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107. Universal Zionism, by Dr. Dmitry Radyshevsky

107. Universal Zionism, by Dr. Dmitry Radyshevsky

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Universal Zionism, by Dr. Dmitry Radyshevsky
Universal Zionism, by Dr. Dmitry Radyshevsky

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Published by: lifeinthemix on Mar 30, 2010
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Part One.THE FINAL EXODUS1. The Path of Babylon and the Path of Jerusalem
. It is a word most often encountered in social and political news. We all strive for it: goodpeople and bad, strangers as well as our own. It is in unity that we experience within ourselvesthe greatest sense of purpose. In the unity of inner harmony: the reconciliation of our mindsand desires. In outward unity: feeling the closeness and love of our families, our friends, andour people. And finally, in the ultimate unity: harmony with the meaning of life and with thepurpose of our being – with our Creator.Conversely, nothing is more frightening than unity's antithesis: discord, hostility, alienation.All of human history is one long stream of relentless effort to overcome fragmentation – of minds, souls, societies, and peoples.The Adversary (Greek “diabolos”, whence “devil”), the spirit of contradiction within a humanbeing, his evil side, which the Almighty allows to exist so that man can choose Good and fightfor it, is by definition the Master Calumniator and Alienator. This is the meaning of his name inmany languages, specifically Hebrew:
- the adversary of the Holy One, Whose essenceis Completeness, the adversary of the Peace (
) and Completeness (
) that areGod.The Creator helps His creatures find a common essence and a common spirit in disparatephenomena and disciplines (science and religion, diverse peoples and faiths, and so forth),and to unite on that basis for co-operation and love. The Adversary, however, provokes us tofind distinctions even in similar, closely related phenomena, and to dismember and disunitethem on that basis.We are witnessing in the world today a process of breakdown and fragmentation in every areaof life, even where wholeness was the rule not so very long ago. It is the breakdown of man’smind and even his body, schizophrenic fragmentation of his psyche, the breakdown andalteration of the individual’s sex and genocide, the ubiquitous collapse of the family structure,the frightful polarization of rich and poor, the breakdown of North and South, East and West,tradition and civilization, individualism and communalism, the rational and irrational, scienceand religion.Man is experiencing a crisis of fragmentation, and he yearns for unity. Efforts to attain it areongoing everywhere. We have the Internet and supersonic jets, the United Nations and theEuropean Union, ecumenism and globalism, and a yearning for unity and closing ranks withinevery denomination and creed, be it Jews, Christians, Islamists, or neo-Nazis.Throughout human history and down to the present day the most wonderful and also the mosthorrific things have been done in the name of unity. Because the Master Perverter, “God’s
ape,” the spirit of evil which so often gets the upper hand inside man, is also summoning us tounity: unity via the path of Babylon.
The path of Babylon
is the path of coercion and of totalitarian ideology, of subduing man’s freewill and subjugating it to some leader, government, or party. The path of Babylon is the path of imperialism and dictatorships: Pharaohs, satraps, Caesars, and Fuehrers.
The path of Jerusalem
is the antithesis of that path. The Jerusalem path is the path of Divinewisdom and Divine love. It is the path of man’s free-will attainment of God’s truths, of manfinding unity with other people and other nations by his own volition, based on those truths.Jerusalem –
in Hebrew – means, “He shall demonstrate completeness.” Thenations shall participate in Jerusalem’s completeness and unity by entering into it through itsvarious gates, i.e., by each preserving its own culture and uniqueness, and not throughcoercion into unity by military formation, to the tune of a battle march.Both the joy and the trepidation of our times consist in the fact that Jerusalem’s victory,awaited by the entire human race, is already close at hand. The best evidence of this is thesharp increase in the frequency of Babylon’s attacks on man’s free spirit.Whereas a century or more used to pass between successive manifestations of the globe-conquering varieties of totalitarianism, we have now witnessed in the last hundred years alonethree colossal attacks by Babylon: Fascism, Communism, and now – Islamism.For the third time this century, the world is reeling from a ghastly confrontation of good andevil. We live on the eve of enormous Messianic changes in history. The closer we come toGod, the more intense Satan’s resistance becomes. The “birth pangs of the Messiah” arebecoming more and more frequent.For the third time this century, the Adversary has harnessed the Pharaonic chariots of totalitarian ideology, hoping to deprive humankind of its spiritual freedom. First it was a redchariot – Communism; next, it was brown – Nazism; and now, green – Islam. But in everyinstance the chariot’s driving force is one and the same – the lie of having attained unity (for the essence of the Master Dissembler is not in eliminating the Divine objective, but inperverting it) via the Anti-God, by speedily and massively excising everything “superfluous”through straightforward means,
radical division
:> Dividing the entire world into proletariat and bourgeois, in order to destroy all of thebourgeois, and give victory to the proletariat;> Dividing the entire world into Aryans and Untermenschen, to destroy the latter and create theEternal Reich;> Destroying all infidels, or converting them to Islam, in order to create the Universal
.These divisions were first based on class, later on race, and now – on religion.We should note that not only has the frequency of these satanic attempts increased, but theyhave also grown in magnitude. No country can afford to remain on the sidelines any longer.

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