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Bhagavad Gita in Daily Life

Bhagavad Gita in Daily Life

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Published by jagadishprasad
talks about ways of handling yourself
talks about ways of handling yourself

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Published by: jagadishprasad on Apr 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This is a small treatise of information about Bhagavad-Gita and how it can be applied tomanagement and daily life
IN 21
century management problems overall have become much more tougher to solve , peoplebrain power even now hasn’t developed much to the increasing demand of customers .Customers have become much more demanding with increased after sale service notion andother benefits are being asked by them which has made managing them tougher and tougher with coming days
What can Geeta teach to them is now the question?
Geeta expounds the relationship between human beings by helping each other in a novel fashion.It teaches youth of today as to how to face the world with gusto, with manliness, sublimity andhonesty in making decisions without getting bogged down to daily tensions in office and houseGeeta teaches you the change management principle of how a normal individual in daily life facesproblems of change in office and how with the help of Geeta he can win laurels in office andhouse management by applying the principle of ethics etcGeeta has been taught and can be taught in different languages and in different ways but Ithought of highlighting in a novel fashion as applicable to managing resources in office mainlyand to certain extent house management
This is a honest initiative to make Geeta called by Indians as Bhagavad-Gita to bring it closer tothe doorstep of managementHope you all would love to read this along with me to explore this beautiful proposition (for or against the topic ) of Bhagavad-GitaIn today’s tension field people are looking for spiritualistic growth along with mental growth that iswhy reading Bhagavad-Gita and understanding it becomes part and parcel of a student, manager and employee’s life to know what is right and wrong in today’s world
Chapter One
 In the story of Bhagavad gita Arjuna is considered to be a human being havingpersonal problem in life . he has to chose in a battlefield whether to fight or leave thebattle field , fighting against relatives and friends was the most difficult task assignedto him,. sri krishna atlast understands his problem and gives him a dosage as to howto lead life in times of difficulty 
in the same way a human being also encounters problems like arjuna whichsometimes is easy to solves and sometimes so tricky that you need guidance, in thebattlefield of mahabharata arjuna took the guidance of friend, philosopher in theshape of krishna , the lord.  jagadish also states that having a mentor is very crucial in life to solve the day today problems the great shiv khera in his book you can win talks about having association with highmoral ethics gives you greater rewards than being associated with wretched , moneyminded personalities who are just bothered about themselves. in times of difficultyonly moral ethics (on which the book talks about) people give assurance andguidance about lifting people from wretched lives and not the other way round how to select a mentor is now a question that can be asked now ? the answer issimple, child looks out towards parents for guidance, students looks out for guidancein the form of teacher, elders look out for guidance in form of books , now questionarises are these mentors perfect mentors or not, the question here is nobody isperfect in life but situations handling determines whether the guy duped a person orgave a helping hand , only high moral ethics , not even lesser moral ethics, it ishigher moral ethics association determines whether you are a successful or justanother guy in life sent to earth and did a job and left as it is or worked forbetterment of humanity with face in the crowd moral of the story 1) get associated with high moral ethics people2) judge them whether mentors help people in and around them when the chips aredown or not3) even elders make mistake, have decision making skills and4) financial personal affairs books are very crucial for survival in this 21st century5) share and read knowledgable books in life , they are the once which tell youwhether you are successful or just a laggard in life www.investopedia.com 
chapter 2
 The lord Krishna talks about STITHPRGNATVA ( balance of mind in times of emergency situation ) also called as sankhya yoga . The lord himself ridicules Arjunato have balance of mind in life. STITHPRAGNATVA if one person develops over aperiod of time through meditation automatically attains hold on living life joyfully. it
is just like stoic philosophy of life being of same personality whether happiness orsadness comes to a person through events people take advantage of any person if balance of mind is not their .emotional peoplecan easily be exploited and made fun off by intelligent people. if you do not want togive baton to intelligent people learn to develop stoic philosophy in life which veryenthusiastically told by lord krishna in the form of STITHPRAGNATVA how to develop this type of stoic philosophy in life. do a lot of meditation for 1 hourdaily . ask a person to ridicule you every now and then , never react to the wordsand keep your temper and composure towards the person criticizing you with evenmindset. how to do meditation is now the question you can do it by praying to the lord by keeping his image in the thought andfocussing all your attention towards that photo in the mind. concentrate and developbalance of mind (STITHPRAGNATVA) moral of the story a) read personality books of Anthony robbinsb) read personality books of Dale carnegiec) Develop balance of mind through meditation for just 1 hour daily 
 The lord talks about bhakti yoga ( having faith in lord) in times of difficult times.according to jagadish this is the easiest path adopted by people to stay away fromproblems by an intelligent being. just say to yourself whenever a problem comes if you believe in bhakti yoga 
The problem has come, now lord wants me to settle the issue , it is his wishso i am performing the act, the lord would take care for the actions taken byme to solve the problem. It is his blessing in disguise
question here now arises that lord krishna himself never advocated entirely toleave it to the god. he also stated to perform actions to solve the problem also andnot leave the problem without taking necessary steps to solve the problem. it isbelief blindly followed by many thinking action is not needed while lord said do notleave the result to god but do action to solve the problem as much as you can tosolve it moral of the story

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