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What Jesus has to Say about... the End Time

What Jesus has to Say about... the End Time

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Published by mcdozer
Another mind-boggling chapter of the free eBook project "What Jesus has to Say"
Another mind-boggling chapter of the free eBook project "What Jesus has to Say"

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Published by: mcdozer on Mar 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What Jesus Has to Say at the Onset of the 21
Century about……the Endtime
“The night cometh, when no man can work.” – John 9:4
Soon that which they say now rules the world – money – will be no more, and you will look and it’sgone. First to be replaced by Satan’s mark for his short time and then to be replaced forever andeternally by My new & everlasting System of true values.The hour of darkness is coming. Let Me be your only light, and I will light your path.They’re all living on borrowed time, and guess Who they’re borrowing it from? I lend it to them, andsoon I will return to see what each man has done with it and reward them accordingly.When I return, will you cry, ‘If I only had given up this thing and that or the other for the Lord, howmany more I could have saved!’?Things will NOT continue as they were. And when they will change, when that which is forecast willcome to pass, then you will have your chance, and I will have My chance, if you will let Me work andspeak and move and live through you. That’s why you must train now, so you will be prepared whenit happens.Be like Me. Enduring unto the end. And I am with you always even unto the end of the world, whichisn’t that far off anymore. You must work hard to prepare for the calamities that are about to befall the World. And just likeNoah needed My exact instructions in order to be able to build the first ship in history, so will you, if you wish to survive the flood of iniquity. The time is truly drawing near & you’re feeling the vibes of impending doom. Do what you can & I will do what you can’t.Lift up the standard of Love, My pioneers! For soon this standard will fill the whole Earth, like amighty mountain that will fill the whole Earth, and you will have been My pioneers, the foundingfathers, who, in the last & most wicked days of man will have withstood all opposition to declare &establish this eternal standard.In My kingdom, that standard of love will be just as tough a law as the laws of man today. If you willbreak it, you will reap consequences.There will be statutes which will have to be kept, and they will all be part of the new standard, thestandard of love. And, oh, how proud I am of those like you who now, when this future is considerednothing more than a wild dream by those who surround you, already proclaim it.My day shall come as a thief in the night.Blessed will those be whom I’ll find lifting up the standard of love in their lives, deeds & actions, andteaching others to love just the same. For soon that love will be a cutting light in the darkness,which will be seen from miles away. My sheep will follow your beacon & My voice in you, so, be Mystandard bearers, My heralds, proclaim My standard of love!I don’t want to scare you of the future, but if you would see the severity of the impending doom, youwould act differently! You would dig out the Word and start reading & memorizing as if your lifewould depend on it as much as breathing. I will have to become your oxygen, if you want to survivethe days to come! I will have to become your only light, your bread, your water, and everything youneed to live, for the Devil is going to try to cut all other means of supply.The less firmly you are attached to the World & the System, the less you’re going to be affected bythe cataclysmic changes that are going to befall it.The more you stay tuned to Me & move with My Spirit, the safer you’ll be. Being a pilgrim & stranger in this world always shows its advantages when this world is being shaken up by Me & turningevents.Let Me carry you above all the waves the storms are whipping up. The sea beneath you is seething &foaming, a black, menacing brew. But you are safe in the palm of My hand.The forces which will be at work during the time of the Antichrist are already at work right now tobring him to power. A new world order doesn’t just pop out of nothing without having beenthoroughly planned. Some things look simpler on the surface than they really are, and just becauseyou can’t see the intricacy on the surface, it doesn’t mean it’s not there...
The Enemy was bargaining with Me & said, ‘Sure they’re all going to serve You with the fear in their necks that this world is going to pot soon. But give them a little more time & they’ll all fall for me, You’ll see!’ And so, I had to grant him more time, I had to grant him the ability to display evengreater temptations than ever before, make his matrix look more appealing, more attractive than ever before with all its glittering & shiny toys & distractions & enticements. I had to let him make Me & Myprophets look like fools to have been predicting an earlier doom, and now... It’s true, many havefallen by the wayside & have given in to the attraction & the lure. Many have been hypnotized by hissirens & have fallen asleep with the fumes of his opiates.But I will raise them up again, and you can be there to help them up. To show them you’ve beenwaiting for them. Yes, it may still look like the Devil is winning, but not for much longer. Those whodiscern the signs of the times can tell that his days are numbered & ‘the wicked shall be turned intohell & all the nations that forget God.’ It will come to pass.Prepare for the time of the End when you will teach many. You will be the beacons of My light to the world in the greatest darkness this World has ever known.The Serpent will spew out a great flood of lies after the Bride, and the Earth will swallow it(Rev.12:15), so be prepared. Be prepared for the greatest collision and confrontation between MyBride and the World which has ever been, resulting in the greatest tribulation there has ever been.For I will wreak trouble on those who seek to trouble you. I’ll give them greater issues to worryabout.The plagues of Pharaoh are a good picture of this. He oppressed My people, and I sent him plagues,and although the Antichrist will never let up on you voluntarily, nor will he be persuaded, I will givehim enough distractions on all fronts to keep him busy with other matters than persecuting you, Mybeloved, and in the end he will face his final Nemesis descending from the sky, namely Me, and heshall taste the white-hot sword of My mouth.There will be an end to the kingdom of Satan, his world, to be replaced by My Kingdom, with thebarrier between the dimensions gone. I will bring about that End, just like I brought about thebeginning of this World.It’s a rough & tough exam you’re learning for: the hour which is to come upon the whole world totempt them that dwell on the Earth. If I am to keep you through it, I must be sure you’re not soattached, so affected by all that’s going on in the World.The days of peace & of ease are numbered. The hour of temptation which cometh upon the wholeearth to try every man, woman & child which dwelleth therein
