t see the intricacy on the surface, it doesn!t mean it!s notthere###)he Enemy was bar"ainin" with 'e ( said, -Sure they!re all "oin" to ser&e ou with the fear in their necs that thisworld is "oin" to %ot soon# ut "i&e them a little more time ( they!ll all fall for me, ou!ll see.! 0nd so, + had to "rant himmore time, + had to "rant him the ability to dis%lay e&en "reater tem%tations than e&er before, mae his matri4 loo morea%%ealin", more attracti&e than e&er before with all its "litterin" ( shiny toys ( distractions ( enticements# + had to lethim mae 'e ( 'y %ro%hets loo lie fools to ha&e been %redictin" an earlier doom, and now### +t!s true, many ha&efallen by the wayside ( ha&e "i&en in to the attraction ( the lure# 'any ha&e been hy%noti7ed by his sirens ( ha&e fallenaslee% with the fumes of his o%iates#
ut + will raise them u% a"ain, and you can be there to hel% them u%# )o show them you!&e been waitin" for them# es, itmay still loo lie the 6e&il is winnin", but not for much lon"er# )hose who discern the si"ns of the times can tell thathis days are numbered ( -the wiced shall be turned into hell ( all the nations that for"et 8od#! +t will come to %ass#9re%are for the time of the End when you will teach many# ou will be the beacons of 'y li"ht to the world in the "reatest darness this World has e&er nown#)he Ser%ent will s%ew out a "reat flood of lies after the ride, and the Earth will swallow it :;e&#12<1=>, so be %re%ared#e %re%ared for the "reatest collision and confrontation between 'y ride and the World which has e&er been, resultin"in the "reatest tribulation there has e&er been# $or + will wrea trouble on those who see to trouble you# +!ll "i&e them"reater issues to worry about#)he %la"ues of 9haraoh are a "ood %icture of this# He o%%ressed 'y %eo%le, and + sent him %la"ues, and althou"h the0ntichrist will ne&er let u% on you &oluntarily, nor will he be %ersuaded, + will "i&e him enou"h distractions on all frontsto ee% him busy with other matters than %ersecutin" you, 'y belo&ed, and in the end he will face his final /emesisdescendin" from the sy, namely 'e, and he shall taste the white?hot sword of 'y mouth#)here will be an end to the in"dom of Satan, his world, to be re%laced by 'y @in"dom, with the barrier between thedimensions "one# + will brin" about that End, 3ust lie + brou"ht about the be"innin" of this World#+t!s a rou"h ( tou"h e4am you!re learnin" for< the hour which is to come u%on the whole world to tem%t them that dwellon the Earth# +f + am to ee% you throu"h it, + must be sure you!re not so attached, so affected by all that!s "oin" on inthe World#)he days of %eace ( of ease are numbered# )he hour of tem%tation which cometh u%on the whole earth to try e&eryman, woman ( child which dwelleth therein
 come# )herefore + say unto you< 9re%are. 9re%are your heartsA for whatyou will need most of all is faith to %rotect you from fear ( des%air. $aith for miracles to hel% you rise abo&e the mostatrocious ( miserable circumstances of all times.lessed are those who are %oor now, who are learnin" to do without, who ha&e already learned to a%%reciate the littlethin"s, the small thin"s, that which the rich, the wealthy, the mi"hty ( com%lacent des%ise, for those who li&e humblywon!t fall as hard# Woe unto the mi"hty, for in that day e&eryone shall say BHow the mi"hty ha&e fallen, ha&e fallen###'ar&el not that you are a lone &oice of warnin"### Were there not D %ro%hets who foretold &ictory, ( yet the one who%ro%hesied the in"!s death was ri"ht )herefore, redeem the time, for the days are e&il. *earn to truly rely on 'y arm, (not on your own# )he time has come to lean utterly on 'e, 'y child.)hese are 'y 3ud"ments on the wiced who for"et 8od# 0lthou"h they are %art of the E&il one!s %lot, +
