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Published by Jagadish Prasad
talks about brand questions
talks about brand questions

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Published by: Jagadish Prasad on Apr 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Reference : New Strategic Brand Management Jean Noel Kapferrer
Q1) how do you define a brand ? what are its core properties ?
Ans) A brand is defined as one which looks at working culture of a company to which itrepresents to addressing core issues for which the company stands for 
core properties
what is the use of a brand if it is weak in core competency which includes different branches of management -- all the branches hold the key for success of company
 Q2) what is brand equity ? how to manage it effectively without incurring losses tothe company while introducing brand to end consumer for first time ? Ans) brand equity is defined as managing the brand properly in relation to outsiderswhich include everyone managing brand equity can be done a) through segmentation ----- psychographic ( niche strategy)geographic ( house rent strategy)demographic ( educational institutions) b) through targeting -------- population indexing c) through positioning -------- organised retailing based upon real estate Q3) what is private label ? how can companies overcome it ?
Ans)private label : it is defined as introduction of product that is sold through organisedretail stores exclusively in competition with company product of similar natureAccording to reference book of jean noel kapferer, i got the information that privatelabels are never researched upon , that something is weird because without doingresearch how can the organised retailer sell his product, research has to be theirotherwise sales generated by the organised retailer can never be known to theretailerwithout knowing which is selling , retailer can never replicate the product, wherequality standard of the product introduced as private label also holds a key to thesuccess of the organised retailer introducing the best sales product in the retail outletthese private labels actually sell only geographically and not in any format as per jagadish is concerned, companies can overcome it by creating combos through 4ccooperation between companies in these outlets by giving bonazas for promotingtheir products in place of private labelscustomer stock option plan can also be introduced to counterattack private labels inspecific geographic areas where the product of private label is selling exceptionallywell. Q4) what is co-branding ? Is it essential under 4c concept ? Ans) co branding talks about 4c concept of sharing brands and promoting brands toeach other cobranding is used a) when product is at baby stageb) when product core competency between companies is differentc) when product is a complementary to products that have been launched in marketbefore this product launch Q5) how would you differentiate between a brand and a product ? 
Ans) A brand talks about culture of a company whereas a product talks about SWOTof company Q6) what steps should a company take while giving a name to its brand ? Ans) company should look out for a) target audience -- example : old, youth, middle ageb) perception of target audience through psychographic segmentation and designingof questionaire to themc) technological advancement and usage of target audience Q7) on what basis can company define a market as mature ? Ans) company can define a brand as mature a) if sales decline or perception decline to target audience as stated aboveb) brand definition changes as perceived by the employees of the companyc) products launched under the brand are too many catering to different segment Q8) how can companies know on what basis that their brands are catering to rightsegment ? Ans) companies can know whether the brand is catering to right segment if  a) market space questionnaire is being used properly by the target audience to whichit catered to -- response of audience is importantb) sales declinec) employees of branch where company is located decreases Q9) can private labels be sold to rural sector ? Ans) only small priced products example satchets and luxury products sell how come luxury products example : basic model of mobiles , tv, computers etc 

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