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Health Care Email

Health Care Email

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Published by RegimeChange.org

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Published by: RegimeChange.org on Mar 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page 13/29/2010 1:25:05 AMfile://localhost/C:/Users/focalpoint/Desktop/email%20working%20final%20for%20express%20email.mht
The healthcare bill which passed on Sunday, March 21
2010, was the most over reaching andunconstitutional “bill” to clear either house of Congress. Our country is supposed to be a representative republic, and in this case, our representatives did not listento the people. They were bought and paid for by a President that would do anything to “seal his legacy”.But now that the President, has signed this unconstitutional bill into law, the real truth is that it can NOTbe fixed, it has to be repealed and the ball must get rolling today! Back room secret deals, are not the open “change” we were promised. Bribery in the form of kickbacksand special project funds are not the draining of the swamp we were promised. And strong-armtactics may have worked with the weak kneed, spineless, cowardly representatives that caved and allowedthis usurpation of the rights of the people to pass. But strong arm tactics never work, and they won't workon the American people.
- William Shakespeare So why join with us to fight corruption? Why stand on our side of the line in the sand? We are a “specialinterest group”; but our group is the 308 million plus legal citizens of the United States of America. Yes, weas Americans can and will be heard by those treasonous so called “Leaders”. And while others are turning tail and running away to “pick another battle” to fight, because they believethis fight is over; or they are not structured to stand their ground, we are. This debacle they callhealthcare reform, will not stand. There are many maneuvers that can be used to stop this in its tracks,and we have been purposely designed and built to do so. We ask you to educate yourself, log on tohttp://www.ncsl.org/default.aspx?tabid=16581and read aboutrecall laws. Recall is a way for the citizens of your state to “recall” your congressmen from Washington,and fire them immediately instead of being allowed to continue to do more damage to our country in themonths from now until the elections of November 2010. The truth is, if a citizen were to try to bribe a member of Congress, in any way shape or form they wouldbe arrested and charged with bribery faster than you can say “yes we can”. If a member of an organizedcrime “family” were to force a citizen to buy something, or face the consequences, you could rest assuredthat federal agents would bring forth a criminal indictment under the RICO statutes. However since thiswas Congress instead of a crime “family”, you are expected to keep your head down and tow the line.They don't think that anyone will do anything about it, since they have the “power”. Are members of Congress so corrupt that they can no longer function in a constitutional manner? If so then it is time thatwe draw a line in the sand, stand our ground and say to these so called representatives, that
they work for US, and this shall not stand.
 Does Congress really think that we are stupid? Do they think we don’t have the guts to stand up to thembecause they are the rulers and we are the unwashed masses? This is the time for our voices to be trulyheard. Don't forget that the two party system has operated for so long, that most people have become convincedthat it can not be done in any other way. The people of America need to remove themselves from the falseleft/right, democrat vs. republican paradigm and remember that when you do what you have always done,you will get what you have always gotten. In this case, bad government. So what is it we are asking for? We are asking you to join us in the fight. We know that your day to dayschedule may not allow for you to personally go to Washington to fight. So that is why you are beingasked to join the voters' union. It is a real union with real members, just like you, honest hard workingAmericans looking for more accountability in government. We are asking you to donate your time andmoney to tell our leaders, that “change” in Washington is not just a slogan or a sound bite. It is a real and
tangible reality that we will see in Washington.
They can clean it up or we the people of the United Statesof America, will do it for them. The choice is not theirs! We are asking that you join us, so together, we can fight for the restoration of our trampled rights.
 Join usin putting up a strong fight by becoming an active member of the Voters' Union.
Log on tohttp://www.shop.opmrd.com/and become either a Student, Annual or Lifetime member. 
Click here to watch “The Great Debate” 

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