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Published by nailesh_limbasiya

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Published by: nailesh_limbasiya on Mar 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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-: Paper Title:-
Geetas God and betterment of Human life
Prepared by:Mr. Nailesh Limbasiya, Assistant Professor
Chemical, M
, Post Graduation in Cultural Course)
mail:Nailesh_limbasiya@yahoo.co.in Ph. No. 9712657872
R K College of 
usiness Management
havnagar High way-Rajkot - 360020
ffiliated with Gujarat Technological University 
Geetas God and Attitude towards Human life
In the era of technical and economical development every individual work day and night for financial prosperity only. In this turbulent environment he forgets to live the life. He remainswith mobile, job, friends and colleagues except himself. He generates wealth and becomes theservant of it. There is increase in alienation between men to men, men to nature, and men toother creation of God. Due to globalization there is decrease in physical distance between personto person but increase in social and psychological distance. Finally individual tired with network develop by himself and seeks the place where he can find himself with full of joy and bliss. Atthis moment
Shrimad Bhagvad Geeta
shows the path to individual and society that leads toultimate realization of self and bliss. This paper discusses the role of God in day to day life toimproving the value of human living. Paper also suggests the way to implement the notion of God betterment of human life at large.
Indwelling God is the concept of God in the Geeta. God is not living only in temple or in sky butit lies in heart of every human being, nature and animals (
Sarvasya Chahamhrdi Sannivisto
± Geeta Chapter 15/15). Notion of presence of God with human being leads to the confidence inindividual and motivates him to become the universal being. Geeta also says that you are partand parcel of this universe (
 Mamaivanso Jivloke
± Geeta Chapter 15/07) so you are manifestfrom the divine and you are potentially divine. Geeta says that you are not born as a result of sinof Adam and Eva (Concept in Christianity) but your birth is the result of pure love of God. Itshows the positive attitude towards the life and leads human being to live the life with pure loveto all creation of God. This leads to respect for self, respect for other, respect for animal, respectfor work, and respect for all creation.
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As Geeta says that you are creation of God and there is divine relationship with God. It alsoensures that God is with you so he works with you but do not work for you. Once the individualfeels that the power that rules the universe works with me and feels the happiness and sorrow
with me he will never be disappointed in any moment of life. If a person realizes that God is withhim than he will not committed any wrong practices in organization or in personal life becausehe knows that whatever I do it is seen by God (God as
± Geeta Chapter 09/18). Geetaconvinces us that life is not the punishment but it is full of bliss of God. God has given fivesenses of knowledge, five senses of action, mind, intellect and ego to play in this universe. Eachand every external and internal organs having multipurpose functionality and with the use of itone can get the deepness of sea, height of mountain, dynamism of river and kindness of nature.³Can Do´ attitude is the plus in human being as compared to other creations of God. But in thefast running era nobody has time to enjoy the smell of flower, hearing the voices of nature, seethe natural beauty and feel the smooth touch of flower and leaf. By realization of bliss given byGod one can use it effectively for the enjoyment of each and every moment of life.
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As Geeta says that God lies in your hear that implies it also lies in the hear of other human being.Every relation required something in common. Organization is common in boss and employeerelationship; parent is common factor in family blood relation. There could be number of basesfor relations like, cast, religion, occupation, education etc. but every medium has its weaknesses.It leads to alienation from one group to other group. Whole world tries to find the common basison which human relation can be established. At this time Geeta gives the relationship of bloodmaker. Though we may not have the relationship of blood but we have the relation of creator who runs the life of everyone. So on the basis of concept of indwelling God other is not other heis my divine relative. So one can live together like a family under the family head of God. Withthis notion individual will not exploit other rather he will respect other and treat him like a brother. With the realization of divine relation one will help other with love and heart. It willreduce the environment of conflict and create the healthy supportive environment inorganization. Geeta replaces the Darwin¶s survival of fittest principle by making fittest tosurvive. That means one life is not living by killing other but one lives with the help and supportof other life.

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