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CIE200DD, Spring 2010 (Rein) -- third paper assignment on Darwin OR on Nietzsche and Ngugi

CIE200DD, Spring 2010 (Rein) -- third paper assignment on Darwin OR on Nietzsche and Ngugi

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Published by Nathan Rein

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Published by: Nathan Rein on Apr 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CIE200DD, Spring 2010 (Rein)
Third paper assignment -- either Darwin or Nietzsche-Ngugi
For this paper, you can choose from one of the following two options:

Option 1: Darwin
Imagine that you are writing in the 1860s in response to the controversy caused by
Darwin's recent publications. Your job is to show, via a solid, persuasive argument, that
it would be a disaster for civilized values, morality, and/or religion if Darwin's way of
thinking about nature were to be widely accepted. It may be helpful in addressing this
question to review the critiques of Darwin that appear on p. 105 of your CIE 200 reader
(two of them are copied below as excerpts 2 and 3). You can choose your approach --
you can focus on the religious implications of Darwin's theories, or on what you think
their psychological consequences might be, or on whatever you think will allow you to
make the strongest, most compelling argument. Feel free to draw on any of the CIE texts
from the reader, even if we didn't go over them in class.

Option 2: Nietzsche meets Ngugi
Based on your understanding of theGenealogy of Morals (the Preface and First Essay),
explain what you think Nietzsche's opinion would be of Waiyaki's story as portrayed in

The River Between. Would he think Waiyaki was doing something noble or great? Or

would he think it was pathetic and weak? Why? Assume, for the sake of the paper, that your Nietzsche has readThe River Between and thinks of it basically as a true story, and that he thinks Waiyaki is a real person, but don't assume that he knows any more about the story than is revealed in the novel. If you are feeling really daring, write it in the first person (in other words, write your paper in the voice of Nietzsche himself).

Length: 1500 words. Include a word count.
Due: 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, April 6, 2010, via email to me.

As with the first two papers, give your paper a filename like the following (call it
"Darwin paper" if you're choosing the first option, "Ngugi paper" if you're choosing the

[your last name] - CIE200DD - [Darwin or Ngugi] paper, draft 1 - [date
of email as MM-DD-YYYY].doc
So, for example, mine would look like this:
Rein - CIE200DD - Ngugi paper, draft 1 - 4-6-2010.doc

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