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Secondary Exam Practice Reading Comprehension Papers

Secondary Exam Practice Reading Comprehension Papers



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Published by sangreal000
English Chinese Reading Comprehension Exam Practice Papers
English Chinese Reading Comprehension Exam Practice Papers

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Published by: sangreal000 on May 09, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Secondary Past Exam Papers1
This part is to test your ability to use words and phrases correctly to construct meaningful and grammatically correct sentences.
There are 30 incomplete statements here. You are required to complete each statement by choosing the appropriate answer from the 4 choices marked A), B), C) and D).
1. We have always ______ a friendly policy towards the people all over the world.A) believed B) seekC) liked D) pursued2. No matter what happens, I’ll ______ you, so don’t be afraid.A) stand with B) stand byC) stand aside D) stand for 3. They hurried into the hall, ______ their engagement to us.A) announcing B) talking aboutC) proposing D) speaking
4. The car is beautiful. ______ the price, they are prepared to pay for it.
A) However B) Whichever C) Whatever D) Wherever 5. She is ______ to catch up with the top students in her class.A) decided B) determinedC) declared D) settled6. He ordered that the books ______ at once.A) would be sent B) would sendC) be sent D) send7. With great efforts of the peace-loving people all over the world, Iraq ______the war.A) survived B) survived fromC) survival D) survived to8. He went to school ______ his serious illness.A) though B) in spiteC) past D) despite9. As a(n) ______ of his work, he won the scholarship.A) award B) rewardC) pay D) payment10. The general manager was ______ busy to see visitors.A) too much B) muchC) much too D) very much11.I’m not ______what you have finished. Try it again!A) familiar to B) used toC) content with D) interested in12. Only in this way ____________the pollution problem effectively.A) we can deal with B) can we deal withC) we will deal with D) do we deal with
12 marks
Secondary Past Exam Papers2
ComprehensionMount Everest Has Shrun
Mount Everest is 3.6 meters shorter than we thought. This is according to a team of Chinese scientists who have justfinished measuring the world’s highest mountain. They say Everest stands at 8844.43 meters above sea level. This islower than a measurement of 8,848 meters, which was taken in 1975. A Chinese spokesman Chen Bangzhu said thenew height was accurate within a range of plus or minus 21 centimeters. His team used the latest technology incarrying out its survey, including GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite equipment.The Chinese team wanted to find the actual height of the rock surface and not the ice. Mr. Chen explained that thelatest survey did not measure the thickness of the ice on top of the mountain. Scientists did not want to include thedepth of the ice for the mountain’s height. It is uncertain whether other countries will accept the new data. A survey byAmerican scientists in 1999 discovered the peak was 8,850 meters, five and a half meters higher than the Chinesecalculation. China also has a different name for Mt. Everest. It uses the Tibetan name for the peak, Mt. Qomolangma.
a) Find the synonyms in the article for precise and conducting. (2 marks)b) Why won’t other countries accept the data? (2 marks)c) What was the mission of the Chinese team? (2 marks)d) Why do you think the Chinese and American measurements differ by more than five meters (2 marks)e) Which name do you prefer, Mount Everest or Mount Qomolangma and why? (2 marks)f) Why do you think Mount Everest has shrunk? (5 marks)
15 marks
Secondary Past Exam Papers3
 In this part, there is a passage with incomplete sentences. You are expected to fill in the blanks.The first letters of the words have been given out.
The earth is our h_________(1). We must take of it, for ourselves and for the next g_________(2).This means preserving the q_________(3) of our environment. The importance of this task iss_________ (4) by scientists who study the relation of man to nature. They are responsible for k_________(5) the land, air and water clean.To keep the wheels of the industry t_________(6), we manufacture consumer goods in endlessq_________(7), and in the process, are rapidly exhausting our n_________(8) resources. But thisis only half the problem. What to do with manufactured products when they are w_________(9) out.They must be disposed of, but how and where? Man, about to be b_________(10) in his ownwaste, is caught in a vicious cycle.
his part is to test your translating ability. It consists of two sections.
Section A
 In this section there are two sentences. Translate them into Chinese.
1. It is important to see that our cars are equipped with pollution-control devices. Such devices effectivelyreduce the harmful gases emitted from the engine. _________________________________________________________________________________________  _________________________________________________________________________________________  ______________________________________________________________________________________ 2. The zookeepers were concerned that because the young gorilla hadn’t any maternal role models, she mightnot be fully prepared to mother her own young, so they give lessons.
 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 
Section B
 In this section there are three Chinese sentences. Translate them into English using the givenexpressions.
 play…role in…
 _____________________________________________________________________________________________  ____________________________________________________________________________________ 2.
instead of 
 _____________________________________________________________________________________________  _________________________________________________________________________________________ 3.
 be ready to do
 ________________________________________________________________________________________  ________________________________________________________________________________________ 
10 marks10 marks

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