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Final Reflection

Final Reflection

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Published by embry44

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: embry44 on Mar 31, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Name: Tiffany EmbryDate: 12/9/09Course Number/Name: MAT 728
Final Reflective Assessment
1. What were your initial premise statements? Discuss your premise statements now thatthey have been refined and revised as a result of your action research.
 Initial Premise Statement:
Most of the students when placed in an EBD self-containedunit enter performing below grade level. Many of the students are embarrassed to participate in group discussions and activities. While playing a game of Yahtzee withstudents, I discovered that they did not have basic multiplication skills. Initially, Ithought that using traditional rote memorization was the best method to assist students inlearning their multiplication facts. Students continued to struggle. The inability toacquire multiplication facts hinders their ability to learn the math concepts that arerequired of 3
, 4
, and 5
grade students. They are also not able to do simple problemsolving quickly and efficiently. This problem is significant because students are not ableto simple problems efficiently.
 Refined and Revised:
Through research, I discovered many ways that use braincompatible learning techniques that aid students in obtaining and retaining multiplicationfacts. The way that I chose to focus on for my implementation plan was using popular music which allowed for multiple parts of the brain to be activated which provides for multiple connections and retention.2. Your “practical argument” is the professional knowledge and language you use tosupport the decisions you make in your classroom. What were the key concepts and ideasfrom these courses that define your new practical argument in professional practice?Before this class, I had never been exposed to brain-based research. During myundergraduate studies, I had been drilled on “using the multiple intelligences”. I feel themultiple intelligences and brain based strategies go hand and hand, however brain basedconcepts take it a step further. The key concepts that I have chosen to incorporate intomy classroom are:
The use of brain gyms
Incorporation of the arts into core content subject areas
Addition of nature to the classroom (plants and animals)
Provided more hands on learning opportunities3. What questions were raised (or not fully answered) during your action research thatmight lead you to further research?I am still trying to discover creative assignments that also offer structure due to the natureof my students’ disabilities. This question has taken me on countless searches. When my
students have too much freedom, it often leads to chaos and out of control behaviors. Ihave tried to create an environment which was “calm” and “down” relaxation time duringthe day – often trying to incorporate yoga techniques so that the students can refocus, butmy students often become silly or disorderly (arguing, fighting with one another). Whenthese behaviors occur, I find that it becomes more difficult to get the students back ontask. I realize that my students are unique in that they have been diagnosed as having anemotional behavioral disability, but I still feel this reflective time could greatly benefitthem, if I could just make it work.4. How has the semester’s work change you as a teacher? How has your study impactedyour role in your school?This semester’s work has made me a much more creative teacher. I am becoming ateacher who is stepping out of her comfort zone for the benefit of all students. I havediscovered that it is a lot more work and requires me to plan two separate tasks (analternative assignment for students who cannot handle the original). It has impacted myrole in the school because I have gone to other colleagues for advice and suggestionsabout creative assignments. I discovered that once I started asking them for help, theytoo started asking me for suggestions in my area of expertise (behavior). It has made mecloser to the teachers at my school. Another positive that came out of this semester isthat several of my colleagues have made copies of the
Smart Shorties
program and areimplementing it in their classrooms. It is too early to tell if the students are retaining themultiplication facts, but they are enjoying the program!
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