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In to the Wild (the Road)

In to the Wild (the Road)

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Published by Ana Karen
This story is kind of nauhty and a little horny type but u guys will love it
This story is kind of nauhty and a little horny type but u guys will love it

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Ana Karen on Mar 31, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In the meadow (the road)
Driving back from our date at Bella Italia, I was absorbed in the absolutequietness of the car. Edward had not spoken for most of the drive back and Iwas getting impatient with the silence. We had agreed we both needed a breakfrom the wedding plans that Alice kept subjecting us to. It had been his idea togo to Port Angeles.I placed my hand on his thigh and gave it playful squeeze. His rock hard thigh
didn’t yield at all to this, but I knew he felt it. He finally turned his head toward
me and flashed me a crooked grin that made my heart skip a beat.
“Are you nervous about the wedding?” he asked, his eyes still on me an
d notthe road. Even though I was used to his driving and his complete competencynot to wrap the Volvo around a tree, it still made me nervous.
“The only thing I am nervous about now is you not watching the road.”
He chuckled and turned his attention back to the road to appease me. Myhand still rested on thigh. Maybe I should see just how perfect a driver he wasif I edged my hand further up his thigh. I slowly ran my hand up over his thighand then down, brushing my hand by his front jean pocket. I felt him stiffen.
“Bella, control yourself please,” he said as he lightly brushed my hand away.
There went my theory, he hadn’t swerved once. The man had an iron will. I
sighed and crossed my arms over my chest.I looked at him in the darkness of the car. His perfect profile was outlined bythe moonlight cast through the window. His eyes focused on the twisty road
head of us. In just a few short weeks this perfect specimen of a man…vampire
was going to be mine forever. The thought made me giddy. Staring at him,
waves of desire swept over me, and I was glad that he couldn’t read my
thoughts I was having.I gingerly placed my hand back on his thigh.
“Bella,” he warned in low, husky voice.
“What? “ I replied back, feigning innocence in my voice.
 I heard him sigh but he made no attempt to move my hand. I quickly took inhis jeans. I wished I could move as fast as vampires. He would have my handoff his zipper in a flash as soon as he realized what I was up to. But I also hadthe distinct option that since he was driving, his attempts to stop me from whatI was about to do were very limited. Emboldened by this feeling that he wassomewhat helpless, my hand quickly flew to his zipper and with a quick yank, Ipulled it down. My hand darted quickly past the rough zipper and I foundwhat I was looking for.Edward let off the gas and a gasp came out. He tried to move my hand, but I
wasn’t letting go.
“Bella! What are you trying to do?
me wreck?”
I laughed. “You can’t wreck. Remember? You told me so yourself.”
“That’s because I’ve never been in this situation before.”
 He tried to remove my hand again, but I had a death grip on him.
“Bella…please,” he pleaded with me. “We just have a few more weeks.”
 I was tired of waiting. Edward was scared that if he did have a soul, our having
sex before marriage would make his soul null and void. I wasn’t buying that.
Did he mean that all those couples having sex were doomed to a life in hell?And besides, we
going to be married soon, that should count forsomething.I ignored him and pulled out his penis. I heard a low groan come from him. Igently touched it now. It felt like a cold piece of marble in my fingers. The skinwas smooth and as I ran my fingers over it, he let out another low moan. Itraced my fingers up and lightly tickled his shaft. He shifted uncomfortably inhis seat.
“Bella…love. Stop,” he said slowly but I could hear the faintness of desire inhis voice. He really didn’t want me to stop.
 I unbuckled my seatbelt and Edward glanced at me.
“Just keep driving,” I sa
id demurely as I leaned across the console and placedhis rock hard member in my mouth.The coldness of him in my mouth made me shiver and I felt a sudden jerk ashe tried to straighten the car back on the road. I began to work on him, notsure exactly what I was doing. I let my mouth warm him up and I ran mytongue up and down his shaft. He tasted so sweet; I lapped at him like I was
licking the world’s best tasting lollipop. He moaned louder now at this, I felt
him stiffen. I began to eagerly suck now, taking as much of him as I could. Myhead bobbed up and down in a quickening pace. I felt the gentle pressure ofhis hand on the back my head, pressing me down.His moans were getting louder now and I was shocked and instinctively bitdown on him as I felt the car suddenly swerve off the road and onto theshoulder. It had been like biting into a rock, my teeth faintly ached. Thescreech of brakes and the sudden stop jolted me into the steering wheel. I

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