 these thin"sto 3ud"e ( humble the wiced, the mi"hty ( %roud#)here will be a "reat Har&est durin" that time of 8reat Confusion# )he comin" crisis will cause a mi"hty widenin" of theeyes of those who ha&e not discerned the si"ns of the times, ( it will o%en their ears ( hearts to your words#Woe unto the Earth and the inhabitants thereof, for the ser%ent will soon be cast out, ha&in" "reat wrath, for he nowethhis time is short. ou are 'y bride, who + will care for and %rotect and hide in the wilderness, so worry not, but trust.)rust in 'e and for"et thine own arm. *ean wholly unto 'e and + will carry you and see you safely thou"h the tem%estand ra"in" storm. )hou"h a thousand shall fall at thy side and ten thousand at thy ri"ht hand, yet shall it not come ni"h thee, for + ha&echosen you out from amon" them, thou art 'ine# ecause thou hast %ut thy trust in 'e and hast said unto 'e, B)hou,*ord, art my roc and my refu"e, therefore will + %rotect thee and ee% thee and carry thee all the days of thy life. E&en thou"h the times ahead will be the darest in all of history, you will be 'y shinin" li"hts in it, for you hold 'y truth,( you are 'y candles ( torches in the ni"ht, 'y diamonds of dust# ou were created for this %ur%ose, ( + ha&e %re%aredyou for this# $ear not, but wal into the future with your heads held hi"h ( raisin" hi"h the torch ( flame + ha&e "i&enyou# $i"ht ( resist the o%%ressin" forces of darness# )he E&il one will see to control e&ery facet ( an"le of a man!s life#So, %re%are yoursel&es# $ocus on, ( "uard in your hearts 'y hi"h callin" for you to be 'y shinin" li"hts to the World in"ross darness.+ will feed you, ee% you, su%%ly for you ( care for you 3ust lie + always ha&e# +t!s hard to belie&e in the Endtime a%%roachin" when you!&e been floatin" on a cloud of ease for years, ( Bnothin" e&er ha%%ened###9ersecution ( 3ud"ment ha&e always hit most of 'y children by sur%rise, but + want you to be %re%ared# + want you tonow that time is short ( not act as if thin"s are "oin" to ee% "oin" the same way they ha&e been for the ne4t hundredyears, for they won!t#6urin" the Endtime the 6e&il will ha&e a lot of %ower, but yours will be "reater. +t already is. Fse it.
)he time of the mer"in" of the s%iritual ( %hysical realm is drawin" ni"h, and + want you to be %re%ared for it, byfocusin" more on the s%iritual ( less on the %hysical# + want to use you as 'y heralds of this e&ent, "i&in" others thechance to %re%are for it, too#See your 3ob as less that of a %ro%het of doom, but as a herald who is "i&in" others a chance to %re%are for comin"e&ents# John the a%tist was a &oice of one cryin" in the wilderness, G'ae strai"ht %aths for the *ordG, in other words,G9re%are for the *ords comin".G ? Which is, in essence, what + also want you to do# oure 'y &oices in the wilderness,tellin" the %eo%le to %re%are for 'y 2nd comin"#)he messa"e + want you to "i&e %eo%le is to G%re%areG, ( to let them now that youre willin" and able to hel% them to doso# +ts time for 'y called?out ones to sto% %retendin" theyre 3ust a bunch of nice %eo%le# +ts time to come forth ( showtheir true face as what they really are< 'y %ro%hets of the End, heraldin" the downfall, the colla%se ( the destruction of the System# )here will come a time when you wont be tem%ted anymore, when you will ha&e abolished the mind frame of the Worldcom%letely, ( + will ha&e renewed your mind com%letely, transformed you into a non?conformist of the e4treme ind# 0flint a"ainst their faces, their %roud ( hau"hty loos a"ainst 'e# es, they shall hate you, as they ha&e hated 'e, but +will lo&e you, you will lo&e 'e and nothin" else will matter# oull