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The Mantle & the Marbles

The Mantle & the Marbles

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Published by Scott Zior
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Become a FAN: www.facebook.com/weeklyworship

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Published by: Scott Zior on Mar 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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WeeklyWorship.org - Discipling Nations - Rev. Scott Zior 
The Mantle & The Marbles
departed...and foundElisha...who was plowing... and Elijahpassed by him, and cast his
took up...the
of Elijah that fell from him... (1 Kings 19.19,2 Kings 2.13)It was March 8th in Jaipur, Rajasthanwhen God spoke very clearly to me.Hetold me to wash my assistant's feet, togive him my mantle of anointing and torelease full authority for our ministry teamto him.He wept as I washed his feet andprophetically released a double portion onhim.I touched my shoulders and then his as a symbol of passing the mantle.He alsoprayed and prophesied over me.It was extremely powerful!Later I came to know thatwhat I did that night had just been prophesied to my assistant in another prayer meetingearlier that evening.And God gave me a vision.He showed me myself as a child with my hands clenchingmarbles.I was reluctant to give them away for fear I would have nothing left.Then theLord spoke to me that he wanted to give me something new but my hands were too fullwith those marbles.And only after I gave those marbles away, my hands would be free toreceive the new thing he wanted to give me.I passed those marbles!And again on March 11th in New Delhi, our ministry team gathered for prayer.We prayedand washed one another's feet.I was wearing a new t-shirt that day.It was a red soccerstyle t-shirt with a player's name written on the back in black letters.Suddenly the HolySpirit spoke to me.You have to pass it on to your assistant.It is your modern day mantle!I took it off and put it on him.The mantle was again passed!And the player's name onthe back of the shirt is also my assistant's nick name!The mantle had his name on it!Itwas time to pass it on!Then my team laid hands on me and a heavy anointing was poured out upon me like amighty waterfall.I could not stand.It came in waves of down pouring, unlike anything Ihad ever experienced before!It was the new thing that God wanted to give me.I do notfully understand it yet but I know it is there.It is a new mantle!There is a time for everything under heaven (Ecc 3.1).There is a time to take up a mantleand use it.And then there is a time to pass the mantle on.It is vital that we do the rightthing at the right time, lest we stagnate spiritually.Elijah was given a powerful mantle of anointing by God.He took it up and used it for God'sglory.But later it was time to pass it on to Elijah.He did that.Then he himself wasraptured into heaven.Some people believe that Elijah will come yet again as one of the twowitnesses in the end of days (Rev 11.3).I believe it is possible.It may be a new mantlefor him!

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