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Ntpc Paper

Ntpc Paper

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Published by vkas soni
engineering paper
engineering paper

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Published by: vkas soni on Mar 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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NTPC PAPER : 2007 AT NEW DELHI :It constitutes of 170 questions (120 Tech + 50 Aptitude)
Time :
2 Hrs
 For tech part the syllabus is same as of the GATE and for Aptitude Part R. S. Aggarwal is more than sufficient. As time duration is very short so timemanagement is very important.
 For this section no special attention is required only rs aggarwal is enough and it also has easylevel of English section.
 For this section u have to b good in the basics. No hard question were asked but ushould b careful about your time . It has also some part of very basic general knowledge. The questions were from following topics
10-12 Questions about microprocessor(8085) 3 Questions about RS232 standard 7-10 Questions of GK 4-6 Questions on opamp10-15 Questions on Digital Communications 2-5 Questions on microwaves15-20 Questions on Analog Devices 20-23 Questions on Digital Electronics (flip flops,gates,mux,no system etc)1 Questions on ISO OSI Model  5-8 Questions on Control System10-12 Questions on Signals and their Processing
1. Passage 2. Word meaning based (antonym and synonyms) fetter, fester, lucid, anomaly, elucidate etc 3. Word analogy based 4. What is a tunnel diode 5. What is a Zener diode6. Effect of + and – feedback on stability
7. Composition of gobar gas8. Function of differential in the vehicle9. Function of stack register 10. Fun of instruction pointer 11. Fun of rst6.5,7.5 12. Wht is an interrupt 13. Output vtg calc on op amp14. How a pulse train can b generated using registers15. Conversion of oct to hex,hex to binary16. Fun of quantizer in pcm17. Why fm is less prone to noise18. Fun of limiter in detection of FM 19. What is envelop detector  20. Phase shift of 1/s^2 21. Signal limited to 1000 hz sampled at nyquist rate. quantizer has 128 level .calculate the bit rate of the system. 22. 1.5 V battery supply same power to R1 and R2 separately(R1>R2).calc the internal resistance of battery 23. A wire is cut in two halves. one half is again stretched to th twice of length .calc theresistance.
Some Technical Questions from Previous NTPC Exam :
Technical Paper :
1. Given four unit-circle plots identify the one corresponding to a bandpass filter.2. A 4 kHz signal is sampled at thrice the Nyquist rate and sent through a channel with error ≤1%. Calc the bandwidth of the channel.3. Given a two port network in the form of a T find o/p admittance in terms of y-parameters.4. Connect two 1Ω resistors in series, then connect two 1H inductors across one of 
the resistors such that the ckt looks like a 1Ω resistor in series with a Π-section of a resistor and two inductors. With the series resistance on the i/p side, calc thetransfer function of this ckt5. Inverse laplace transform of 1/s2[d/ds(e-3s/s)]6. Lower useful input limit of a transducer is determined by…7. Air-cored inductors are used for low frequency/high frequency/equalfrequency operations.8. Given 4 pole-zero plots identify which one corresponds to the driving pointimpedance of a series resonant ckt.9. Expression for δ(n): u(n)-u(n-1)/ u(n-1)-u(n+1)/ u(n)+u(n+1)/...10. The sequence (2,3,4,3) is circularly even/circularly odd/circularly zero/bothcircularly even and odd.11. Z-transform of 3n u(n).12. Match the following with their characteristics: LED/LCD/nixie tube/opticalfibre.13. Numerical on a photodiode: to calculate the responsivity/sensitivity when aspecified no of incident photons cause a specified no of electron generation.14. Given an op-amp ckt obtain an expression for o/p voltage.15. No. of encirclements made about the origin of the nyquist plot of the openloop TF:1/[(s-1)(s+2)(s+3)].16. For a radioactive sample which decays to 12.5% of its initial value in x days,the half life is given by____17. For a repeater in a PCM cable identify the correct sequence of actions amongstthreshold/equalization/etc.18. O/P of a delta modulator when a ramp input is fed to it.19. Steady state error with ramp i/p for a type-0 system.20. Creeping occurs in energy meters bcoz….21. Ultrasonic method of flow measurement cannot be used in liquids with air

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