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Blood Bath

Blood Bath



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Published by Ana Karen
This story is kinda funny in a way edward enters the bathroom with bella butt naked and bleeding can he resist the blood or the body.
This story is kinda funny in a way edward enters the bathroom with bella butt naked and bleeding can he resist the blood or the body.

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Ana Karen on Mar 31, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Blood Bath (shocker)
“Hey,” I sang, as I danced across the room headed for Edward’s sprawled
form onmy bed. I managed to catch my toe between my night stand and stumbled into his waiting out-stretched arms. He chuckled as he smoothed my hair.
“What am I going to do with you?”
“Kiss me,” I challenged. He laughed and pulled me up so he could reach
my lips. Ibarely had a chance to close my eyes before he pulled away. I glared at him my lipspuckered indignantly.He chuckled as he possessively pulled me closer. I laughed and nuzzled his coldneck, tracing my tongue along his earlobe. He stiffened and pulled back, his eyes were smoldering and his lips were set in a hard frustrated line. I looked downshamefaced, as heat flooded my cheeks.He sighed; I looked up catching the hint of a smirk playing around his lips. I realizedI was forgiven and quickly took advantage of the situation by nibbling on his vulnerable ear. I lopped off his lap and ran to retrieve my bag of toiletries from off my desk.He growled as he playfully snatched my waist and tried to unsuccessfully pull meback to the bed. I laughed but intently pried off his hands that ensnared my waist,
“I’ll be back before you have a chance to miss me,” I whispered close to his ear.
 He rolled his eyes and opened his mouth to object. I quickly smothered his reply  with a short peck and skipped from the room to steal my human minute.I glanced in the mirror, my eyes were bright and my hair knotted, my cheeks heldsplotches of red. I groaned as I ran the water. I wanted to be quick, but I realizedthat I needed the relaxation of a bath. I knew Edward wou
ldn’t be mad if I took an
extra ten minutes.I leisurely lighted some tea lights and placed them around the room. I turned off thelight and was granted with a light gloom that made the small space glow withpeacefulness. I carelessly took off my clothes and left them squished and forgottenon the floor.
Slowly I crawled into the steamy water and let out a long sigh as my skin adjusted tothe heat and began to relax under the pull of the liquid.I lightly dragged the tips of my fingers across the glassy surface, creating ripples that disturbed and waved the smooth water. I gradually shampooed and allowed theconditioner I applied to linger in my hair. I bent my head back and slowly shut my eyelids allowing the fragrance of my strawberry scented condition penetrate the air. I vaguely realized that the water had turned slightly cold. I tried to count the minutesin my head but realized I was way longer than ten extra minutes. I smiled; Edwardprobably thought I was punishing him.I wrinkled my nose and ran my hands up my legs, horrified I felt the slight prickle of ingrown hair. I quickly fumbled for my shaving cream, I lifted my leg daintily in theair and began the drawn out process of shaving. I felt a little self-conscious at thethought of Edward silently waiting for me, but I pushed him out of my mind not  wanting to associate him with the task at hand. After the first I continued with the second. Slathering my right leg in a foamy bluegel, sending a fruity fragrance in the air. My mind wandered idly to the beautiful vampire awaiting my return. A blush creeped up my cheeks as inappropriatethoughts dosed my head and I sighed in relief, glad that I was the only exception to
Edwards’s gift, knowing that he’d even blush at the fantasy tugging at my mind.
 I gasped, my head dosed in sick coppery rust as a long stream of blood ran down my leg and filled the tub in a diluted red liquid.
“Bella?” Edward said, his voice was so clear that I knew he was standing just outside
the door. He definitely could smell the blood
. “Bella?!” Edward repeated panicclosing in on his voice when I didn’t answer the first time.
 I tried to answer but the room was spinning as my blood flowed relentlessly, dosing the tub in a richer red.
Edward didn’t waste
any time. I was barely able to register the doorknob turning,
until Edward spoke again, his voice loud with dread. “Bella, I’m coming in.”
My reflex’s picked up as I scrabbled out of the tub, knocking over shampoo and
body-wash that clattered loudly to the ground, and reached for the towel hanging onthe wall.
Then simultaneously, I heard my boyfriend gasp as he saw me, wet and buck nakedfor the first time, in a puddle on the washroom floor. At the same time, before I
could register Edward’s reaction. I heard my father (who has no idea 
that Edward ishere) call from down the hallway asking if everything is all right.Edward quickly turned and thumped his head on the door frame knocking the
breath out of him. I heard Charlie’s step beat down the warn path to the bathroom
and acting on pure survival instinct, I quickly ran to the door and shut and locked it.Consequently locking a very flustered Edward and a very embarrassed me inside.My face turned a deep scarlet as I threw the towel around myself. I turned toEdward, he had swiftly gone to the farther side of the washroom, putting as muchspace between us as the little room allowed. His back faced me, and from the way he was holding his arms I knew he was covering his eyes.
“Bella,” Charlie said as he knocked on the door. “Is everything all right?”
“Yeah dad,” I squeaked as the mortification of the situation settled over me. “I just knocked over the shampoo,” I could barely get that out and I knew I sounded less
then reassuring, but Charlie seemed to have gotten the message as he marched back to the safety of his room.I quickly turned to the mirror my face was an entirely unnatural shade of red, andmy heart was thumping erratically.I quickly tightened the towel around me, testing the security. I heard Edward curse,low and velvet on the tips of his perfect lips. I watched as he quickly strode over tothe tub and dove his long pale arm inside to release the drain. Once his armsresurfaced he tried his best to shake off the remaining water. I knew his control must be breaking and a naked bleeding girl that happened to have the most appealing blood to him was not good for his will-power. On top of that I left a pool of dilutedblood sitting like pouperrie to dose the air in my enticing aroma. It was like I wasserving myself to him on a silver platter. Was I suicidal?He slowly turned to me, his brow knitted into concerned lines that caused his wholeface to soften. He quickly treaded the two steps that separated us and engulfed me ina tight embrace.Too soon he released me and gently picked me up, setting me on top of the washroom counter. I tightened my hold on the towel and squeezed my legs closed.

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