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Published by Amalelshahat

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Amalelshahat on Mar 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A. (for anode)a-, an-AA, aaAasmusوبر Ab-Abacterialيموثج لAbactioدحم أ عتفم ضاهجإAbactus venter, inعتفم ضاهجإ ،دحم ضاه AbaissementAbajoue, cheek poدخ ج ،م Abalienated ،كف راش Abalienation = abكف ش ، Abapicalةرذ ن دعب AbaptistonAbarognosisزو أ ق دق دق ،زو Abarthrosis = diartحتم صفم ،س صفم Abarticular onAbarticulation, diaAbasiaAbasia astasiaو وطAbasia atacticaط ،ح اظت د ،Paralytic abasiaي وطAbasicي ى را غ ،تم Abatardissement  ،رذ أ عAbateدخ Abatementض  ف – و Abatic = abasicوطلAbatsءا جاف ،ب ،يشو Abattoir ر ،Abaxial = abaxileروح ن دعب روح دا 
Abbauيمده  و ،دAbbreviationراصتجو طق ،دعصم – وأل ،دب" ااعم  قبا"اهم  نم" أ "اه نم" ن صفم أ دعب ،نم" ىع سك .ف امد ىإ ذف ل -قم صف ص ل .صف ي س صفم .صف   .ال ي ع ي 
Abdomenنطب nAbdomen obstipuAcute abdomenا يطب اهت Boat-shaped abdoيرز نطب Burst abdomenرفم نطب Navicular abdomeيرز نطب Abdominalيطب jaws)Abdominal aneuryط د أAbdominal apopleيطب  Abdominal bandaيطب ا Abdominal binder يطب  Abdominal cavityيط وتAbdominal gestatiيطب  Abdominal hystereيط  اصئت Abdominal inguinaط بر حتف أ قحnAbdominal painsطب لآAbdominal poreيطب قث  Abdominal pregnaيطب  e foraminaAbdominal wallيطب ردج y glandAbdominal zonesطب ام Abdominalgiaنط أ ،نط ج Abdomino-analيجش يطب Retzius linesAbdomino-anterior ام نطاب Retzius linesAbdominocentesisنط ب Abdominocysticرم يطب Abdominogenitalيا يطب mAbdominohysterotيط  اصئت ، Abdominohysterotيط  ب dAbdominoperinealيا يطب Abdominoposterio ه ااب ن نطب –Abdominoscopyنط راظم ح ،نطAbdominoscrotalيف يطب ط قت ع ي 
Abdominothoracicرد يطب Abdominousنط زراب ،اطم Abdominouterotoنط طب  ش cAbdominovaginalيهم يطب Abdominovesicalيام يطب ueAbduceيصق ،دع Abducens (nerve)Abducens oculi = tphileAbducentدعم ،اب ،دعم Abducent muscleةدع عAbducent nerveدع صعAbductد ،دع Abductionاعبإ ،دب ،دع أ دع Abductor Abductor ةدع دق اهبإ elationAbductor ةدعم ateAbductor د اهب ةدع ةصق  c relationAbentericءاعم ن دعب أ را Abepithymiaةدا ا ، ةفconditional reAberransب يت دإ ،ها  AberrantAberrant arteryا أ  اAberratio = aberraح ،از ،ز AberrationChromatic aberratiيو ز Chromosome abeي ز Dioptric aberration ز Distantial aberratiدع ز Emotional aberratiياعف ز Mental aberrationيق اه أ از nSpherical aberrati ز ylic stentAberrometer  اقم crylic stent(ا ي صع .د ا قت نع ا .ةدعم ،دعم ا .ز يق  .ءا ش .ز