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Sweet Caroline

Sweet Caroline

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Published by Pratishtha Kohli
a story, part of a bigger picture
a story, part of a bigger picture

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Published by: Pratishtha Kohli on Mar 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A sound is heard from far awayPerhaps an hour, perhaps a dayWill pass by before they prayFor the soul, a voice astraybroken heart–noundespair; disillusionment; devastating sorrow, esp. from disappointment in love.Origin:1825–35Let’s not give him a name, he’s just become a man, nothing special, nothingdifferent. A name leads to explanations, and explanations we don’t have time for.Let’s just call the person “him”.I sat in a corner of his room. He just stared at me, it wasn’t very pleasant. They hadpumped the pills out of his body just hours before, his parents didn’t want to takehim to the hospital. His story was common, something that I had seen many timesbefore, still it filled me with compassion.While waiting for him to respond to me, I let my eyes wander across the room. Hehad obviously just left behind adolescence, traces of a lighter, happier time we stillthere, a ticket stub, taped to the wall, a picture of two laughing teenagers, a posterof the 1994 world cup. He himself did not seem to be very old, a light stubbleframes his otherwise smooth face. He was good looking, if you were into thecarefully ungroomed. A pleasant face, apart from the eyes. If you’ve ever lostsomething very dear to you, you will understand what he was going through, if not,nothing I write can ever make you understand the depth of his sorrow. But maybe,maybe I can illustrate to you the cause of this sorrow, maybe that will make thingsclearer.Five years ago, he met someone. Let’s call her…girl. Girl was smart, pretty and sheseemed to like him. He’d always had a crush on girl, he had always wanted to talkto her, ask her out, but he was young, awkward and inexperienced. One day, girlcame up to him and said hi. He said hi back and she smiled and walked away. Afterthat, everytime she passed by him, she would say hi, and he would say hi back.Soon they would talk to each other, and before a month was over, they were dating.Girl came over to his house, and he introduced her to his parents. They liked herand soon she introduced him to hers. Their families would meet, and weeks wouldflow into months and months into years. They would fight and then they wouldmake up again. They had both found their other halves so when they left to leadtheir own lives, they were able to keep a stable relationship. Then they decided tolive with each other, he packed his bags and moved into her apartment. He startedspending less time with his friends, and they were both lost in their love. He decidedto talk to his parents, he wanted to marry her. They both agreed with his decision, itwas apparent that they were made for each other. He went out and bought the ring. That night, when he came home, she had prepared a candle light dinner for the two

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