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Observations of Metal Strips Before Reaction

Observations of Metal Strips Before Reaction

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Published by lkarmaz2

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Published by: lkarmaz2 on Mar 31, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Observations of metal strips before reactionCu: Copper colored, bright.Mg: Dark grey with white spots and color irregularities.Zn: Silver colored, brightAfter exposure to HClCu: No changeMg: Bubble formation, much more than with the zinc, losing color, white clouds are beingreleased, vapor coming out, strip is thinner Zn: Less abundant bubbling than in Mg, strip is also thinner, color is lighter.Cu + 2HCl --- > NR  No reaction occurs because HCl can only oxidize metals higher than H2 on the activity series.Cu is lower than H2 on the activity series, therefore, no reaction occurs because the HCl is notstrong enough to oxidize very non reactive metals.Zn + 2 HCl --> ZnCl
+ H
Mg(s) + 2HCl(aq) = MgCl
(aq) + H
(g)In those two cases, a reaction occurs. In contrast with copper, Zinc and Magnesium both aremore reactive than H thus, the Hydrogen ions of the HCl are able to oxidize the two metals. Inother words, those two metals lose their electrons because the Hydrogen in the solution isstrong enough to displace them. Moreover, Mg is more reactive than Zn, thus, a moreapparent change occurs in the case of Mg. Nitric acid experimentAfter a penny was dropped into a HNO3 solution, a dark red gas started to form, and a light blue liquid was left on the bottom of the flask. Ofter the penny was removed, the copper hadcompletely disappeared, but the zinc pqrt of the penny was still intact, suggesting that Cureacts with HNO3, but not zinc.

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