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6 for Flow, 1 for Go

6 for Flow, 1 for Go

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Published by Theresa-Ann
2nd Journal 2010-03-28
♥ Here on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30CUecT22zI (but don't watch – I make a complete fool of myself)
♥ Mayan calendar day is a 6, which is Flow, and Mayan calendar sun sign is the 1st one (Alligator)
2nd Journal 2010-03-28
♥ Here on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30CUecT22zI (but don't watch – I make a complete fool of myself)
♥ Mayan calendar day is a 6, which is Flow, and Mayan calendar sun sign is the 1st one (Alligator)

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Published by: Theresa-Ann on Apr 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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10:56 am, 3/28/2010 2nd, 6 Alligator
On YouTube hereSix is for flow; the Mayan tun, or tone, is a 6, and I’m flowing. But, I’malso curious if I can journal without all the poetry.Oh dear. Do you feel it, there? Right behind us, and over whereI can’t get to its source. No fair!It won’t leave me aloneDa da da da da deedle-deeDo be do be de whats is meBe de bo de and dibble de doBo diddle de dooBoo hoo.Oh well, it is what it is. Best get used to it, at least for now. I justcan’t imagine not journaling; not yet. So there...but shit! That’s aprophecy. Or the next best thing to one, in this life that I lead.Did I tell you it’s best to know nothing? Well, I meant it, for sure, yousee. For as soon as I do know something, it’s
from me.Becomes gone in a whirlwind of circumstance Just disappears as if it never was thereGoes away, and my new realityEnters in in its place.So...Well, no, though, I don’t act on itWhen what appears to be prophecy comes callingI just watch it, surrender all knowingAnd just see what comesOh, hell; here we go again, with the rhyming stuff. Geez! That’s sostrange. Oh well...I surrender, I surrender. What the heck else can Ido?? anyway. Say “oh well,” I guess, and I’ve already done it.It’s funny, too. You should try it from my end. Sometimes I balk, and
refuse to phrase itLike it was a poem You know what happens, thenWhen I refuse to hit Return?All goes completely silent, within The next word won’t come Just nothing. Just silence.I’ve sat there a fair while, to test itAnd quiet as can be, I attestIs all that I get for my patienceA great big, fat nothingSo trust me, I’m being danced, you see This river’s got a good hold of meI’m carried along in the flowI go where
listethIt’s quite a merry ride, though,Don’t you agree? You’ve come alongMany a time with meWe’ve had merry adventures, see...It’s a worthy journey This poetry stuff is blowin my mind, though. Grrr, argh, and out andout growlllll!Oh well, I moan, grown (cupte ‘typo, eh?) and I howlBut in spite of myself I keep truckin, I journey onSkip, whistle, and sing my songSome will listen and come alongAnd onward we’ll goNo tellin where well come outAnd no doubt we’ll get quite turned aboutA time or a dozenBut that’s all part of the fun, you see You surrender, when you come with me
Leave the mind behind that thinks it knows somethingAnd take off, alone That’s the only way to journey, free To set sail, and let go, just beWhatever you’re meant to seeWill present itself  No need grubbin around in the mind That’s all stale stuff anyway, you’ll find This is much better, by far, my friend,So won’t you enter in?Quite a tour guide I’ve turned out to be You never know, when you set off with meWhere we’ll go trippinSometimes within, or withoutWe may cruise the wide Cosmos, it’s trueOr we may just go deep into youDo a little cave explorationInside of that self For you’re all of them, the within
withoutAnd you’re none of them, too, no doubt That’s the ticket that let’s you set outOn this magnificent journeySo be
with me, my friendDive right in, and don’t worry, and then You will see if I’m telling it rightAbout this grand vision You will see for yourself, if you willIf Your will and intent fit the billOf that which it takes to be still To go deep within-wardsFor that’s where we catch the Cosmic FerryCosmic fairy that takes us off on our journeyDeep in heart, then; there, that’s the spot

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