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History of Pukhtoon Nation by Zubair A Khan

History of Pukhtoon Nation by Zubair A Khan

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Published by Zubair A Khan
History of Pukhtoon Nation by Zubair A Khan..
History of Pukhtoon Nation by Zubair A Khan..

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Zubair A Khan on Mar 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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There are different opinions about the origin of Pathan. Many historians believethatPathans are Aryans, from Iran, while other believes that they are from Bani Israel(Children of Israel). Any how historians are agreed on their genealogicalbackground. According to historians the origin of Pathans are traced back to QaisAbdul Rasheed. He and his clan embraced Islam on the invitation of Hazrat Khalidbin Waleed bin Utba bin Akrama, the famous companion of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW).For the propagation of Islam Prophet Muhammad (SAW) send Hazrat Khalid bin Waleedto Khurasan where a tribe Afghan was living. Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed wrote aninvitation letter to that Afghan tribe to embrace Islam. About seventy persons ofthat tribe came to Madinah and embraced Islam. At that time Prophet Muhammad (SAW)was busy in Makkah conquest. After conquest when Prophet (SAW) came back toMadinah he became very happy that Afghan tribe enters in Islam without anyviolence. He changed their old names with new ones. Out of those seventy personswho came to Madinah and embraced Islam, one person named Qais got the name ofAbdul Rasheed. Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed married his daughter named Sara to QaisAbdul Rasheed. Due to his courage Prophet (SAW) gave him the title of Bathan whichlater on became Pathan.Qais Abdul RasheedQais Abdul Rasheed was known to be the pioneer of Pakhtuns. From Sara, Qias AbdulRasheed had three sons named; (1) Sarban (2) Garghashti (3) Batni1. Sarban: Sarban is the pioneer of Sarbani Pukhtoons. He had two sons named 1.1Shrakhboon 1.2. Khrashboon1.1. Shrakhboon He had six sons named1.1.1. Urmur1.1.2. Bareech1.1.3. Tareen1.1.4. Miana1.1.5. Babar1.1.6. SheeraniAll these six are the pioneers of clans and sub clans.1.2. Kharshboon; He had three sons named; Kasi, Zamand and Kand.1.2.1. Kasi; He had three sons named; Shinwari, Ketran and Kasni or Kasi. Everyone of them is the pioneers of clans and sub clans.1.2.2. Zamand; He is the pioneer of the Muhammadzai clan from which Baacha Khanbelongs. He had five sons named; Muhammad1.2.2.2. Nokhi1.2.2.3. Katani1.2.2.4. Naki1.2.2.5. KhuwashgiEvery one of these had sons and grandsons who were the pioneers of clans and sub-clans.1.2.3. Kand; He had two sons named Ghoura or Ghouri and other Sheikha or Sheikhi.These two have sons and grandsons which are pioneer of clans and sub-clans. Theyounger son Sheikha or Sheikhi is the pioneer of famous pushtoon tribe Yousafzais.Muhammad, the elder son of Zamand is the pioneer of Muhammadzai clan. Muhammad hadthree sons and a daughter named Mamo. The offspring of Muhammad was settled in

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