ha&e much "reater hel% a&ailable#  oure "oin" to see# oure "oin" to belie&e, because youre "oin" to see# oure "oin" to see because you belie&ed, andthen youre "oin" to belie&e e&en "reater thin"s, and ha&e faith for e&en "reater thin"s because of what you saw#)he more you belie&e 'y Words ( draw down that miracle %ower from 'e, the more you stren"then your faith to belie&eall +m tellin" you# )his ne4t e4%losion of faith is "oin" to result in 'y Endtime ;e&olution and ultimately in 'y @in"domestablished on Earth, because the time is drawin" near# G)hey cant sto% our rei"n.G)he 0ntichrist has his own heralds, ( althou"h he %ortrays his era as an era of %eace, Ghe shall by %eace destroymanyG, because his is not real or true %eace, and the %eace the 6e&il "i&es is only short?li&ed# ut you can be a herald (messen"er of the 9rince of true, "enuine, e&erlastin" %eace and freedom#Sooner or later, the G%ro%erG way of doin" thin"s is "oin" to disa%%ear# )he G%ro%erG way is headed for the mar of theeast, ( at that %oint, you will ha&e no %art in it anymore, ( the sooner you start to %re%are ( find an alternati&e way of doin" thin"s, which is 'ine, the better off youre "oin" to be#6ont dream that thin"s are always "oin" to stay the way they are, but ee% in mind where its headed< toward the marof the east, because this System is of the 6e&il, and hes not "oin" to "i&e it u% &oluntarily# +m "oin" to tae it awayfrom him by allowin" him to fully establish his in"dom on Earth, %ro&in" to all manind what an absolute mess hes"oin" to mae out of thin"s, and its "oin" to be war, and nothin" less#Hes "oin" to declare o%en war on 'y bride, and thats where hes "oin" to ha&e "one too far, ( where hes "oin" to findout that he cant ee% main" the bill without the @ee%er of the +nn###+t is necessary for 'e to brin" on the ni"ht before + can brin" bac the S%rin"# +t is necessary to brin" on the %ur"in"before all is %ure a"ain# ou say, Grin" on the "ood times. Sto% all this sufferin",G but its necessary for 'e to brin" on 'y 3ud"ments first# oumust a"ree with 'e on this, you must desire them as somethin" "ood#+m asin" you to a"ree with 'e that 3ud"ments must come, and to %ray that + brin" on that which + now the worldneeds most#
 currency is the real thin", the only thin" thats "oin" to endure ( see you throu"h any crisis. ou better start main"full use of it, and "ettin" trained in its usa"e, because youre "oin" to be more ( more de%endent on it, no more relianceon the arm of the flesh in the future.+ts "oin" to be the time that all the %ro%hets ha&e dreamed of and foreseen, the ultimate fulfillment of all +&e said (s%oen.+ want you to %raise 'e for it. Show the 6e&il youre not scared of him, nor of anythin" he can brin" about, nowin" thathes only a tool in 'y hands to brin" to %ass 'y "reater %lan. What must come to %ass is "oin" to come to %ass, the cu%is almost full# So, it behoo&es you to in&est all your time ( ener"ies into %re%arin" for it. 6ont be lie those who didnt"et into the boat with /oah because they were too busy with the usual affairs of life, their courtin" and eatin" anddrinin"###+f you can see the chan"es ha%%enin" on the hori7on, you better start %re%arin" for them, and not wait until theyre here.0nd one of the best ways to %re%are for them is to let others now about them now, before they come to %ass, so thatthey can %re%are also, and hel% you#9eo%le ha&e "ot to see you busy at Gbuildin" an ar,G main" %re%arations for the rain, e&en thou"h they may not see itcomin" as clearly as you do, so that when it comes, when its "oin" to start %ourin", they will now that you ha&e been%ro%hets amon" them#

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