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Cullens on Msn Part11

Cullens on Msn Part11



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Published by Kerstin and Lucy
its finally here :)
its finally here :)

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Published by: Kerstin and Lucy on Apr 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cullens On Msn Part11
Ok so I’m continuing with the series
haha you canthank me later.
 Names are the first 2 letters of everyone's names :PBe: what happened to the names?Ja: I hacked msn and made it cut off the namesBe: is that Jasper or Jane then?Ja: Jasper, duh! Is Jane as smart as me, plus we’re theonly ones online at the moment1Be: oh yeah, blonde moment!Ja: you’re a brunette!Be: soo……..Ja: so, you don’t have blonde moments!Be: fine then!Ja: oh don’t get made at me Bella!Be: who’s Bella? I’m Beatrice!Ja:………….Be: peace out! And serves you right for hacking msn!
 Be has left the building…… well computer!Om has logged on
Ja: Om…..?Om: well it was OME_OMJ but someone! Cut it off Ja: sorry?Om: forgiven.Ja: so is it oh my Edward oh my Jacob?Om: no.Ja: is it oh my Edward oh my Jasper?
Om: nope. First bit is right thoughJa: can you tell me? Pleaseee……
Om: fine, its oh my Edward_ oh my joe!Ja: Joe?Om: you know, jonas bro, joe?Ja: oh you mean the one I accidently killed?Om: you did WHAT!?Ja: well he was getting to lustful over Alice and it waslast minute decisionOm: well I won’t talk to you then!
Om has logged off, and is on her way to kill Jasper! Jasper that wasn’t good 
Ja: who are you?
The author/writer/awesome person
Ja: I cant believe you can just hack onto my msn convolike that!
You better believe!
Ja: I do now, duh!
 Don’t duh me Mr. whitllock/Hale/Cullen yeah I went there
Ja: le gasp
 I cant believe you kiss Alice with that mouth!
Ja: she’s not as innocent as she looks
 Ewww to much information!
Ja: why can I feel your emotions?
Cos I'm writing?
Ja: is there soething you want to ask? You seem confused
Well….. are all vampires bulimic?, its just, if you eat  food you throw it up later.
Ja: wow I never thought of it like that, I guess we are
Woop I knew something you didn’t 
Ja: I’m going now why don’t you ask Edward?
 Ja has logged off….. not to hide from Om or anything  Ed has logged on Haha Ed 
Ed: damn Jasper!
 Hows it going….
EdEd: good, why can I read your mind?
 Because I can read yours, now stop thinking of Bella
Ed: le gasp, you can as well!
……….. yes I can young cricket 
Ed: what am I thinking now?
Still Bella
Ed: wow your amazing
 It might have something to do with the fact I decide what  you think 
Ed: :O OMB really?
Ed: I'm not blonde….
 But I am
Ed: ok……
 At least I'm not bulimic!
Ed: OMB you knew something I didn’t and since I'm amind reader, that is kinda bad
Well me and my friend decided we would take over your life
and do a better job
Ed: how so?
Well first of all we would of given into Bella in eclipse,the got married, then we would of just gone with Bellaand not tried to give her an abortion
Ed: hey o had valid reasons!
They are?
Ed: it could of killed her!
 It? And 
did kill her 

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