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KBA-Rapida75 Part2 Engl

KBA-Rapida75 Part2 Engl

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Published by KBR Graphics Canada

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: KBR Graphics Canada on Mar 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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People & Print
KBA RAPIDA 75is manufactured by Koenig & Bauer AG,
which reserves the right to carry outmodications without prior notice.No part o this publication may bereproduced in any way without themanuacturer‘s permission. Illustrationsmay depict special eatures not includedin the basic press price. For urther inormation pleasecontact our sales department at:Koenig & Bauer AGSheeted oset pressesPostach 020164,01439 Radebeul, GermanyFriedrich-List-Str. 4701445 Radebeul, GermanyTel: (+49) 0351 833-0Fax: (+49) 0351 833-1001Web: www.kba-print.comE-mail: oce@kba-print.de05/2008-e. Printed in GermanyOur agency:
Technical information
2 3
KBA Rapida 75Sheetfed offsetTechnical information
Feeder and infeed
- High-perormance stream eeder- Antistatic rear-edge separating air- Pallet eeder with pile side edgealignment or enhanced productivity- Rear-edge pile height sensing andcompensation o eeder head height- Sucker tilt adjustment to draw papertight at the eeder head- Non-stop system with individual rodsor uninterrupted production duringpile changes
Suction-belt feed table
- Suction-belt eed table with stain-less, antistatic structured surace,with 2 suction belts and multi-chamber vacuum system- Electronically controlled sheet de-celeration by 70% to ensure optimumsheet arrival speed at the ront lays
- Swing ineed accelerates the sheetor transer to a single-size eed drum- No need to adapt the ront lay coverheight to changes in substrate thick-ness- Adjustment o the eed line at theineed
Vacuum side lay
- Marking-ree alignment o the sheet- Multi-chamber vacuum system topermit matching o dierent suctionrequirements- Acoustic monitoring o ormat setting
Sheet monitoring
- Ultrasonic double-sheet detector- Electromechanical double-sheetdetector- Photoelectric ront lay sensors- Electropneumatic overshoot blockingor double or skewed sheets
The illustrations and descriptions may depict or reer in part to special versions and options. More detailed inormation can be obtained rom your local KBArepresentative.
Inking unit
- Fast-reacting single-train inking unit- Remote setting o vibrator blocking- Stepless adjustment o the oscillationtiming- Fast setting o ink orme roller oscil-lation- Oscillating distributors prepared orinking unit temperature control 
Dampening unit
- Speed-compensated lm-type dampen-ing unit or a stable ink-waterbalance- Dierential drive to eliminate hickeys
Roller washing
- Individual programming and central control o washing programs
Blanket and impressioncylinder washing
- Use o dry cloth- Two separate systems or blanket andimpression cylinder washing- Indication o cloth end and washingsolvent consumption- Individual programming and central control o washing programs- Simultaneous washing o blanketsand impression cylinders to reducemakeready time
Printing unit
Design principles
- Compact design or high torsional rigidity and stability- Continuous gear train or smoothrunning and precision- Unit design; 7 o‘clock cylinder arrange-ment- Corrosion-ree cylinder surace nish- Bearer contact and play-ree bearingsor precise rolling between plate andblanket cylinders- Automatic bearer cleaners- Central lubrication or the most im-portant lubrication points
Sheet travel
- Double-size impression cylinders andtranser drums or reliable sheettravel over the ull substrate range- Optimised cylinder geometry or low-curvature, marking-ree sheet travel - Automatic setting o the substratethickness- Two-stage pneumatic impressionon/o switching- Sheet travel sensors to ensure a reli-able printing process
Universal gripper system
- No adjustments required to accommo-date changes in substrate thickness- Ceramic-coated gripper tips or maxi-mum holding orce- Structured gripper pads with elasticinlays- Gripper pads and tips can be replacedindividually
Semi automatic platechange (SAPC)
- Automatic clamping and tensioningo the plate- Divided rear plate clamps
Register setting
- Remote setting o lateral, circum-erential and diagonal register- Diagonal register achieved by tiltingthe transer drums
Ink duct
- Ink keys with carbide blades andceramic-coated ink duct roller- Remote control o the ink keys- Wear-ree ink metering ensures accu-rately reproducible settings- Ink duct roller speed compensatedto the press speed or constant inktransport
4 5
Extended delivery
- Enhanced productivity through astdrying times- Available extension length: 1,410 mm
Non-stop delivery
- Non-stop rake permitting interruptedproduction
KBA Rapida 75Sheetfed offsetTechnical information
Three-drum sheet turning
- Proven 2-2-2 conguration hand-ling the whole substrate rangein both straight printing mode andperecting- Patented perecting drum grippersystem or high and stable registeraccuracy in straight printing- Special gripper system to spread therear edge o the sheet- Maximum production speed 15,000sph in both straight printing modeand perecting- Fully automatic mode conversion: upto 2 min
Sheet travel
- Air-cushioned sheet travel with Ven-turi guide plates- Long-lasting ink-repellent surace onimpression cylinders ater theperecting unit 
The illustrations and descriptions may depict or reer in part to special versions and options. More detailed inormation can be obtained rom your local KBArepresentative.
Sheet travel
- Fan modules promote optimum pileormation- Pallet delivery with pile removal toall three sides- Light barriers to guard the hazardousarea
Sheet brake
- Sheet brake with variable speedand suction power to acilitatesmooth sheet delivery
IR/hot-air dryers for thedelivery
- Inrared/hot-air dryer systems- Automatic pile temperature regula-tion and dryer control - IR dryer system with medium-waveor combined short- and medium-wavelamps- Control via delivery touchscreendisplay
Chamber blade system
- Chamber blade system or constantand even coating application- HydroComp blade pressure control ensures maximum blade lie- Lightweight anilox rollers ensuringast and user-riendly replacement
Coating supply system
- Coating supply system or dispersioncoatings- Fully automatic cleaning or disper-sion coatings- Excellent cleaning result enablingimmediate use o the coating systemor the next job
Coating forme change
- Remote pressure setting- Remote adjustment o lateral andcircumerential register
Coating tower and dryer systemes
IR/hot-air dryers for theextended delivery
- Twin quartz lamps with IR powerrating o 60 W/cm- Automatic pile temperature regula-tion and dryer control - Dryer system with IR lamps, hot airand hot-air knives- Control via dryer multi-control display

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