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The Eyeopener - March 31, 2010 - Activity Issue

The Eyeopener - March 31, 2010 - Activity Issue

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Published by The Eyeopener

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Published by: The Eyeopener on Mar 31, 2010
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 Volume 43, Issue 24 • theeyeopener.com — Ryerson’s Independent Student Newspaper since 1967 • Wednesday, March 31, 2010
photo: laura blenkinsop
   p   h   o   t   o    i   l   l   u   s   t   r   a   t   i   o   n  :   l   e   i   f   p   a   r   k   e   r   a   n   d   c   h   r   i   s   d   a   l   e
Wednesday, March 31, 2010
2 The Eyeopener
teachereducation program
 you choose really doesmake a difference
For over 150 years, Niagara Universityhas offered outstanding educationalopportunities to students from Canadaand the United States. Today you can findbachelor’s or master’s degree programsat our Canadian or New York locations.
Bachelor of Teacher Edcatio
Programs in Primary/Junior andIntermediate/Senior
Accredited by the Ontario College of Teachers
Convenient on-site classes in the Greater Toronto Area
Mater of Teacher Edcatio
Programs in Primary/Junior and Intermediate/Senior
Convenient U.S. location across the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge
Check it ot!
or visit
College of EducationAcademic ComplexNiagara University, NY 141091-800-778-3450
Education That Makes a Difference
OpEn HOusE
April 17, 2009
Niagara UniversityCampusLewiston, NY
Academic Complex9:30 am - 12:30 pm
Opens Thursday april 1 aT 8pm in selecT TheaTres. everywhere Friday.
_ _ _
Intensive 60-Hour Program
Classroom Management Techniques
Detailed Lesson Planning
ESL Skills Development
Comprehensive Teaching Materials
Interactive Teaching Practicum
Internationally Recognized Certificate
Teacher Placement Service
Money-Back Guarantee Included
Thousands of Satisfied Students
Teach EnglishAbroad
TESOL/TESL Teacher TrainingCertification Courses
Feta & Olives at Atrium onBay is proud to be servicing the staff and faculty of Ryerson. Feta & Olivesoffers fresh and healthymenu options whether it beour sizzling souvlaki‚Äôsor falafels, our productsare both delicious andnutritious. Visit us at Atrium on Bay or www.fetaolivesgrill.com When: Every MondayNight @ 9:30 pm Where:Imperial Pub Street: 54Dundas East (Next tothe Eaton Centre) EveryMonday night @9:30,comics from Toronto’sopen-mic circuit meetto entertain and insult you. Rated Best Stand-up comedy show thatoccurs on a Monday nightin a two-block radius(except for Freddy; theneighborhood’s designatedalcoholic. He’s hilarious).MENU SPECIALSFOR THEATER AND WRITING STUDENTSPWYCFOOD DELIVERY DRIVERS WANTEDEvenings/Weekends. $40-$70 per evening. CentralToronto. 416-932-3999 x251 mbarwick@orderit.ca
Wdday, March 31, 2010
The Eyeopener3
Tuition plan confrms Ryerson budget cuts
Tuition ees or September could beraised by ve per cent, an amount setby the provincial government’s tuitionramework unveiled on March 29.It allows universities to raise tuitionees by an average o ve per cent, rang-ing rom our to eight per cent depend-ing on year and program. This week’stuition ramework announcement de-termined 40 per cent o Ryerson’s op-erating budget. The rest was decidedlast week with the release o the Ontariogovernment’s budget.This system isn’t completely new toRyerson — the Reaching Higher tuitionramework was set to expire this year,but has been extended or the next two years.“For the most part, what it did wasconrm our estimates,” said RyersonPresident Sheldon Levy.However, Levy said he was surprisedby the government’s lack o compensa-tion unding, which makes up or infa-tion.The university can now prepare ora three per cent cut to all operating budgets, although departments acrosscampus were told to plan or a hit o upto our per cent to be sae.“It’s unortunate that we’re paying or this,” said Ryerson Students’ Unionvice-president education, Liana Salva-dor. “We’re being hit with tuition ee in-creases and a lower quality education.”celling o non-mandatory classes.But she said there were small victo-ries or students.The ramework set out changes tothe Ontario Student Assistance Pro-gram (OSAP). The weekly loan limit wasincreased rom $140 to $150. Studentsare now allowed to make $103 a week  while recieving OSAP, up rom $50 per week.Graduates won’t need to pay intereston their loans or six months and i stu-dents can’t pay o their loans ater 15 years, their debt will be erased.“We’re all together in this and we allhave to do a little bit o belt tightening,”said John Milloy, minister o training,colleges and universities.“We have to ask everyone to work to-gether.”