come. Therefore I say unto you:Prepare! Prepare your hearts; for what you will need most of all is faith to protect you from fear &despair! Faith for miracles to help you rise above the most atrocious & miserable circumstances of all times!Blessed are those who are poor now, who are learning to do without, who have already learned toappreciate the little things, the small things, that which the rich, the wealthy, the mighty &complacent despise, for those who live humbly won’t fall as hard. Woe unto the mighty, for in thatday everyone shall say “How the mighty have fallen, have fallen...”Marvel not that you are a lone voice of warning... Were there not 400 prophets who foretold victory,& yet the one who prophesied the king’s death was right? Therefore, redeem the time, for the daysare evil! Learn to truly rely on My arm, & not on your own. The time has come to lean utterly on Me,My child!These are My judgments on the wicked who forget God. Although they are part of the Evil one’s plot,I
these things to judge & humble the wicked, the mighty & proud.There will be a great Harvest during that time of Great Confusion. The coming crisis will cause amighty widening of the eyes of those who have not discerned the signs of the times, & it will opentheir ears & hearts to your words.Woe unto the Earth and the inhabitants thereof, for the serpent will soon be cast out, having greatwrath, for he knoweth his time is short! You are My bride, who I will care for and protect and hide inthe wilderness, so worry not, but trust! Trust in Me and forget thine own arm! Lean wholly unto Meand I will carry you and see you safely though the tempest and raging storm!Though a thousand shall fall at thy side and ten thousand at thy right hand, yet shall it not comenigh thee, for I have chosen you out from among them, thou art Mine. Because thou hast put thytrust in Me and hast said unto Me, “Thou, Lord, art my rock and my refuge”, therefore will I protectthee and keep thee and carry thee all the days of thy life!
Even though the times ahead will be the darkest in all of history, you will be My shining lights in it,for you hold My truth, & you are My candles & torches in the night, My diamonds of dust. You werecreated for this purpose, & I have prepared you for this. Fear not, but walk into the future with your heads held high & raising high the torch & flame I have given you.Fight & resist the oppressing forces of darkness. The Evil one will seek to control every facet &angle of a man’s life.So, prepare yourselves. Focus on, & guard in your hearts My high calling for you to be My shininglights to the World in gross darkness!I will feed you, keep you, supply for you & care for you just like I always have.It’s hard to believe in the Endtime approaching when you’ve been floating on a cloud of ease for years, & “nothing ever happened”...Persecution & judgment have always hit most of My children by surprise, but I want you to beprepared. I want you to know that time is short & not act as if things are going to keep going thesame way they have been for the next hundred years, for they won’t.During the Endtime the Devil will have a lot of power, but yours will be greater! It already is! Use it!The time of the merging of the spiritual & physical realm is drawing nigh, and I want you to beprepared for it, by focusing more on the spiritual & less on the physical. I want to use you as Myheralds of this event, giving others the chance to prepare for it, too.See your job as less that of a prophet of doom, but as a herald who is giving others a chance toprepare for coming events. John the Baptist was a voice of one crying in the wilderness, "Makestraight paths for the Lord", in other words, "Prepare for the Lord's coming!" - Which is, in essence,what I also want you to do. You're My voices in the wilderness, telling the people to prepare for My2nd coming.The message I want you to give people is to "prepare", & to let them know that you're willing andable to help them to do so.It's time for My called-out ones to stop pretending they're just a bunch of nice people. It's time tocome forth & show their true face as what they really are: My prophets of the End, heralding thedownfall, the collapse & the destruction of the System.There will come a time when you won't be tempted anymore, when you will have abolished the mindframe of the World completely, & I will have renewed your mind completely, transformed you into anon-conformist of the extreme kind. A flint against their faces, their proud & haughty looks againstMe. Yes, they shall hate you, as they have hated Me, but I will love you, you will love Me and nothingelse will matter. You'll have much greater help available. You're going to see. You're going to believe, because you're going to see. You're going to seebecause you believed, and then you're going to believe even greater things, and have faith for evengreater things because of what you saw.The more you believe My Words & draw down that miracle power from Me, the more you strengthenyour faith to believe all I'm telling you. This next explosion of faith is going to result in My EndtimeRevolution and ultimately in My Kingdom established on Earth, because the time is drawing near."They can't stop our reign!"The Antichrist has his own heralds, & although he portrays his era as an era of peace, "he shall bypeace destroy many", because his is not real or true peace, and the peace the Devil gives is onlyshort-lived. But you can be a herald & messenger of the Prince of true, genuine, everlasting peaceand freedom.Sooner or later, the "proper" way of doing things is going to disappear. The "proper" way is headedfor the mark of the Beast, & at that point, you will have no part in it anymore, & the sooner you startto prepare & find an alternative way of doing things, which is Mine, the better off you're going to be.Don't dream that things are always going to stay the way they are, but keep in mind where it'sheaded: toward the mark of the Beast, because this System is of the Devil, and he's not going to giveit up voluntarily. I'm going to take it away from him by allowing him to fully establish his kingdom onEarth, proving to all mankind what an absolute mess he's going to make out of things, and it's goingto be war, and nothing less.He's going to declare open war on My bride, and that's where he's going to have gone too far, &where he's going to find out that he can't keep making the bill without the Keeper of the Inn...

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