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Risk, Redistribution and Recognition

Risk, Redistribution and Recognition

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Published by: Milosz Paul Rosinski on Mar 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Risk, Redistribution and Recognition
Risk, Redistribution andRecognition
Universal Basic Income as a Just Transcendence ofthe Welfare System in Contemporary Risk Society
© Beverly Shipko, “Chocolate Cake”
 University College Maastricht2009/20105600 words
Risk, Redistribution and Recognition
In the following article Universal Basic Income (UBI) is analysed with respectto justice. It is proposed that an UBI increases justice in society. For thisendeavour justice is defined as redistribution and recognition in accordance toFraser and Honneth (2003). They consider justice as the equal opportunity topromote self- respect and to be recognized as peers. Further, the concept of
is synthesized with the theory of justice. This warrants an UBI asincreasing justice, and data is provided from the welfare system andhypothetical consequences of an UBI to support the claim. The welfaresystem has shortcomings with respect to the labour market, which an UBIshall improve. Risks are redistributed through a more equal distribution andminimizing the impact of negative risks. Recognition is promoted throughactive economic rights in the labour market. As an UBI redistributes risks andpromotes recognition, it promotes justice.
Risk, Redistribution and Recognition
Table of Contents
Introduction 3I. Justice as Recognition and Redistribution 41.1 (Re)distribution of Risks and Recognition of Respect 41.2 Welcome Risk Society 61.3 Risks: Minimize Impact of Risks and Equalize Distribution 7
1.4 The Struggle for Recognition 91.5 Promote Recognition Through Economic Rights 10II. The Insufficiency of the Welfare System 122.1 Welfare has Failed Well 122.2 Justification and Viability of UBI 142.3 Consequences of an UBI as a Solution for Welfare Insufficiency 18Conclusion 21Acknowledgements 22References 22

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