We’re being hit with tuitionfee increases and a lowerquality education.
 — Liana Salvador, VP educa-tion
Salvador said budget cuts at Ryersoncould mean larger classes and the can-
Sneak eek:Inside the Gardens
Preliminary drawings o the inside o Maple Lea Gar-dens show students will have to climb to the third foor toskate the ice o Ryerson’s athletics complex in 2011.The drawings are just the latest renditions provided by BBB Architects & Stadium Consultants International, andthe nal design could still change, said Ryerson PresidentSheldon Levy.“I think it’s antastic. I think it’ll be just an unbelievabledesign,” Levy said.Currently, the second foor will hold the basketball andvolleyball courts. They’re slated to be positioned o to theside to give the playing areas high ceilings.The third foor, Levy said, will hold the ice rink. The posi-tioning o the rink was decided rst and the other acilities were planned around it, he said. It’d be possible to see ontothe courts rom this level.The concourse level would allow spectators to look downon the ice rink, he said.Some o the space on the drawings have been “roughedin,” with acilities to be decided later.“We’re not even getting into speculation o what else be-cause we have to be open in a year rom now,” Levy said.Most o the changes that could be incorporated into laterdrawings would involve structural issues or budgetary con-siderations.The project is budgeted at $60 million, with $20 millioncoming rom student ees once it’s completed.Costing the plans will take about six weeks. I it exceedsthe school’s budget, plans will have to be rejigged, Levy said.
Cnfict hits Bard Gvernrs electin
Controversy about campaigning practices has led the president o theRyerson Students’ Union (RSU) to callor an audit o how the Board o Gover-nors elects student representatives.Bagnall’s concerns stem rom anemail sent by Darius Sookram, a can-didate or the student board memberposition on the Board o Governors.Bagnall said in the email that Sookram was campaigning through the listserv or student groups and course unions, which is in violation o a Board o Gov-ernors bylaw. Sookram is the studentgroup and course union commissioneror the RSU.“I strongly recommend that theBoard o Governors use the auditorsat Deloitte to do a thorough overview o the governance and procedures,”reads an email sent by RSU PresidentJermaine Bagnall to board o governorsrepresentatives, campus media and Ry-erson President Sheldon Levy.The email states Sookram was ini-tially disqualied rom the electionsor his actions, but was successul in anappeal and was reinstated. A copy o the ormal appeal decisionstates that the addresses on the listserv used by Sookram were available in adirectory any student could access by request, thereore not giving him anunair advantage.Bagnall’s email voices concernsabout Abdullah Snobar’s presence onthe appeal panel o the elections pro-cedures committee or the board o governors. The email points out thatSnobar is the general manager o theRyerson Commerce Society (RCS) andSookram’s running mates, George Phuand Naeem Hassen, are respectully thepresident and president-elect o the or-gainization.Phu, Sookram and Hassen wereelected to the Board o Govenors.
It’s not like they pulled meout of the blue.
 — Abdul Snobar, RCSgeneral manager 
“Clearly the denition o confict o interest is skewed,” Bagnall said. Frank  Whitestone, the RSU representative onthe Board o Governor’s election pro-cedures committee, said he didn’t re-ceive an email sent by returning ocerCatherine Redmond about the appealhearing and the need or a student rep-resentative on the panel.“I don’t know why she sent it to Abdullah, because he’s not a student,”said Whitestone.Snobar said he was always a membero the election procedure committee,and sat on the committee with at leasttwo other student representatives.“It’s not like they pulled me out o theblue,” said Snobar.“I eel comortable taking on dutiesI’m asked to do”“I think beore the RSU presidentrecommends audits they should look attheir own,” said Snobar, reerring to theaudit conducted on the RSU last year.Sookram could not be reached orcomment by press time.
— With fles rom Carys Mills 
Dwight Duncan, Ontario’s minister o fnance, previewed the budget at Ryerson.
Number o additionalOntario GraduateScholarships madeavailable to graduatestudents
New loan maximumstandard per two-termacademic year
New incomeexemption beoregovernment starts toreduce OSAP unding 
 Above: A cross-section shows the potential plans or the Gardens. Below: A bird’s-eye view o the rink 
On March 29, theprovincial governmentalso announced changesto the Ontario Student Assistance Program(OSAP)

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